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Thursday, December 31, 2020

How to make Fireworks in a Glass

If your kids are scared of real fireworks try this fireworks in a glass activity at home instead. It's a fun science experiment exploring density and a great way to celebrate New Year's Eve at home with the kids. Plus you can do it with just a few items from your pantry!

how to make fireworks in a glass using water, oil and food colouring

If you have younger children then you will need to do the experiment for them, however older children will be able to do it themselves. My 7yr old did this experiment on her own and was fascinated watching the fireworks drop down and blend into the water. We did this experiment as part of our New Years celebrations for the kids because they never stay up late enough to watch the real fireworks {we also did fireworks salt painting and toilet paper roll fireworks}.
Thursday, December 24, 2020

2020 Boxing Day Deals

Boxing Day is traditionally one of the busiest sale days of the entire year. After enjoying the festivities of Christmas Day hoards of shoppers eagerly line up outside shopping centres for hours before they open to score the best deals. I don't know about you but after working in retail for years, being in crowds at the shops on Boxing Day is not my idea of fun, but I do love a bargain. Which is why I've put together a list of the best online Boxing Day deals for 2020.

2020 Boxing Day sale deals on toys

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Painting for Kids

If your kids love fireworks, but don't love the loud bangs they make, try making some toilet paper roll fireworks paintings instead. This craft is a great way to get creative and a fun way for children all over the world to celebrate special days or festivals like New Year's Eve, 4th of July, Diwali, Hanabi Taikai, Chinese New Year or Bastille Day. We celebrated New Year's last year by making fireworks salt paintings, so opted for toilet paper roll fireworks this year. Both crafts are a great way for kids to practice their fine motor skills and are fun classroom activities too.

firework art made using cardboard tubes

Sunday, November 29, 2020

24 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

So you've decided to do Elf on the Shelf and you need ideas to keep the fun going all month long, because we all know December can sometimes feel like it drags on forever when you have an Elf visitor in the house! Don't worry we've all had that panic moment of what will the Elf do tonight?!, usually mid way through December when you've just climbed into bed. I've got you covered though with 24 different easy Elf on the Shelf ideas and tips to make the Elf on the Shelf run smoothly {although if you're reading this post mid December in a state of panic you'll just want to skip ahead to the ideas list}.

elf on the shelf on a christmas tree
Monday, November 23, 2020

The Best Black Friday 2020 Deals: Toys, Books and more

If you're looking for some awesome Black Friday deals for 2020 then you've come to the right post! I love nothing more than looking up bargains and shopping online, so naturally I've been scouring the internet for the best deals in the lead up to Black Friday. I've found quite a few stores that are already having early sales and have linked them below. If you have more Christmas shopping to do, or just love a great bargain, check them out.

black friday sales 2020

Black Friday has traditionally been the biggest shopping event of the year in America, occurring after Thanksgiving Day. Since as far back as the 60's Black Friday sales have been considered the official start of the Christmas holiday shopping season, with many retailers offering huge discounts. Historically customers had to line up outside shops which drew massive crowds and huge foot traffic at shopping centers, with people often camping outside shops before opening times. 

More recently a lot of Black Friday sales are offered online as well as in store so there's no need to leave the house and fight any crowds. Black Friday sales have also gained popularity worldwide with many countries, including Australia, having widely anticipated Black Friday deals. I've put together a list of the best online Black Friday deals I've found for 2020.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Best Christmas Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers in 2021

We love books for all occasions in our family, but we especially love Christmas books. We bring out all the Christmas books in our December 1st box and each year we add one or two new books to our collection. The kids love reading all the stories in the lead up to Christmas and it often leads to lots of bookish play. 

If you want to start a Christmas book tradition like a book advent calendar, December 1st or Christmas Eve box, or you just want to add to your collection, I've put together a list of our favourite Christmas books for kids.

girl reading christmas books in front of tree
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

21 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids

As a child the magic of Christmas isn't just about Christmas Day itself, there's also so much joy and excitement throughout December knowing Christmas Day is getting closer and closer. One of the easiest ways to build that excitement is with an advent calendar. You don't have to automatically go out and buy a chocolate filled one from the store though, there are plenty of ways to get creative and make your own unique DIY Advent Calendar that's special to your family.

christmas advent calendar train

I've searched the web and put together a list of 21 different DIY Advent Calendars the kids will love. There's so many different types of DIY advent calendars including tree shaped countdowns, Christmas villages, book advent calendars and printable Christmas countdowns. You don't have to be super crafty to make them either, as long as you can follow directions and know your way around scissors and glue you're set.
Saturday, November 7, 2020

Top 10 Open Ended Toys Every Playroom Should Have

Wanting to add more open ended toys to your playroom, daycare or classroom, but don't know where to start? I get it, there's so many options it can be a bit overwhelming at first. To help you get started, I've put together a list of the top 10 open ended toys every playroom should have. They're also great for kindy and prep classrooms as well. No matter what age your kids are, these toys will grow with them and can be used in many different ways as they get older and develop more skills.

girl playing with duplo people

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Elf on the Shelf Held Hostage by Dinosaurs

It's late at night you're about to drift off to sleep and you suddenly realise crap I didn't move the Elf! So, you run downstairs desperately searching through all the kids toys, trying to think of a quick elf on the shelf idea using things you have in front of you. This was the exact situation that inspired this elf held captive by toy dinosaurs idea

elf on the shelf held captive by dinosaurs

Yep we've all been there late at night, usually half way through December when elf motivation and imagination is lacking. Don't worry you don't need to have elaborate props or grand plans to pull off the magic of Elf on the Shelf. A quick rummage through the toy box late at night can often provide some last minute inspiration.
Sunday, November 1, 2020

What is the Elf on the Shelf? The Ultimate 2021 Guide to Elf on the Shelf

A few years after my daughter was born this concept called the elf on the shelf seemed to start popping up. At the time I had no idea what it was until some friends started getting on board. In fact you could probably say I was team anti-elf for a while, until I realised just how magical it would be for my girls. Now we have our own special elf, Elfie, who visits us each December and many other families have their own elf too, I've even heard of some classrooms that have their own elf visitor at the end of the year.

the ultimate elf on the shelf guide

The Elf on the Shelf is a popular Christmas tradition stemming from the children's book, The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition, by Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell. The Elf on the Shelf {a special scout elf} is sent by Santa to a child's home for the month of December. The elf watches over them and reports back to Santa at the North Pole each night, until they leave on Christmas Eve. 

Each morning the elf finds a new spot that they can watch from, making it exciting for children to wake up and look for the elf each day. During their stay the elves are also known to do funny tricks and sometimes get up to lots of mischief! You could say the Elf on the Shelf is the ultimate form of bookish play that's taken on a life of it's own, bringing magic to thousands of children and sparking creativity in adults across the globe.

DIY Elf on the Shelf Swing

Do you have a little Elf friend who comes and visits your house each year around Christmas time? My girls love it when our elf, Elfie, comes to visit each year. She doesn't get up to too much mischief, but she does like to be a little bit funny, and she's known to use objects from around the house in her antics. One her most memorable tricks was when she made her own Elf on the shelf swing from an empty toilet paper roll.

Elf on the shelf swinging on a toilet paper roll swing

The girls loved waking up in the morning to find her swinging from the roof and then another morning she was swinging from our fan watching TV! They thought it was hilarious that she'd used a toilet paper roll to make her own swing. If you think your elf might have fun swinging from the roof as well, Elfie has let me in on her design plans so your elf can make one too.
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

15 Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

When the kids want to do craft at the drop of a hat and I need a simple and quick solution, I grab some empty toilet paper rolls from our stash. They're free, readily available {without leaving the house} and there's so many different crafts you can make with them. Literally hundreds, and for any theme. Today I'm going to show you how to make 15 Halloween kids crafts using toilet paper rolls {or cardboard tubes if you don't want to use toilet paper rolls}.

halloween craft ideas made from toilet paper rolls

These Halloween toilet paper roll crafts are all really simple and can easily be done by preschoolers or school children as a classroom art project. Make these cute ghosts, monsters, black cats, bats and even a haunted house. Use them to decorate the classroom for Halloween or take them home to use in Halloween small world play.
Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Perfect Teacher Gift: 7 picture books to say thank you to your teacher

In our house we love books and have been reading them to the girls since they were born. I'm a little scared to count how many we actually have in the house, but I'm sure each and every one has been a valuable addition to our home. We have a tradition of picking books for fathers day and mothers day and we use books to celebrate special holidays like Christmas and Easter. We also love to use books for bookish play activities. It should come as no surprise then that we also love to give books as gifts for special occasions and I can't think of a more perfect teacher gift idea than a special book. I've never met a teacher who doesn't love books.

Throughout the early years of schooling {prep, foundation, kindy, preschool etc} teachers impart a huge amount of knowledge, empowering our children with fundamental skills they'll take right through their schooling years and beyond, so it seems only fitting to thank them for their time and effort. These are our favourite picture books that are perfect for end of year or teacher appreciation day gifts to say thank you to kindy, primary and elementary school teachers.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Discover the world with the LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

Learning about geography and other countries and continents can be a hard concept for kids to grasp at first because it's quite abstract. Children can easily look out the window and see the sky, but they can't look out the window and see another country, so how do you make it relevant to them so they can understand? 

One of the easiest ways teachers and parents can do this is with a world map, however a flat map can still be a little too abstract, especially for young kids. A world globe is a much more effective way to help them physically grasp the concept of geography as they can touch and move the globe.
children playing with LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe
Learning geography gives children both an understanding of the physical aspects of the Earth such as mountains, rivers and the atmosphere, as well as knowledge about land masses and their boundaries {i.e. countries and continents}. It allows children to understand how the physical aspects of the world around them all work together and helps with understanding other curriculum areas such as history, languages and cultures and how humans interact with the world around them. A simple and effective way to teach all of these aspects at the same time is with the LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe.
Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Haunted House Halloween Invitation to Play

Do the kids want to visit a haunted house this Halloween? If they're still a little too young, or it just isn't your thing, you can always set up this haunted house invitation to play instead. In this post I'll show you how to set up a fun, interactive haunted house small world for the kids that's slightly spooky, but not too scary...

Halloween haunted play house

My girls love small world play so it made sense to create a haunted house small world and our magic wood treehouse was the perfect neutral backdrop to dress up as a haunted house. All I had to do was add some spooky props and flashing lights to create the perfect kid friendly haunted house. You can easily create one too if you have a treehouse or dolls house.
Thursday, October 8, 2020

DIY Halloween Spider Sensory Bottle

We love a good sensory bottle in our house and since we made our last glitter calm down sensory bottle a few months ago, the girls have been asking to make more water sensory bottles. So obviously, Halloween is an awesome excuse to make a new glitter sensory bottle, with a twist. Instead of using just glitter we added some spooky spiders.

spider sensory bottle

This spider sensory bottle is a great Halloween prop and if your kids love creepy crawlies you can leave it out all year round. It's also mess free sensory play and so easy to make, my 7yr old made ours. Follow my step by step instructions to make a spooky sensory bottle of your own.
Sunday, October 4, 2020

13 Easy Ways to Hack the Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen

The Ikea Duktig kitchen is the perfect play kitchen for so many families because of it's compact and minimalist design. It's a great space saving option, especially for families living in apartments and small homes. It's neutral Scandinavian design also makes it the perfect blank canvas for an awesome Ikea hack. You can literally transform it to match any style or decor, so it'll blend into your home or playroom seamlessly. 

The play kitchen was one of the first Ikea items we bought for the kids and it's hands down been our best Ikea purchase ever {and trust me, we've got a lot of Ikea products in our house}. Our kitchen has been going strong for 6 years now and both of our girls still play with it daily. Sometimes it's a kitchen then other times it's a supermarket, bakery or coffee shop... the possibilities are really endless with a little imagination.
ikea ducktig wooden play kitchen

If the plain colours aren't to your taste though, don't worry, I'm going to show you 13 different ways you can transform the Ikea Duktig kitchen into the play kitchen of your, I mean your kids dreams. It doesn't matter if you're going for a retro, modern, farmhouse or vintage vibe, by doing some, or all, of these hacks you can turn the Ikea kitchen into the ultimate play kitchen for your space. You can even transform it into a mini replica of your actual kitchen.
Monday, September 28, 2020

39 Halloween Sensory Play Ideas: Spooky Sensory Bins, Slime, Spaghetti & More

If your little ones love sensory play and love Halloween then they'll love these squishy, squelchy and slightly spooky Halloween sensory play ideas. You can make them as cute or creepy as you like depending on their age. There's 39 different Halloween play activities so there's something to take your fancy no matter what age your kids are. Toddlers, preschoolers and school kids will have loads of fun celebrating Halloween this year with some spooktacular sensory play.

girl making witches potions in a field

Monday, September 21, 2020

The Best High Quality Wooden Toy Brands for Open Ended Play

Are you looking to invest in wooden toys for your playroom or daycare but want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck? The key is to invest in high quality open ended toys that will last for years and won't get boring as your children get older. Toys of heirloom quality that grow with your child as their skills and imagination develop. I've put together a list of the best high quality hand made wooden toy brands available here in Australia and worldwide.

little boy playing with wooden loose parts tray


Open ended toys are toys that can be played with in multiple ways that also have no "correct" way to play with them. They're usually very neutral in design so children can use their imagination to bring them to life any way they want. Open ended toys aren't always wooden {think play silks, dolls, magnetic tiles} however, the majority of wooden toys are open ended. For example a simple wooden block can be just a block, or it can be a car, house, tree, person, rocket etc. The possibilities are endless and as your child's imagination and skills develop, the way they play with their toys will too.
Saturday, September 12, 2020

Looking to buy a musical toy? Here’s how to pick the right one.

As parents, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of baby and toddler musical toys. If we shop in the big department stores, we can become overwhelmed by the selection of flashing lights and battery-operated toys that promise to make musical maestros of our children. 

But what if these plastic fantastic toys aren’t the best when it comes to cognitive development and cause and effect skills? There’s science behind what we select for our children, and you may be surprised by what the data tells us. 

janod kids wooden musical instruments
Thursday, September 10, 2020

Where To Buy Official Bluey Merchandise: Clothes, Books, Toys and more

Do your kids love Bluey too? Bluey & Bingo have been firm favourites at our house since the show first launched. In fact I'll let you in on a secret.... I often watch it even when the kids aren't around! 

The good news is now you can take the Bluey fun off the screen and into your home with all the official Bluey merchandise {and I'm going to show you where to buy it in Australia and America}.

bluey and heeler family
Image: ABC TV


If you haven't been indoctrinated into the inner sanctum of all things Bluey, let me fill you in. Bluey lives in Brisbane Australia with her little sister Bingo, dad Bandit and mum Chilli. Bluey is a 6yr old blue heeler pup who loves to play, she turns everyday family moments into extraordinary adventures alongside her 4yr old sister Bingo {who's a red heeler pup like her mum}. The Heeler family love imaginary play and are experts at turning ordinary moments like bed time, grocery shopping and dinner time into fun games. Whether they're playing keepy-uppy, shadowlands or being flossing grannies, Bingo and Bluey are always having fun.
Friday, September 4, 2020

Spooky Sensory Spaghetti Invitation To Play

If your kids love Halloween and you want to involve them in some spooky fun, but don't want things to get too scary, try this fun spooky sensory spaghetti invitation to play. They'll have loads of squishy, squelchy, slimy fun exploring this bright {and a little bit freaky} spaghetti. They can search for creepy Halloween favours, squish it, roll it, cut it and even eat it!

spooky spaghetti halloween invitation to play for kids

In this post I'll show you how to create colourful Halloween sensory spaghetti in just a few minutes using basic items you should already have in your pantry. You can add as many or as few creepy props as you like. Keep in mind your child's interests, age and just how spooky you want your spooky spaghetti to actually be.
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Creepy Crawly Halloween Sensory Play Tray

We love sensory play here and make sensory trays for pretty much any theme, including Halloween. This creepy crawly Halloween sensory play tray is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to join in the Halloween fun without getting too scary. They can scoop, pour, touch, feel and investigate minibeasts and creepy crawlies until their heart's content.

child investigating bugs, bats and rats in halloween sensory rice

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Best Waldorf & Montessori Inspired Toy Shops on Etsy

Most parents searching for Waldorf or Montessori educational toys for their children naturally turn to popular and well known brands like Grimms and Grapat. What a lot of people forget is that there are plenty of talented artisans from all over the world creating high quality toys and resources on Etsy. I've spent hours researching on Etsy and have uncovered many hidden gems that I'm going to share with you in this post. If you want to skip the anxiety attack of restock nights, but still support family run small businesses, then Etsy is the place to go. 

the best etsy toy stores


I've compiled this list with what I consider to be some of the best Waldorf or Montessori inspired toy makers on Etsy. I've spent hours researching each store and finding products that are perfect for imaginary play and to use as educational resources. Whether you're after small world items, wooden toys, play silks, play mats or a pikler triangle, there's a store on this list that has what you want, or can take a custom order to create it for you.
Monday, August 24, 2020

DIY Tradie Hi Vis Fathers Day Card

Is your dad or granddad a tradie? I've got the perfect Father's Day card for them! You can make this hi vis tradie shirt card in any colour to match dad's work shirt! I'll show you how to make these hi vis tradie cards in just a few minutes using a few basic craft materials.

hi vis diy fathers day cards

Father's Day, like most holidays, has a habit of sneaking up on me each year. Does it creep up on you too? Instead of rushing around the shops trying to find the perfect Father's Day card at the last minute, the kids can have fun making their own unique hi vis shirt card for dad at home. It's a great craft activity for kids at daycare or school too. Whether dad {or granddad} wears an orange, yellow or even lime green shirt, you can change the cardstock to make this card exactly like dad's work shirt.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Learn & Grow vs Connetix: Which Magnetic Tile Brand is Best?

Are you wanting to add some awesome open ended magnetic tiles to your playroom or classroom, but you don't know which brand is best? Don't worry I've done the hard work for you and compared some of the leading magnetic tile brands so you can make an informed choice about which set is perfect for you. In this post I'll compare the size, strength, quality and value for money of Connetix and Learn & Grow magnetic tiles

connetix and learn and grow tiles side by side

Magnetic tiles are what I call a unicorn toy, because quite frankly they tick all of the boxes. They're a completely open ended resource, they can become anything your child imagines and there's no wrong way to play with them. You can stack them, create with them, count them, colour sort them and use them on multiple surfaces, along with many other play ideas

They're also a stem toy, so they help teach children science, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts through play. While playing children will be using their fine and gross motor skills, improving hand/eye co-ordination, hypothesising and problem solving as well as exploring many other developmental skills. And perhaps the best benefit of all, for those who have multiple children, is that they're great for children of all ages, toddlers, preschoolers and school kids all love getting creative with magnetic tiles.
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Best Picture Books to Read with Dad this Fathers Day.

Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift idea for dad? Something personal, with sentimental meaning, but that can be used over and over... I've found the perfect picture books to celebrate Father's Day 2020 with dad. Picture books are a great way to convey feelings and they can be read together with dad for years to come. Whether you're after heartfelt, hilarious or heroic stories, there's something on this list for every type of dad young or old.

dad reading a picture book with child for fathers day

When our first daughter was born I started the tradition of giving picture books to her dad for Fathers Day. I go with her to pick a new one each year. We usually try to pick books with characters that match her dad's personality or storylines that correlate with something that's happening in our lives at the time. We also include a little handwritten note to dad inside the cover. When she was really young I would write it for her, then as she got older she told me what to write and this year will be particularly exciting because she can write it herself. 

I love that it's a tradition she looks forward to each year and it also means we're building our own little library of dad related books. I can just imagine their dad in the future looking through the books after the girls have moved out, remembering reading together when they were little. If you want to start your own Fathers Day book tradition, or you just love books, these are our current top picks.
Friday, August 7, 2020

Turtle Life Cycle Small World Play Tray

This sea turtle small world is a great hands on way to teach turtle life cycles to young children and is also a fun sensory experience exploring the texture and feel of sand and water. It's a fun way to explore science either in the classroom, or at home.
turtle life cycle small world invitation to play in a tray

Some children learn best by reading information, however my children definitely learn best hands on through play, so I introduced the life cycle of a turtle using a small world play tray with animal figurines. I find my children definitely learn and absorb so much information by being able to touch and manipulate figurines while playing. They're also big sensory seekers so anything with a sensory element is a big win, which is why we love small world play so much!
Sunday, August 2, 2020

DIY Playdough Stamps

Making DIY resources is a great way to get creative and the perfect use for that recycling stash we all have put away for a rainy day.  In this post I'll give you step by step instructions to create cheap and easy to make DIY playdough stampers your kids will love. An added bonus is they only take a few minutes to make.

diy wooden playdough stamps

I must confess I probably spend far too much time browsing toy shops on Instagram and online, so I spend quite a few hours window shopping and admiring lots of gorgeous toys and resources. I love all the fancy wooden playdough stampers that are available like these ones from The Creative Toy Shop, Let Them Play and the amazing designs available at Etsy. While I'm a huge fan of wooden toys, sometimes we just don't have the extra cash to splash around on new purchases, so when I work out a way to make essentially the same thing for much cheaper, I'm totally going to give it a go. The great thing is the kids didn't even know the difference and were just as happy with the DIY version.
Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Slow Down: Bring Calm to a Busy World with 50 Nature Stories + 15 Nature Activities

One of the biggest lessons 2020 has taught us, if not forced us to learn, is to slow down. Take note of the world around us and pay more attention to nature. Realise the little moments are the big moments and the seemingly insignificant moments are the most important. If ever there was a children's book that perfectly encapsulates this message, it's this one, Slow Down by Rachel Williams.

Slow Down: Bring Calm To A Busy World With 50 Nature Stories

slow down by rachel williams

Slow down is not your typical children's picture book. Filled to the brim with many, many beautiful stories and gorgeous illustrations, Slow Down is more like a nature encyclopedia for both children and adults alike. Instead of one single story, it includes 50 different nature stories, explaining how at any given moment there are many different significant events happening in nature all around us. The stories include a duck teaching her ducklings to swim, an ocean wave forms, crests and breaks, a tadpole becomes a frog, a snake sheds it's skin, water lilies open on a pond, plus 45 other tales about how the weather, animals and plants survive and interact on a daily basis.

All around us, nature is turning, growing…and working. Every day, hour by hour, magical transformations happen right in front of you. But it's not always easy to see them… Slow Down implores us all to take stock of life and how we spend our time, in order to slow down and really appreciate everything that is going on all around us every single day. To pay more attention to nature and realise the seemingly insignificant moments are the most important and what may appear to be small to us, is actually a really big deal.
Monday, July 20, 2020

Pom Pom Heuristic Play Tray for Toddlers

Are you looking for a quick, low prep activity to keep your toddler entertained? In this post I'll show you how to put together a quick heuristic play tray using pom poms, utensils and recyclables that's sure to keep your toddler intrigued and entertained.

Toddlers are notoriously fickle with their attention spans and can move from being super excited about a toy or activity to completely over it in a matter of minutes. This is completely normal age appropriate behaviour, so don't be discouraged and let it put you off creating play experiences for them. As a general rule of thumb toddlers will be able to concentrate on a task for 3-5 minutes per year of age. It's important to keep this in mind when setting up play invitations for toddlers, don't set up overly complicated activities as they probably won't play with them for a long period of time.

My mantra for toddler play is keep it simple! Try not to spend too much time setting up activities as it's entirely possible they'll play for less time than it took you to set up. One of the best activities to set up for toddlers is a heuristic play tray {similar concept to treasure baskets} as they're quick to set up and will often hold a toddler's attention for longer as they're directing their own play.
toddler playing with pom poms and cups in a tray

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Magic Milk Science Experiment

If you want to introduce your kids to science concepts in a simple and interactive way then this magic milk science experiment is perfect! Toddlers, preschoolers and even school children will be amazed watching the colours magically move across the milk. Best of all you can create this experiment with just four common household items you probably already have in your kitchen right now.

Magic milk experiment

My daughter has been interested in science since she was quite little so we love to do simple science experiments at home. You don't need complicated equipment like microscopes, test tubes, Bunsen burners or dangerous chemicals to create science experiments at home. There are so many simple science experiments that can be made with common household items that are both fascinating and fun. Magic milk is one of our favourite experiments to do at home because it seemingly turns science into magic right before your kids eyes.
Thursday, July 9, 2020

Colourful Witches Potion Science Experiment

Kids will watch on in awe as these bright witches potions bubble and brew to life. This colourful witches potion experiment is a fun activity to do at Halloween or for a Harry Potter or spooky themed birthday party. With a twist on the traditional bicarb and vinegar science experiment, these witches potions combine science and creepy crawlies into one spooky, fun activity kids will love.

witches potions erupting with creepy crawlies

Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.  - Macbeth

With this magic witches potion recipe all children can experience what it's like to create potent potions in seconds. The question is will they be wicked witches or white witches? Only joking, there's no malevolence here, we're all good witches of the north.
Monday, July 6, 2020

How to Create a Fairy Village Small World

Over the past few weeks, as children have spent more time at home than usual, fairy gardens have experienced a huge resurgence in popularity. It seems everyone's setting up a fairy garden or fairy house. What if you want your children to experience the magic of fairies, but don't have a backyard or garden to create a permanent fairy garden in? A fairy village small world is a great indoor alternative to bring fairy magic to life in your home. In this post I'll show you exactly how to create an enchanting fairy village small world invitation to play for your children.

Fairy village and animal small world invitation to play.
*This post contains some affiliate links*

Small world play is my daughter's favourite type of play. She's always had an active imagination and small world play gives her miniature life like environments in which her imagination can run wild. As her play has evolved over the years our small world play set ups have gone from simple trays to more detailed layouts that cover an entire shelf.
Monday, June 22, 2020

50+ Connetix Magnetic Tile Play Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect open ended toy for children of all different ages? Maybe you already have magnetic tiles and want to know just how many ways you can play with them. In this post I'll show you why Connetix magnetic tiles are an amazing open ended resource you need in your house or classroom. With over 50 different play ideas, that work on numerous cognitive and physical developmental skills, you'll find play activities for children of all ages and abilities.

50 connetix magnetic tile play ideas

Although we have a deep seeded love for wooden toys in this household, there are a few plastic toys that I would never part with because they're just so valuable to play. Magnetic tiles are well loved in this house and will be here to stay for many years because they're a toy that continues to grow with your child. As their imagination, physical and cognitive skills develop the way children play with toys will change, however magnetic tiles are one of those rare unicorn toys that are fantastic for children of all different ages. 

If you have a big age gap between your kids like I do, they're one of the best investments ever, because both kids can play with the one toy in many different ways. There's no need to have different toys for each age group as they can both play with them at the same time. They also wont get bored with them because the play possibilities are endless, continue reading for over 50 different ways to play with magnetic tiles.

Zoo Cutlery Tray Small World

Do your kids love imaginary play? Looking for new small world play ideas? The great news is you don't need expensive toys to create the perfect small world, I'll show you how to create an epic zoo small world with a cutlery tray, some animal figurines and sensory bases. Keep reading for step by step instructions to recreate this zoo for your kids at home or in the classroom.
zoo small world invitation to play in a cutlery tray


I have this odd habit where I'm always looking at household objects and thinking about how I could repurpose them for play. I can find play items in all different places like kitchen shops, op shops, hardware stores like Bunnings, dollar stores and garden, stationary or homeware sections of department stores. Play items are everywhere, you just have to think outside of the box, which is how cutlery trays became my second favourite type of play tray {besides my beloved kmart play tray}.

Cutlery trays are perfect for small worlds because each compartment is a ready made predefined space for different animal enclosures or areas within the play scene. Cutlery trays are quite inexpensive and come in various colours, sizes and materials like plastic and bamboo. We've used them for zoos, aquariums, farms and construction sites. They're also great for loose parts play. I even started a hashtag on Instagram #cutlerytrayplay which you can search for inspiration.
Saturday, May 30, 2020

Magic Colourful Fizzing Bicarb Soda & Vinegar Science Experiment

Are your kids interested in science experiments but you don't know where to start? Want a really easy experiment you can do together? In this post I'll show you how to create an easy chemical reaction using three simple household items you'll find in the kitchen. It's a fun way to teach chemistry to young children and create some real life magic.

One of the simplest and safest chemical reactions to create at home is the reaction between bicarb soda {also commonly known as baking soda} and vinegar. Both of these items are commonly found in a household pantry as they're both readily used for baking and cleaning. To take this experiment to the next level and add in even more magic, add some food colouring to create magical fizzing eruptions of colour.

Before you start your experiment get your child to hypothesis by asking them what they think will happen. What will happen to the liquid when we add the bicarb powder? Will it make a noise? Will it make something new? Come up with a list of ideas then perform the experiment to see if they were right.
Monday, May 25, 2020

How to make a Lava Lamp Experiment Sensory Bottle

Do you want to create all the fun of a lava lamp for your kids without the risk of heat that could burn or glass that can smash? Thankfully it's easy to create a magical lava lamp sensory bottle that's completely safe for kids with this Alka-Seltzer science experiment using four household pantry staples. Follow the tutorial below to make a lava lamp sensory bottle in less than five minutes.

Probably my most favourite thing about my bedroom when I was younger was having a lava lamp. It was so mesmerising watching the oily blobs float up and down. Of course I didn't really have any concept at the time of how dangerous it was due to the heat it emitted. Looking back now I can see how much of a hazard lava lamps are, not to mention the huge amount of electricity they require and all of the big fire hazard warnings make me much more nervous now as an adult. So, when my daughter found my lava lamp stashed in it's box and begged me to show her, I decided it was the perfect time to do the Alka Seltzer lava lamp experiment I'd been meaning to try for ages. I took it one step further and together we created some lava lamp sensory bottles that she can use over and over again.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Baby Doll Bandaid Shape Matching Play Activity

Last time I cleaned out and reorganised our medicine cupboard I  discovered we had a heap of really old homebrand bandaids at the back of the cupboard. They'd obviously been there for a while and had started to lose stickiness, but instead of simply throwing them out, I decided to use them for a fun fine motor activity

My girls are obsessed with bandaids and always say they've hurt themselves purely so they have an excuse to get a bandaid, because they know they're special and only get them if they're really hurt. So I decided to put together a quick doctor themed invitation to play using their two favourite things, a baby doll and bandaids. This baby doll shape matching activity was a fun way to reuse the old bandaids and I snuck a fair bit of learning in too.
Baby doll shape matching bandaid activity.
Sunday, May 17, 2020

Dinosaur Egg Small World Sensory Play Tray

There seems to be many phases kids go through with toys as they're growing up, but one that's almost certain for both boys and girls is the dinosaur phase. When I was little this was all thanks to The Land Before Time cartoons. Little Foot, Petrie, Cera, Ducky and Spike were soooo cute I used to watch the movie and cartoons on repeat.

When I had my girls and they first started getting into animal figurines I thought dinosaurs would quickly become favourites, however it took them a little while to get interested. Once Dinosaur Train was on ABC Kids however they got into dinosaurs in a big way. Then when Dino Dana and Andy's Prehistoric Adventures were added it just cemented their love for dinosaurs and the history of them. We've done many dinosaur play activities now, but this Dinosaur Egg Small World Tray we did recently has been a firm favourite.


Do you ever come up with awesome ideas at the most random of times? It happens to me all the time {probably because my brain never switches off}. This dinosaur small world idea popped into my head while I was cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. I had an idea to do a dinosaur small world in the back of my mind for a while, but when I started cracking the eggs for breakfast it's like a light bulb suddenly went off in my head. 

Straight away I knew if I carefully cracked them right I could keep them and set up an awesome small world complete with real hatching eggs. So the rest of the eggs I cracked right down low near the base and carefully got the egg out then thoroughly rinsed them and put them aside. I wanted to set up a dinosaur nest loosely based on the intro to Dinosaur Train where Tiny, Shiny, Don and Buddy hatch out of the eggs as the theme song plays.

Dinosaur sensory small world play tray with chocolate flavoured mud.
Monday, May 11, 2020

Alfoil Puzzle Piece Fine Motor Activity: Learn ABCs and Phonics With This Simple Invitation to Play

Did you know puzzles can be great open ended toys? Although they appear to only have a single purpose, to match the correct piece into the correct slot, you can use them in many different ways. One of our favourite ways to use older puzzles is an alfoil wrapped puzzle piece invitation to play. It's a game, fine motor and sensory play activity combined.

I already use toy rotation to try and make sure the girls don't lose interest in their toys, however when we've had a puzzle for a long time and they've done it numerous times it can become boring. Before thrifting them or buying new puzzles, I use this activity to spark new interest and make the puzzle exciting for the girls again. My big girl loved this alphabet puzzle activity that helped her practice letters and phonics.

Aluminium foil wrapped puzzle fine motor, phonics and letter activity.
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Wrapping puzzle pieces in alfoil is a really easy way to make an old resource feel new again for children of all ages. By wrapping the individual pieces it adds an element of surprise not knowing which letter they'll unwrap each time. It also makes doing the puzzle into an interactive game.

To set it up you'll need to individually wrap each piece with alfoil while your child is not watching. I chose to use alfoil because it adds sensory input as it crinkles as they touch it and it also sticks to itself so it doesn't require any tape. It can also be easily unwrapped and reused to wrap the letters again if you want to repeat the activity. However, if you don't have any aluminium foil you could use tissue paper or newspaper as they scrunch and unscrunch easily, or wrapping paper and tape.

Once all the letters are wrapped up present them in a tray or container alongside the empty puzzle board. If you want to make it easier {or think your child might lose interest after a few letters} you can leave some letters on the board in their correct spot and wrap the remaining letters. When we first did this activity I prompted her so she knew what to do by saying oh look at the presents, let's unwrap them and see what's inside. Once she realised they were letters we tried to guess which letter it would be by feeling the shape of the package before opening each one. 

It's worth mentioning that although my photos only contain an uppercase puzzle {because that's the first letter puzzle we had}, we've since got a lowercase alphabet puzzle too and this activity works well with both options. When I first started teaching her letters I naturally taught uppercase because it was easier for her to learn, but since she started school I've realised teachers place much more importance on learning lowercase letters so it's important to expose children to both options if possible.

Alphabet puzzle pieces wrapped in alfoil

*This activity is intended for children who are no longer mouthing and should be done under strict supervision*


  • Fine motor skills
  • Concentration
  • Hypothesising
  • Problem solving
  • Letter recognition
  • Phonics {extension ideas}

Although this invitation to play is essentially quite simple, it has so many developmental learning opportunities. The most obvious one being the many opportunities for fine tuning fine motor skills. As children grasp each piece and work to remove the alfoil they're using their pincer grip which is imperative for good pencil grip development later on. If they decide to repeat the activity and wrap the letters back up again then they'll also be building hand strength as they push the alfoil together tightly.

When they guess what each letter is before unwrapping it, and while they try to find the correct space on the puzzle board to place each letter, they're hypothesising and problem solving. These are cognitive skills which will help exercise their brain, improving their ability to process information. Doing activities that involve thinking skills like reading, playing games and solving puzzles will help children strengthen neurological pathways and improve their attention span, memory and reasoning skills.

The entire activity is great for letter recognition and matching the pieces to the empty puzzle spots also helps with letter formation as the kids need to analyse the shape of the letters before placing them. Extending this activity to include phonics practice is also really easy, simply use some of the prompt questions below. 
aluminium foil wrapped puzzle invitation to play


When I last set this activity up my big girl was 5 and I initially had it out as a fun fine motor activity for her to come home to after kindy, however once she started playing with it she extended the activity herself. I left it out simply for her to find assuming she would unwrap the puzzle pieces and find the correct spot as we'd done with other activities before, but as she opened each letter she said the letter and then started saying the sound they make and a word starting with the letter. I'm really passionate about following the girls lead when setting up any play activities for them so the fact that she loved it to much she extended her play herself made me so happy.

She also surprised me with the word choices she came up with as they weren't the standard default words I expected her to choose. For example for L I expected her to say lion, but she said L lah, lah love. At the time she hadn't started school yet and was only in kindergarden so she hadn't done any formal phonics learning, we'd only practiced words from books and objects we owned at home. To extend the activity like this if you have preschoolers you can simply ask them to sound out the letter and think of a word that starts with that letter, e.g 'What sound does S make. Can you think of a word that starts with S?' If they're only just starting to explore sounds and words you could give them examples e.g 'B says ba like ba-ba-ball'. It's easiest to start using examples of items they're familiar with in their everyday lives.

Please note these are very simple ways to introduce the concept of phonics to preschoolers before formal schooling. The way schools teach phonics will vary between each school {for example some use Jolly Phonics and others use S2L programs here in Australia}. Once your child has started formally learning a specific phonics program I recommend consulting with their teacher and doing activities that align with that particular teaching method.


Four years ago when my big girl was only 2 and a half years old she was learning the letters of the alphabet and I was coming up with some fun play based activities to help her learn. Being a toddler still she only had a short attention span, so anything interactive and play based was the key to getting her interested and learning for longer. One of the games she loved to do was pulling puzzle pieces out of an empty wipes container. 

To do this you'll need a plastic wipes container {we used an old Huggies one} so you can fill it with letters and then they can pull them out through the dispenser lid. Just like wrapping letters in alfoil, pulling the letters out of the container adds the element of surprise and suspense into learning letters. She loved pulling them out, guessing which one they were and then finding the matching spot on the puzzle board. I shared this video of us playing the game on Instagram way back in 2015 {her baby voice is so dam cute}.



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