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Monday, March 29, 2021

Free Printable Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

I love doing an Easter egg hunt with the kids each year, but I'm always too scared critters will get to the eggs if we leave them outside, so each year we do an indoor hunt. This year I got creative and made my own Easter hunt clues and I'm sharing them here so you can download them too! 

If you don't have a backyard, or are too paranoid to leave treats in the backyard like me, these free printable Easter hunt clues will be the perfect way to set up a fun and easy indoor Easter egg hunt. Mix and match the clues in any order to create an indoor egg hunt to suit your family.

indoor easter egg hunt


An indoor egg hunt definitely alleviates my concern when it come to bugs finding our chocolate eggs, however if you're still worried about ants or indoor pets finding them then put them inside plastic Easter eggs or wrap them in cellophane. 

It's easiest to set up the Easter egg hunt at night after the kids go to bed because then you don't need to get up super early and sneak around the house trying not to get caught in the morning. A lot of the clues in the free printable will hide eggs/treats inside drawers, cupboards or under furniture so it's unlikely the kids will find them accidentally if they wake to go to the toilet during the night.

To set up an indoor Easter hunt you will need:

  • Free printable hunt template {see below}
  • Chocolate Easter eggs or
  • Plastic eggs + fillers or
  • Pre-filled surprise eggs

For our Easter egg hunt we use a mixture of different sized chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and presents like surprise eggs with toys, pyjamas and Easter books. You can buy mini toys and hide them in plastic eggs, or there's a number of pre-filled Easter surprise eggs on Amazon with items like slime, playdoh, figurines, dolls and mini vehicles. I've put together a comprehensive list of 80 Easter egg filler ideas for kids.

free printable easter egg hunt clues from finding myself young
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All of the clues include a little riddle giving hints about where the next clue is and there's also a blank page if you want to hand write out the clues instead of using the typed version. The clues can be used in any order, just make sure you leave the first clue with their empty Easter baskets to start the hunt. You can use as many of the clues as you like, for younger kids I would use only half the sheet as they have a shorter attention span.

Some of the clues are easy as they can only be in one place e.g. the washing machine one below, while some of them could be in a few different spots {e.g. under any chair in the house}. I've also included a few like the one below about where the food gets made hot that could apply to a few places like an oven, microwave or toaster. 

sample egg hunt clues

I've included clues for common indoor areas that each house should have whether you live in a big house, townhouse or apartment. I hope you have heaps of fun doing your indoor Easter hunt! If you use plastic eggs, once the hunt is over try some of these fun ideas to do with plastic Easter eggs.

If you're still on the hunt for more Easter activities to do with the kids, or printables to keep the kids occupied over the school holidays, check out my Etsy store. I have a few different Easter printable packs available including playdough mats and activity mats.

free printable easter egg hunt clues from finding myself young


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