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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

21 Elf on the Shelf Ideas using Toilet Paper

Want some easy Elf on the Shelf ideas that don't require fancy props? It doesn't get any easier than these elf toilet paper ideas - all you need is an elf {or 2} and some toilet paper.

elf in toilet paper roll on stairs


If you're running low on elf ideas, or elf motivation, these ideas are great as most of them require little to no prep and can be set up in a minute or two. They're also perfect for those times you wake up in the middle of the night freaking out that you didn't move the elf {yep we all have those nights}.

Us Aussies tend to love some good toilet humour, and so do the kids, so it's no surprise these toilet paper ideas get lots of laughs!

Toilet Paper Wrapped Tree

elf wrapped christmas tree in toilet paper

One of the simplest elf ideas ever is to wrap toilet paper around the Christmas tree. Who needs tinsel when you have toilet paper?

Toilet Paper Snowman Tree

elf turned Christmas tree into a snowman.

For an even bigger impact, wrap the entire tree with toilet paper and add a paper hat, face and buttons to turn the tree into a snowman.

Rolling Down the Stairs

elf rolling down the stairs in toilet paper

This is my go to idea for the nights I can't be bothered being creative {and yes Elfie does this one every year}. All you need to do is put your elf inside the tube and roll it down the stairs. So easy!

Toilet Paper Igloo

elf in toilet paper roll igloo
Image: @elfontheshelfcreativity

If the elf wants to be reminded of the North Pole... or maybe they just want to let it go with Elsa, they'll love hanging out in a toilet paper igloo. Make sure you do this one when you're stocked up on TP because you'll need a few rolls.

Toilet Paper Castle

toilet paper elf castle.

If you want to go even bigger than an igloo, the elf can go all out and build an entire castle with toilet paper rolls and Christmas decorations.

Toilet Paper Reindeer

elf on the shelf made a reindeer with toilet paper.

The elf might not be able to bring the real reindeer back with them from the North Pole, but they can make their own with toilet paper rolls and a paper towel roll plus a fun reindeer headband.


elf in toilet paper tower that says I C U P

Not only is the elf watching you, they're also watching you pee! Eww You can sit the elf on top of the toilet paper rolls, or put it inside {as shown above, use a wooden skewer to hold the top roll up}.

Toilet {Paper} Humour

elf toilet paper rolls with christmas puns
Image: @kt_elder

Remember being a kid and changing jingle bells to jingle bells, Batman smells? Well elves love to change up Christmas carol lyrics too, but they like to make them into punny poop jokes. Some of their favourite ones are:

  • Jingle bells, your poop smells
  • Rockin' around the Christmas pee
  • He sees you when you're pooping
  • All I want for Christmas is poo
  • Have yourself a smelly little Christmas
  • Last Christmas I gave you a fart
  • Baby it's stinky in here
  • Tinkle all the way

Toilet {Paper Roll} Monster

elf toilet monster with toilet paper eyes.

Grab some toilet paper rolls and an empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll and use them to turn the toilet into a toilet monster.

Christmas Toilet Paper

elf replaced toilet paper with novelty Christmas toilet paper.

The cheeky elves can replace the normal toilet paper rolls with novelty Christmas toilet paper rolls. I wonder how long the kids will take to notice the festive loo paper.

Toilet Paper Snowman

elf hiding in toilet paper snowman.

The elf can build a quick indoor snowman with three rolls of toilet paper and a drawn on face and buttons. If you want to add arms either use a stick between the first and second toilet paper roll, draw some arms onto the second roll of toilet paper, or you can use this printable snowman set. The best part is this snowman will never melt! If your elf wants to be super cheeky they can hide in the snowman as shown above.

Toilet Paper Roll Swing

elf on toilet paper roll swing

Make your own DIY elf swing using an empty toilet paper roll. If you don't keep your toilet paper rolls for crafts, I suggest you start saving some now. However, if the idea of using a used toilet paper roll creeps you out then you can always get a premade elf swing.

Toilet Paper Stair Garland

We used to wrap the stair rail with tinsel to decorate for Christmas, but quickly realised our cats think it's just a new toy for them, so Elfie decided to take away the sparkly cat temptation and replace it with a toilet paper garland instead.

TP the Living Room

elves put toilet paper all over the lounge room

We all know teenagers love to TP things when they're bored, well sometimes cheeky elves do too!

Toilet Paper Roll Races

elf and other toys having a race in toilet paper rolls
Image: Krystal Nader

Your elf and other toys can have fun rolling to the finish line in a toilet paper roll race! I wonder who will win?

Rolling Around

one elf rolling another elf in a toilet paper roll

Who needs an inflatable bubble ball for zorbing when you have a toilet paper roll?! If you have 2 elves they can have fun rolling along together. This can also be done with other toys like a Barbie doll or superhero.

Toilet Paper Countdown 

elf toilet paper roll christmas countdown

Turn a roll of toilet paper into an elf Christmas countdown. This one can be done at any time during the month, and if you're really lacking motivation you can repeat it more than once.

Didn't make it to the Toilet

elf pooping in a glass

Sometimes your elf might not make it to the toilet in time, lucky a glass and toilet paper {or paper towel, or tissue} make a great substitute toilet. You only need a few chocolate drops and some Nutella {if your elf remembers to wipe}.

Skid Row 

elf pooping in sink

The elf might be too scared to use the big people toilet in case they fall in, so they use the bathroom sink instead. You can use vegemite or Nutella for this one.

Toilet Paper Zip Line

elf toilet paper flying fox zip line.

String some toilet paper from on side of the toilet or bathroom to the other then use smaller pieces of toilet paper to attach the elves to the zip line. If your elf still has attached hands you can just thread the zip line piece through their arms to hang them.

Toilet Paper Snowflakes

elf cutting snowflakes in toilet paper

If you have a little bit of time then your elf can get creative and cut some snowflakes into the toilet paper roll. Don't worry it's not as hard as it looks, simply fold a few squares of toilet paper together and cut out a snowflake then when unravelled it will create a toilet paper snowflake chain. You can get some free snowflake templates here or just freehand one.

If you don't want to move the elf during the day then maybe only do this one if you have a spare toilet, or use some tongs to move the elf out of the way. Safety note: if you have younger children don't leave the scissors out as evidence {nobody wants a toddler giving themselves a haircut}.

If you're looking for more fun elf ideas, or want to share your own, join our Facebook group Elfing Around for lots of elf inspiration.

elf on the shelf toilet paper roll ideas


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