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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Santa Christmas Countdown Printable

Make the countdown to Santa's arrival this Christmas even more fun with this printable Santa Christmas countdown. It's a great daily activity for kids to do alongside a traditional advent calendar, or instead of an advent calendar, in the lead up to Christmas.

It's a fun activity to do at home, or for toddlers, kindy and elementary school kids to do at school during December.

santa beard printable christmas advent countdown


One of the most exciting parts of Christmas for kids is knowing that Santa will be coming on Christmas eve to deliver the presents. You can harness this excitement and turn it into a fun daily craft activity with this Santa Christmas countdown printable.

Each morning children can add a cotton ball or white pom pom to Santa's beard which will be full and fluffy by the time he arrives. While they're working on their Santa beards, children will be building their fine motor skills as they push and glue each cotton ball onto his beard. This is a great activity for hand strengthening and dexterity. 

They look great as an art display in the classroom and can be part of morning rotation activities. Simply print a Santa for each child, or if you want one single countdown for the classroom, pick a different child to stick on a cotton ball each morning. The printable countdown comes with 3 different Santa designs to cater for children from multiple cultures.

To make your Santa beard countdown you will need:

items needed to make a santa beard countdown

Each morning your child will need to find the circle with the right date on it and glue a single cotton ball or pom pom to that circle. This is also a fun way to reinforce numbers and help them learn the days of the month.

As more circles are added each day they will see Santa's beard grow longer and bushier. By the time it's Christmas day Santa will have a full fluffy beard.

santa beard countdown finished

santa beard countdown full of cotton balls

santa claus christmas countdown pin image


You can get the Santa Claus Christmas countdown here. The one file contains all 3 different designs and you can print off as many copies as you like. The countdown comes with a light grey background, however if you prefer a countdown with different colourful backgrounds, have a look at my other Santa countdowns in my Etsy store.

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