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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

DIY Easter Egg Puzzles: Free Printable Scissor Cutting Templates

Your kids will have so much fun creating their own 2 piece egg puzzles with our free egg puzzle templates. Puzzles are a great way for children to work on their fine motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination and problem solving skills as they try and join the pieces together. An added bonus with our egg puzzles is children get to colour, design and assemble the puzzles as well as play with them.

These puzzles are a great Easter activity and can also be used to teach maths, literacy and other skills during rotations in the classroom. They're also portable once made so can easily be added to a busy bag to take to appointments or play dates to keep children occupied.

easter egg cutting skill puzzles


Two piece puzzles are a great starting point when introducing puzzles as they're easier for children to work out, giving them a sense of achievement, and they're less likely to cause frustration. The puzzle templates have also been left blank so children can colour in or decorate their puzzles however they like to give a sense of ownership and to allow them to express their creativity.

These egg puzzles are also designed for scissor skill practice so I've included dotted cutting lines in straight, diagonal, zig zag and curved lines to cater for children with different levels of scissor skills. Start with the straight line templates for children new to scissors and then work through to the curved lines as their scissor control increases.

Supplies to make DIY egg puzzles

  • Scissors
  • Egg puzzle template
  • White cardstock or paper
  • Pencils, paint or crayons
  • Laminator {optional}

This activity is super simple to set up and complete, with minimal supplies needed. As long as you have access to a printer, scissors and something to colour the templates with then you're good to go. I recommend printing the templates onto cardstock, however they will work fine on paper, but may be easier for children to cut out on cardstock.

Free Printable Egg Cutting Skill Templates

To make the puzzles super easy to make, I've made a simple set of egg puzzle cutting templates that you can download and print off. The first sheet is the easier straight line templates and the second sheet has zig zag and curved lines for children with more advanced cutting skills. For best results print the templates on white cardstock, however we've used it on paper with no problems.

egg puzzle cutting templates screenshot
Please note this free printable template is for personal or classroom use only, it cannot be reproduced, published or sold in any form on any platform.

download template here

How to make DIY egg puzzles

1. Print off the free egg cutting templates on white cardstock or paper. If you print them on cardstock you can skip step 3.

blank egg puzzle templates

2. Colour in the egg puzzle templates. Get the kids colour in the blank puzzle templates any colour they like before cutting them out. Each side of the puzzle can be the same or different colours, however it's easier to make sure each half of the puzzle is coloured completely with one colour.

egg puzzle templates coloured in with crayon

3. Laminate the coloured template if you printed it on paper {optional}. I highly recommend this step for longevity, especially if you're planning to use the puzzles in a classroom setting with multiple children.

4. Cut out the outlines of the eggs. Children can do this step themselves if they have good scissor skills.

5. Cut the eggs in half along the dotted lines. The template includes a combination of straight, curved and zig zag dotted lines to cater for children with different levels of scissor skills. If you're working with younger children it's easier for them to use the straight templates.

cutting egg puzzle template

6. Mix up the puzzle pieces and get the children to match them back up. Even if you're working with younger children who may not have mastered scissor cutting, they'll still enjoy playing with the puzzles and matching the correct halves together.

egg puzzles cut in half

egg puzzle pieces mixed up

Other ways to use the egg puzzles

  • Write numbers on one side of the puzzle and dot representation of the number on the other side to help children learn one to one correspondence as they match the pieces.
  • Put lowercase and uppercase letters on each side of the puzzle to help reinforce letter identification.
  • Add magnetic tape to the back of the puzzle pieces so they can be used on the fridge and other magnetic surfaces.
  • Hot glue each side of an egg puzzle to a clothes peg to create a hatching egg when the peg is squeezed.

Diy 2 piece egg puzzle templates


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