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Thursday, October 27, 2022

65 Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Cheeky Elves

If your Elf on the shelf is a bit mischievous and likes to be a little silly and play pranks on the kids try some of these amusing ideas this December. Some are a little bit punny and some are downright hilarious. 

elf blowing a bubblegum fart


These funny elf on the shelf ideas include escapades with undies, toilet humour, fun with food and frivolous fridge tricks. Kids will laugh out loud when they wake up in the morning to discover these cheeky antics.

Oreo Prank

elf putting toothpaste inside oreos

Elfie was a little cheeky last year and tried to trick the kids by adding toothpaste to their mini Oreo's. Even though she made it obvious, her Oreo elf prank was successful because they sniffed and licked the biscuits to see if it was actual toothpaste!

We have our eyes on you

elf put googly eyes on fruit

If you have a fruit bowl and your elf needs a hand watching the kids, enlist the help of the fruit by adding some googly eyes. Stick on googly eyes are the easiest to use and they can easily be peeled off when the kids get hungry.

Teenage Mutant Ninja {Apple} Turtles

elf and apples dressed as teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Go a step further and turn your apples into teenage mutant ninja turtles by cutting up a purple, red, blue and orange balloon to make the individual bandanas. Then add googly eyes and a smile and you have Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo! Don't forget to make a bandana for your elf too.

Mr Potato Head Chips

elves grating mr potato head to make chips
Image : Pinterest

Looks like the elves wanted some chips and knew they're made from potatoes.... eeeek! Poor Mr Potato Head! FYI don't do this one if there's a chance your kids will be traumatised.

Ironing wrinkles out of the chips

elves ironing chips flat with a hair straightener.

Who needs to do the ironing when you have elves? Although I wouldn't recommend ironing with a hair straightener, but it's the perfect size to iron the wrinkles out of the chips and make them nice and crease free.

Popcorn in the microwave

elf put microwave in the popcorn

Uh oh! Someone got hungry during the night and didn't follow the microwave popcorn instructions. Lucky it's a tasty mess to clean up later! Remember to do this one on a day you don't need to use the microwave.

Cheerio bumholes

elf cheerio bumholes message.

Oh no looks like the elves have been in the cereal and discovered that not only do cheerio's look like mini donuts, they also look like.....

Poo museum

elf poo museum.

If your kids are into poop jokes then they'll love visiting the elf poo museum. Use different candy and dried fruits to make elf, reindeer, snowman, grinch, gingerbread man and Santa poo. Don't worry the Santa one is definitely fake.

Please Don't Feed the Dinosaurs!

elves feeding dinosaurs.

Please don't feed the dinosaurs, especially not in the kitchen, it's dangerous! And we don't want them to get domesticated, they're wild animals after all.

Elf Pringles Surprise!

elf popping out of pringles can

The elf can surprise the kids in the morning by peeping out of the Pringles. Pringles containers are perfect because they're a great size for elves and they have a spot for their face to poke out of. You'll need to cut out the Pringles face with a utility knife to make a window for your elf.

Sneaking cookies

elf climbing to get cookies.

Sometimes the elves get up to no good when nobody is watching at night and try to sneak cookies or lollies. Make sure you keep your sweet treats hidden in cupboards so they can't climb up and find them.

Tomato sauce target practice

elf using tomato sauce for target practice on wall.

Sauce isn't just for dinner, it also comes in handy for target practice too! It's a much safer, albeit messier, alternative to darts.

Elf Brown E's

elf made brown e's

Your elf can cook up a storm and make some brownies for the kids. They might be a tad disappointed when they realise they're brown e's though and not edible #sorrynotsorry. For this one I just cut up a sheet of brown felt in different sized E's.

Elf breakfast

elf on the shelf made buddys breakfast from the movie elf

If your kids are fans of the movie Elf they'll love it when the elf makes Buddy's famous spaghetti breakfast. You'll need to cook some spaghetti then add maple syrup and top with other sweet treats like marshmallows and chocolates. I wouldn't encourage the kids to actually eat it though because it might not end well.

Grinch Kisses

elf hiding in grinch kisses wrapper.

Looks like the elf has a sweet tooth and a sense of humour pretending to be the Grinch inside the Hersheys Grinch kisses. This would also be a fun one to try if you have the Grinch.

Bookmas Tree

elf Christmas tree made from books.

The elf can get creative and build an entire Christmas tree from the kids books. Even better if you have enough Christmas books to make the whole tree, if not they can add a Christmas one to the top as the star.

Chipmas tree

elf decorated tree with chip packets

Some funny elves get a little punny and decorate the tree for chipmas instead of Christmas. You'll need a couple of snack size chip packets and some pegs.

Wrap the tree

Your cheeky elf may get a bit protective of the Christmas tree and decide to wrap it in plastic wrap {especially if you have cats like us who like to knock off all the baubles}.

Tree monster

christmas tree monster that eats elves

The tree might have it's revenge and turn into an elf eating monster. Add a speech bubble "I eat elves" and some tree monsters even say "I poop presents". Don't worry no elves were harmed in the making of this pic.

Undies on the tree

elf put undies on the christmas tree
Image: Simplify Create Inspire

Look out, if you leave the clean clothes basket out overnight your cheeky elf may decide to try on your undies and decorate the tree with them.

Boobie trapped

elf boobie trapped

Oh gosh looks like the elf has been in the clean washing again and got stuck! The best way to boobie trap an elf is in a boobie trapper of course! 

Elf bungee jumping

elves bungee jumping from stairs.
Image: Manni Kaur and the Sehra boys

If you live in a two story house and your elves are adventurous they can bungee jump from the top of the stairs. Make sure they're nice and secure so they don't fall during the day.

Elf bubblegum farts

elf bubblegum fart prank

Your elf can be funny while teaching the kids a valuable lesson, don't swallow your chewing gum! If you do you might blow bubblegum farts out your butt. You'll need a balloon in the same colour as your packet of gum, even better if you can find smaller 5" balloons.

Elf farted in jar

elf farted in a jar

Speaking of farts, if your kids love fart humour, and what kid doesn't really... the elf can fart inside a jar. What a thoughtful elf keeping the smell trapped inside so it doesn't fill the house. Would your child be game enough to sniff it?

Photocopier fun

elf making funny pictures on the photocopier

Most printers these days are also scanners so if your elf likes to hide in different spots they can stop by the printer and have some fun creating some cheeky photos of themselves.

Can Choir

elf conducting can choir

Bring your empty cans to life as a singing choir with some googly eyes and paper sheet music. The elf can conduct the choir by standing at the front in magi freeze pants.

Elf DJ Marshmallow

elf dressed up as dj marshmallow

If your elf has more modern music tastes they can transform themselves into DJ Marshmallow with a white paper hat. Don't forget their DJ deck and some extra marshmallow heads for dramatic effect.

Elf can drums

elf band made from recycled tin cans.

Recycle your empty tin cans into a drum kit complete with cymbals. Add some toothpick drumsticks and your elf is ready to rock and roll.

Lounging Around

elf in clothes on the lounge.

The elf is up at night before everyone else so they can call dibs and get the best seat on the couch. This one may be a little freaky if you walk past it in the dark though.

Elf milk

elf turned milk green

One year Elfie made our milk into Christmas Elf milk by turning it green. The kids loved it. You can also decorate the milk bottle with a Grinch face and call it Grinch milk.

Milk's gone bad

milk gone bad elf trick.

Elves need to be careful hanging out near the milk though, because it might go bad and take revenge!

Eggstra attitude

elf drawing faces on eggs

If your kids love emojis they'll love it when the elf brings the eggs to life by giving them cute emoji faces. No eggs were harmed in the making of this prank, thankfully.

Wrapping lunch box food

elf wrapped up kids lunchbox food

This one is a little cheeky, but also kind of cute! The elf can wrap your child's school lunch in Christmas wrap so they get to open presents at lunch break.

Toasty warm

elf toasty warm inside toast

If your elf is feeling a little cold they can warm themselves up with a fresh piece of toast. Add a note explaining now they're toasty warm if you have younger kids so they'll understand what the elf is doing.

Gingerbread House

elf gingerbread house.

If you don't want to make a real gingerbread house, the elf can make the kids a super easy gingerbread house with some bread and ginger. No decorating required.

Elf Sponge Cake

elf made a sponge cake.

If your kids love cake, the elf can make them a yummy sponge cake, but it won't actually be yummy.

Shot of Coffee

elf shot of coffee idea.

Even elves sometimes need a caffeine pick me up when they're tired. I don't think that's how you do a shot of coffee though, but it is the perfect size for an elf.

Melted snowman

elf brings melted snowman in glass

Sometimes the elf might bring back gifts from the north pole like a snowman, but it doesn't always work out. Sorry Frosty!

Candy tap

elf turned water into gummy bears.

You never know when the elves will use their magic to turn the tap water into candy! The easiest way to make gummy bear water is to cut a skewer to size and then glue the gummy bears onto it so you can't see the stick, then add more in the sink to make the puddle from the tap being on. Make sure you use a tap you don't actually need to use for the day.

Elf fishing

elf fishing for goldfish crackers.

Sinks aren't just for magic water tricks, they're also a great place to do a spot of fishing. The elves can go fishing for goldfish with some goldfish crackers. If you want a totally epic version of elf fishing have a look at the elf fishing in the bath tub here.

Elf cereal

If you want to really excite the kids, the elf can make them some cereal. To make the elf, or elves, pour cereal from a box you'll need a cereal box, tin foil, marshmallows, butter and your choice of cereal. You can get official elf on the shelf cereal if you're in Canada or the U.S.

To set it up make a long tube out of foil to mimic the cereal falling out of the box into the bowl. Melt some marshmallow in butter to create a glue. Working in sections add the marshmallow glue to the foil and press on cereal before it cools until the whole tube is covered.

Toilet cereal bowl

elf filled toilet with cereal

I admit this one is a little too far for our elf Elfie, however your cheeky elf might find it hilarious to fill the toilet bowl with cereal {it is a bowl after all}. Make sure they remember to plastic wrap the bowl before they add the cereal though because nobody wants a huge plumbing bill in December.

Toilet paper humour 

elf toilet paper sayings
Image: @kt_elder

The cheeky elf is being punny again, turning Christmas carols into toilet humour. Find more fun and easy Elf on the shelf toilet paper roll ideas here.

Toilet monster

elf toilet monster that eats poop.

What if the toilet wasn't just a toilet, but a toilet monster?! They do like eating poop after all. I love the face, although it does low key make me think of Kermit the frog smoking a cigar. 

Sticky tape toilet paper

elf swapped toilet paper for sticky tape.

Make sure you check before you wipe in December, because those cheeky elves like stealing toilet paper and things could get sticky if you don't pay attention.

Fishin for poop

elf fishing for poop

Your elf will have heaps of fun fishin for poop in the bath or sink, and the kids will think it's hilarious too! Thankfully there's no real poop involved. You can get the poop fishing game from Amazon. In Australia it's cheapest from Kmart or Catch.

Elf Planetarium

elf planetarium viewing Uranus

If you have older kids who have a basic understanding of the solar system, you can add some more bum humour by setting up an elf planetarium. If you only have one elf have them set up as the planet and the telescope free for the kids to look through. Tonight's viewing is Uranus. 

Oops I pea'd myself

elf used pees to spell I peed myself
Image: @adventures_of_elfie_and_ava

More toilet humour, but this time the cheeky elf peed himself all over the kitchen bench! It's definitely easier to use frozen peas for this one.

Elf lemonade or juice

elf making lemonade

This classic prank is popular every single year. Gross the kids out with freshly squeezed elf juice or lemonade.

Elf lemonade stand

elf lemonade stand

If your elf's going to make lemonade then they'll need a lemonade stand to sell it at. If your kids watch YouTube chances are you're familiar with the duck song and you'll know exactly what's going on in this elf set up. Find out how to make an elf lemonade stand from the duck song here.

Elf shining shoes

elf shined shoes with alfoil.

It's always great when the elf decides to help around the house, like shining everyone's shoes so they'll be all nice and sparkly. And maybe a little crinkly and noisy, whoops.

Elf wraps toilet

cheeky elves christmas wrapped the toilet

If your elf wants to make a big impression they can wrap the entire toilet {step stool, rubbish bin, brush and toilet paper included}. If you do this one carefully you'll be able to reuse the wrapping paper. Also don't do this one unless you have a spare toilet.

Elf wrapping paper clothes

elves wrapped each other in wrapping paper

The elves might get bored wearing the same thing everyday, I know I would. Wrapping paper is a great creative way for them to get dressed up and be festive at the same time. If you don't have multiple elves, other toys might like a new outfit too.

Sticky Tape

elf sticky situation with sticky tape.

Don't let the elves get into the stick tape or they may find themselves in a very sticky situation!

Doing the floss

elf doing the floss.

Poor elf was trying to do the floss and got himself all tangled up in dental floss. If your kids watch Bluey they'll love this one.

Butt Brush

elf butt brush.

Oh those silly elves sometimes mistake toothbrushes as butt brushes! I guess if you've got an itch it's better to scratch it?! You'll probably want to buy the kids a new toothbrush after this one though.

Bandaid Bandit

elf covered in bandaids.

Make sure your medicine cabinet is locked up or out of reach because cheeky elves like to get into the bandaids and get themselves into a sticky situation. I guess they love bandaids just as much as kids do.

Look out for crocs

elf catching crocs shoes

If someone in your house owns a pair of crocs then the elf can imitate Steve Irwin our famous crocodile hunter and protect the family from the dangerous crocs.

SpongeBob Elf pants

elf spongebob squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob squarepants... or is it SpongeBob elf pants? Turn your elf into SpongeBob with a yellow sponge and his outfit {you can get a free printable outfit here}. Create SpongeBob's house with a pineapple, blue door, windows and snorkel chimney.

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!

jingle bells, batman smells elf idea.

Poor Batman, he's always getting picked on this time of year...

Toy Story intruder

elf toy story intruder.

The elf isn't that only toy that comes alive when kids aren't watching.... but that doesn't mean the other toys won't get jealous. You can count on Woody's pals to keep things in order and make sure intruders aren't on the loose.

Lego trap

elf trapped on lego board.

The elf needs to be careful of those pesky Lego people too, not just because they hurt if you step on them. Their blocks are also really useful for making a trap.

Army Men Attack

elf being held hostage by army men.

Just like we saw in Toy Story, army men are really good at working together to protect their house so if you have a troop of army men at home the elf better watch out!

Reindeer robo-vacuum

elf riding reindeer decorated robot vacuum.

There are toys that can be super fun for elves though, well I guess it's not technically a toy, however a robot vacuum does make a really cool reindeer to ride around on. Make sure you strap the elf on and it'll have hours of fun cleaning the house.

Elf Home Alone

elf home alone set up.

Oh no! The wet bandits are on the loose and the elf is home alone, what will he do? Don't worry he has a battle plan. You can also get the wet bandits sign here. Make sure you watch out for booby traps around the house.


If you're looking for even more fun, easy, or even elaborate Elf on the Shelf ideas, join our Facebook group Elfing Around for lots of inspiration. Also download these free elf joke cards that you can use with your set ups.

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