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Monday, April 15, 2024

Sensory Play Ideas for Babies & Infants 6 Months+

By 6 months old, babies are learning and developing new skills at a more rapid rate than before and can interact with the world around them a lot more. They become more mobile as they learn to sit, crawl and eventually walk and they can properly grasp, hold and move objects around. Babies also typically start solids around 6 months which opens up a world of opportunities with taste safe sensory play that didn't exist previously.

All of these factors mean babies over 6 months can explore using their senses through play in even more ways. Below is a list of sensory play ideas for babies from 6-12 months old including ideas to delight their senses incorporating sight, sound, touch and taste.

Baby sensory play ideas for 6 months and older.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Sensory Play Ideas for Babies 0-6 Months

Sensory play is an important tool for developing skills even in children as young as babies. Sensory play builds neurological pathways and helps children to explore and make sense of the world around them by using their five senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. 

I've put together a list of sensory play activities for babies aged 0-6 months that you can do at home to start building their developmental skills and most importantly they're also heaps of fun, for baby and you.

baby sensory play ideas for newborn to 6 months old.
Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Letter E Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers

This post will give you a comprehensive list of crafts, book ideas, sensory play, worksheets and movement ideas to help teach your children or students the letter E. These letter E crafts and activities are a great way to introduce and reinforce the formation and sounds of the letter E. 

Letter Ee crafts for kids.

Friday, March 8, 2024

E is for Egg carton: Sensory Alphabet

If you're a teacher or parent looking for a fun and interesting way to teach your children the letter E, this sensory E is for egg carton craft is perfect. Sensory letters {also known as tactile letters} are an engaging and effective way to teach children the letters of the alphabet.

A sensory alphabet is an exceptional tool that merges the tangible experience of touch with the abstract world of letters, making the learning process not only more fun but also more immersive for children. Follow our step by step instructions below to create your own sensory letter E, I've also included a free printable letter E template.
E is for egg carton sensory letter E craft.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

E is for Eyes: Letter E Craft

This super easy, low prep E is for eyes letter craft is a creative way to teach early literacy and build fine motor skills. If you're looking for ways to teach the letter E, this craft is a great way to reinforce the letter as eyes, eyeballs, eyebrows and eyelashes all start with e and are all featured in this craft.

I've also put together a free printable letter E template you can use to make this craft even easier for young children. This is a great activity to incorporate into your letter of the week learning for letter E either at home or in the classroom.

letter E is for eyeballs craft.
Tuesday, March 5, 2024

DIY Easter I Spy Sensory Bottle

This Easter I Spy sensory bottle {also known as a discovery bottle} is a great tool for exploratory sensory play for children of all ages. The best part is you can assemble it in just a few minutes using Easter themed items you already have. Follow our easy instructions below to put together your own Easter themed I Spy bottle at home or in the classroom.

Easter I Spy bottle laying flat.
Wednesday, February 28, 2024

E is for Elmer Elephant: Letter E Craft

Children will love learning about the letter E with our adorable Elmer letter E craft. This fun and engaging craft brings Elmer and his vibrant patchwork colours to life in the shape of a capital letter E. While adding Elmer's bright colours to the template children will be working on their fine motor skills and learning about the formation and sound of letter E

I've created a free printable Elmer letter E template you can use to make this craft even easier for young children. This is a great craft to incorporate into your letter of the week learning for letter E either at home or in the classroom.
Elmer letter E craft.
Friday, February 23, 2024

March Play Calendar: Daily Activity Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers {+ Free PDF}

Do you want to do activities with your kids each day but you have no idea where to start? Don't worry there's lots of parents in exactly the same position, which is why I'm putting together monthly kids play calendars to make it easy for you to create a month of fun for your kids at home or in the classroom.

The March activity calendar focuses on St Patrick's Day, rainbows and Easter themed ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and school kids. The activities include a mix of art and craft, sensory, science and play ideas as well as books to read aloud during the month. March also includes Read Across America Day where most schools have dress up days, if you need some costume inspiration check out our book character costume ideas.

Each activity is explained in detail below, including how you can extend or adjust the activity based on your child's age. You can also download our free interactive march activity calendar pdf with links to instructions for every activity to save for future reference.

finding myself young March 2024 play calendar.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Torn Paper Rainbow Craft {+ Free Printable Template}

This torn paper rainbow craft is the perfect craft to do at home or in the classroom when children are learning about colours, the weather, spring or St Patrick's Day! 

With just a few simple craft supplies and our free printable rainbow outline template your kids can create a colourful masterpiece in no time. Plus it's a great way to build important fine motor skills.

torn paper rainbow craft.
Tuesday, February 20, 2024

E is for Ernie: Letter E Craft

Make learning the letter E fun and engaging with our adorable Ernie inspired letter E craft. This easy craft project brings Sesame Street to life as children create their very own Ernie masterpiece in the shape of the letter E. Perfect for teaching letter recognition of the letter E and building fine motor skills.

I've put together a free printable template you can use to make this craft even easier for young children. This is a great activity to incorporate into your letter of the week learning for letter E, either at home or in the classroom.

letter E Ernie craft.