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Saturday, May 7, 2022

4th of July Science Experiments & STEM Activities

Bring some patriotism into your summer camp program, or your homeschooling curriculum, by celebrating the 4th of July with these red, white and blue science experiments and stem activities. Combine science and Independence Day learning to introduce children to chemistry and physics with these easy 4th of July experiments.

4th of july slime, magic milk and fireworks in a jar


These patriotic science experiments and slime recipes incorporate iconic American 4th of July elements such as red, white and blue colours, stars, fireworks and the American flag. They're a great way for children to celebrate the 4th of July without the noise and chaos of large crowds and parades.

These classic science experiments only require basic household supplies that can be easily purchased from a supermarket, if you don't already have them on hand.

While these science experiments are designed for children, please always do them under adult supervision. Take extra precaution when using chemicals such as vinegar and borax, as they may irritate the eyes or skin of some children on contact. You may wish to use extra protective equipment such as safety glasses and disposable gloves.


If you don't want to venture out to watch the real fireworks, make your own at home in a glass with this super simple experiment. You still get the colour explosion, but there's no loud noises. You only need food colouring, oil and water. Find out how we made fireworks in a glass. You can also make salt painted fireworks as a fun STEM process art activity.

fireworks in a glass science experiment


Create your own red, white and blue flowers with this science experiment. White daisies or chrysanthemums are the best type of flower to use for an obvious and vibrant result. This experiment is a great way to visually show children how flowers drink. Learn how to make your own 4th of July flowers at Artful Parent.

red, white and blue dyed flowers


We made these lava lamps a while ago and while they weren't specifically for the fourth of July, they would definitely work as a patriotic science experiment because we made them red and blue. If you want to incorporate white as well you could use a clear oil such as baby oil or coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. Follow our instructions to make your own lava lamps.

red and blue DIY lava lamps


Magic milk is one of the easiest science experiments to do with kids of all ages and you can easily turn it into a 4th of July activity by using red and blue food colouring, some stars and some sparkle. As kids dip the q-tip into the milk the colouring and glitter will shoot out in all directions like fireworks. Follow our patriotic red, white and blue magic milk experiment instructions here.

4th of july magic milk experiment


Science using candy, yes please! My girls love making skittles rainbows because they're so easy, so fun... and they eat the Skittles after. Kids will love this special Independence Day version of the Skittles experiment using red, white and blue Skittles {you can get a special America Mix skittles pack close to the 4th of July}. Find out how Preschool Play and Learn did their experiment here.

independence day themed skittles science experiment


These baking soda fireworks stars are a great patriotic twist on the traditional bicarb and vinegar science experiment. Adding in some red, blue and silver glitter {you can get biodegradable glitter here} creates the sparkly fireworks effect as the reaction takes place. Find out how to create baking soda and vinegar fireworks at Steam Powered Family.

baking soda fireworks stars


These frozen fizzing stars are another fun bicarb and vinegar experiment, similar to the frozen fizzing pumpkins we did for Halloween. They're also a great way for kids to work on fine motor skills while adding the coloured vinegar with a pipette. Find out how to make them at Little Bins for Little Hands.

fizzing frozen stars


These patriotic potions are a fun way to celebrate the 4th of July with some red, white and blue fizzing eruptions. Using the same concept as our colourful witches potions, Glitter on a Dime have created their potions in a muffin tin outside. Learn how they did it here.

patriotic potions science experiment


For a more explosive, volcanic style eruption, try this red, white and blue chemical reaction. This science experiment impressively demonstrates chemistry in just a few simple steps. Follow the instructions at Kindergarten Worksheets and Games.

red, white and blue chemical reaction


My kids adore slime and fluffy slime is their favourite type of slime because it feels so light and squishy. This patriotic fluffy slime is made with shaving cream, which gives it the irresistible fluffy texture. Get the slime recipe from Steamsational here. Please note this slime does contain borax.

fluffy red white blue slime


This American slime is made to emulate the American flag with red, white, blue, glitter and stars. It's made using white glue which gives it the shiny, milky texture. Adding in some Independence Day pony beads also adds a bumpy texture against the stretchy feeling of the slime. Follow the recipe for American slime at 123 Homeschool 4 Me. This slime contains liquid starch.

american red white blue slime


If you want a borax free slime option then this patriotic red, white and blue slime using clear glue is the perfect solution. It creates a translucent slime that can still be coloured easily with food colouring. Follow the instructions to make it at Crafts By Amanda.

borax free patriotic slime

4th of july science experiments and stem activities for kids

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