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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

20 Easter Egg Paper Crafts for Kids {with Free Egg Templates}

Find an Easter egg craft that's perfect for your children or students from this list of easy Easter egg crafts for kids. This post includes lots of different process art and craft techniques including different ways to paint, paper craft and decorate easter egg templates, plus they all include free printable Easter egg templates

The finished Easter eggs can be hung on display on an art wall, or used to decorate the classroom as part of an Easter display. A lot of the artwork can also be upcycled into other items for family and friends once you've finished displaying it.

Easter egg paper craft ideas


Each of these Easter egg crafts will look different even though a lot of them use basic egg templates. Each one is made using different painting or process art techniques such as resist art, scrape painting, marbling, pointillism, paper quilling, paper weaving and more.

For the majority of these egg crafts you'll need paper and paint, either watercolours or washable paint. Click through each link below to get individual instructions for each craft. 

Tape Resist Easter Egg

tape resist easter egg painting

Tape resist painting is a fun way for children to play around with blank space and create easy resist art while building their fine motor skills. Tape resist Easter eggs are easy to make using just watercolour, washi tape and our free egg template. Get the instructions to make tape resist eggs and the free template here.

Pom Pom Painted Easter Eggs

pom pom painted easter egg template

Pom pom painting is a great way for children to use their pincer grip and build their fine motor skills. All you need to make a pom pom brush is a clothes peg and a pom pom, use a different one for each colour. Follow the instructions to make a pom pom painted Easter egg here.

Q-tip Easter Eggs

q-tip painted easter eggs

Painting with q-tips is an easy way for children to create pointillism paintings, which is where lots of small dots are used to create an overall image. Q-tips are a great size for kids to grasp and dip into paint and create perfect circles. Have a look at all the different q-tip Easter egg designs Projects with Kids made using this technique.

Ombre Easter Eggs

ombre easter egg craft

These ombre Easter eggs are a great way for children to experiment with colour shading as they decorate their eggs from light to dark versions of the same colour. Follow the instructions to make ombre eggs here.

Easter Egg Symmetry Painting

easter egg symmetry painting craft free template

Symmetry painting is so fun and a little bit magical for kids as they see the same image appear onto the other side of the page without having to paint it again. You can do symmetry painting of any image and for many themes, including Easter, by simply folding paper in half and squishing a painting together.

To make Easter egg symmetry painting easier, download this free Easter egg symmetry template so children have some easy Easter egg outlines to follow.

Scrape Painted Eggs

scrape painted easter eggs

Scrape painting is a fun way for children to create paintings without using a paintbrush, but rather using a flat tool to scrape the paint. Scrape painted Easter eggs are a great way for children to express their creativity, and a fun way to explore mark making, colour blending, textures and patterns. They'll also be building their fine motor skills while painting.

Shaving Cream Marbled Eggs

shaving cream marbled paper eggs

Painting with shaving cream is so fun because it's an immersive sensory experience and it creates a beautiful marbled effect once removed. Follow these marbled shaving cream egg instructions to create your own.

Ball Painted Eggs

marble painted Easter eggs

Ball painting is such a fun process art activity where kids can use their body movements to create an abstract piece of art. These marble painted Easter eggs have been made using ball painting with marbles. You could also paint them with other types of balls too like golf balls, bouncy balls or sensory balls.

Rainbow Striped Eggs

rainbow striped paper egg craft

To make these striped eggs all you need is some construction paper, scissors and glue. This is a great activity for children to practice their scissor skills, or if you're doing it with younger children they can simply tear the paper into strips. Download the free egg template and instructions here.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Eggs

bleeding tissue paper eggs

Bleeding tissue paper art is a great way to create the effect of watercolour painting without actually using paint. You'll need special bleeding tissue paper to create the affect though as not all tissue paper will bleed effectively with water. Follow the instructions and get the free template here.

Textured Easter Egg Cards

textured easter egg cards

Kids can make fancy Easter egg cards for family and friends using this free Easter egg card template and some different colours of tissue paper. This craft project is actually really simple and a great way for younger children to work on their fine motor skills as they fold, scrunch, twist, cut and glue the tissue paper down.

Paper Quilled Easter Egg

paper quilling easter egg activity

Paper quilling is an art technique that allows you to make beautiful 3D images using strips of paper folded or curled into different individual shapes. All of the individual shaped pieces of paper combine to create one overall detailed image.

Although the quilled Easter egg above looks very detailed, it's actually designed for quilling beginners as the individual shapes are relatively easy to make. Children need to make the individual shapes in the colours they want and then simply glue them onto an egg template to create the quilled egg. 

Doily Easter Eggs

easter egg craft made from doilies

These beautiful Easter eggs are made using coloured paper and lace paper doilies. The eggs are really simple to make, but create an intricate detailed piece of art thanks to the lace cut outs in the doily. Follow the instructions at A Little Pinch of Perfect to create your own paper doily Easter eggs.

DIY Easter Egg Garland

easter egg garland free printable template

Don't go out and buy an Easter egg garland this year, let the kids make their own with this free printable Easter eggs template. The template includes Easter eggs with various blank geometric patterns that kids can paint or colour however they like. Once they've finished, assemble them altogether to create a beautiful Easter egg garland to decorate the house or classroom.

Klee Inspired Easter Eggs

klee inspired easter egg design

These stunning Klee Easter egg templates are inspired by famous Swiss-German artist Paul Klee who loved cubism and surrealism. Kids can decorate the eggs using any colour combinations they like, just like Klee did in his many artworks. Once they're finished they can be made into cards or a colourful Easter garland display.

Chalk Pastel Easter Eggs

chalk pastel easter egg craft

These chalk pastel Easter eggs are another fun Easter egg craft using the resist technique, with glue and chalk pastels. The glue provides a barrier between each section of the Easter egg to make sure the chalk pastel colours don't blend in together, which defines the space and also makes the pastel colours pop.

Black Glue & Watercolour Eggs

black glue and watercolour egg craft

Another fun way to use glue for resist art is to use black glue and watercolour paints. Once again the glue provides a barrier between sections and the watercolour can't cross over the glue. Learn more about black glue and watercolour Easter egg art here.

Easter Egg Cutting Skill Puzzles

egg cutting puzzles

Kids can create their very own puzzles with these free egg cutting skills templates. Download the free template then allow them to colour the eggs with crayons, pencils or paint, then cut them out. They can then carefully cut along the dotted lines to create 8 different 2 piece Easter egg puzzles.

Paper Weaved Easter Eggs

paper weaved egg template

Paper weaving is an excellent way for children to practice their fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination as they carefully thread the pieces of paper over and under. These paper weaving egg templates come in 2 different sizes, a wider one for younger children and a thinner one for older children. They also make great Easter decorations once completed.

Collage Easter Eggs

collage easter eggs

My 5yr old decorated these collage Easter eggs using our blank egg template with a combination of paint sticks, glitter glue pens and Easter stickers. I really love the white one how she layered colours and stickers around the bunny in the centre.

easter egg paper craft ideas for kids


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