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Sunday, November 1, 2020

DIY Elf on the Shelf Swing

Do you have a little Elf friend who comes and visits your house each year around Christmas time? My girls love it when our elf, Elfie, comes to visit each year. She doesn't get up to too much mischief, but she does like to be a little bit funny, and she's known to use objects from around the house in her antics. One her most memorable tricks was when she made her own Elf on the shelf swing from an empty toilet paper roll.

Elf on the shelf swinging on a toilet paper roll swing

The girls loved waking up in the morning to find her swinging from the roof and then another morning she was swinging from our fan watching TV! They thought it was hilarious that she'd used a toilet paper roll to make her own swing. If you think your elf might have fun swinging from the roof as well, Elfie has let me in on her design plans so your elf can make one too.


Elfie was super stealthy and managed to rummage around the house and find everything she needed to make her own swing from our recycling bin and craft drawer. She said if you want to make a crafty elf swing you'll need:

- scissors 
- an empty toilet paper roll {or cardboard tube}
- some jute or string
- paper lantern {optional}

The first morning we found Elfie on a swing she'd made one hanging off of our red paper lantern that we have hanging in the lounge room. It's an old decoration that should of come down ages ago, but our clever elf obviously realised it would make the perfect balloon to hold up her swing. For this swing she managed to loop some jute string through the toilet paper roll and then around her arms so she didn't fall and tied it above the paper balloon so she was floating in the air. Don't ask me how she managed to tie all the string herself, guess that's part of the elf magical powers.

diy elf on the shelf swing
elf on the shelf swinging on a swing

Then another morning we came downstairs to find Elfie hanging upside down on a swing hung on our fan, watching tv! This time she'd managed to loop the swing over the fan and loop herself in so she didn't slip off. She did a good job because she didn't fall, despite hanging upside down all day long. These elves have some really cool magic and some pretty awesome tricks. She assures me though that your elf will be just as crafty as her and can easily make their own swing too.

elf on the shelf hanging upside down on swing


If you don't have a little elf friend who visits your house yet, but you'd like one to start popping by, I have it on good authority that Santa has left some elves looking for families at Kmart, Lime Tree Kids, Amazon, Catch and Myer. There's also lots of baby elves waiting to be adopted on Etsy.

how to make a diy elf on the shelf swing


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