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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

130+ Free Easter Colouring Pages for Kids

My girls love colouring sheets so I've put together a huge list of over 100 free Easter colouring pages kids will love that are sure to keep them busy in the lead up to Easter at home or in the classroom. They include Easter egg, bunny, basket, chick and colour by number templates. There's designs for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school and older school kids, and they're all free!

kids coloring in Easter pages
Photo by Alan Rodriguez via Unsplash

These Easter coloring templates don't have to be used just for drawing, they can also be used for painting and process art activities like sponge painting, q-tip painting, cotton ball painting or scrape painting. They're also great as an outline for a collage with multiple mediums, or can be embellished with stickers or glitter. The templates can also be turned into suncatchers to decorate windows by using cardstock and contact paper or cellophane.
Finished pages can also be turned into garlands to decorate the house or classroom for Easter, or cut and pasted onto DIY Easter cards for family and friends. They can also be laminated and cut into pieces to make DIY puzzles.


Colouring is an easy, no prep, activity that helps children build fine motor strength and practice holding a pencil properly, which makes it perfect for school as well as at home. Colouring is also a great mindfulness activity that helps kids {and adults} calm down and self regulate after a busy day.

Kids can colour using a range of different materials including pencils, crayons, washable pens, chalk, oil pastels, watercolour paints and paint sticks. 

73 Free Easter Egg Colouring Pages

One of the easiest Easter activities to do with eggs is to colour them, however, if you don't want to dye your own Easter eggs, kids can still have fun colouring eggs with these free printable Easter egg templates. You can also laminate the finished eggs and use them for a non chocolate Easter egg hunt.

easter egg colouring sheets

These Easter egg templates from Picklebums are actually incredibly simple egg shell outlines, however as you can see in the photo, they can still be decorated quite intricately. They're perfect for younger and older kids and come in small and large sizes. Download the egg templates here.

free easter egg templates

This set of Easter egg coloring pages from Simple Everyday Mom includes 6 different Easter egg designs. The patterns are relatively simple so even younger children will enjoy decorating the eggs. Download the free template here.

klee easter egg coloring template

These Klee Easter egg templates from Messy Little Monster are inspired by famous Swiss-German artist Paul Klee who loved cubism and surrealism. Kids can decorate the eggs using any colour combinations they like, just like Klee did in his many artworks. Download the Klee egg templates here.

easter egg colouring in templates

Craft at Home Family has put together a set of free egg templates that includes 6 different egg designs and some blank egg outlines so kids can create their own designs. Download the free templates and get lots of craft ideas to do with them here.

free egg templates

Planes and Balloons have 6 different simple egg colouring page designs, including a blank egg. The simple designs are great for younger children who are still learning to colour and stay within the lines. Download the free templates here.

easter egg coloring page templates

The Artisan Life has put together a set of 12 pages of egg coloring templates. There are blank eggs, cracked eggs, lined eggs, dotted eggs and eggs with bunny designs in varying sizes. Download the free templates here.

easter egg printable templates

Mombrite have a huge set of Easter egg coloring templates that includes 18 different pages of egg designs from simple outlines to more intricate patterns. There's various different sizes included from full page designs to smaller eggs that could be cut up and used on Easter cards. Download the free egg coloring pages here.

easter egg templates

Lil Tigers have 21 pages of free Easter egg templates including blank outlines, full page designs and smaller eggs. Download the free templates and get lots of ideas to use them here.

41 Free Easter Bunny Colouring Pages

Kids may not be able to catch the elusive Easter bunny, but they can colour him in with these free bunny coloring pages. You can also try these bunny paper crafts, decorations, art activities and sewing projects for kids.

free easter bunny coloring pages

The Artisan Life has a set of 15 cartoon style Easter bunny coloring pages. They are full page designs, but can also be printed in smaller sizes to use for cards. Download all the pages here.

easter bunny sheets for kids

Fun Happy Home have a huge set of 24 pages of bunny coloring designs. Each one is full page, but they range from simple designs through to more intricate ones for older kids or adults. Grab the whole set here.

free bunny colouring pages

Red Ted Art have 2 bunny colouring pages that are a little more intricate in design. One includes Happy Easter while the other is just the bunny. Download the colouring pages here.

25 Free Easter Colour By Number Pages

If you want something a little more challenging, then try these Easter themed colour by number pages. The kids will be practicing number recognition while creating their masterpieces and they're also a great way for younger children to practice and reinforce colours.

free easter color by number pages

123 Homeschool Me has a set of 6 different free color by number Easter pages. The designs include eggs, chicks, an Easter basket and bunnies. There are different designs to practice numbers 1-10 and 11-20 so they can be used with younger and older children. Download the free templates here.

easter egg colour by number sheet

Simple Fun for Kids have this free Easter egg color by number sheet that includes numbers 1-10. The design features 3 different eggs decorated in different patterns and colors. Download the free sheet here.

easter color by number free printables

Kindergarten Worksheets and Games has a set of 5 different Easter color by number sheets. The sheets include varying numbers from 1-30 which can be used with a range of age groups. Download the color by number sheets here.

easter color by code free printable pages

Fantastic and Fun Learning have these awesome free color by code Easter coloring pages. The set includes 5 different designs in numbers 1-5, numbers 5-10, easy addition sums and shapes. Download the full set here

easter basket colour by number printable

Darcy and Brian have a free Easter basket colour by number page included with some other free Easter colouring sheets. Download all their Easter colouring pages here.

find 100+ free Easter colouring pages for kids in this one list.


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