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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

14 Reusable Wooden Toy Advent Calendars & Nativity Sets (2023)

If you want to bring the magic of advent alive, but don't want to create a DIY advent calendar or buy a gimmicky chocolate filled one, then these reusable wooden advent calendar toys and nativity sets are a great way to build the excitement for Christmas and create a magical family tradition that can be repeated each year. The kids will love unwrapping a new piece each day in the countdown to Christmas day, and by December 25th they'll have a beautiful complete wooden toy set.

wooden train advent calendar

There's nothing more exciting than waking up each morning in December to reveal a surprise from the advent calendar. Make your coveted Christmas memories even more precious with a gorgeous wooden advent calendar, toy set or nativity set that can be reused each year as your children grow.

Please note the items listed in this post are handmade by artisans in different countries and will have different lead and postage times. Please check each listing for individual postage estimates to ensure your advent calendar or nativity set will arrive with plenty of time before December 1st.

Wooden Toy Advent Calendar Sets

These sets all contain 24 or 25 wooden toy pieces that your child can unwrap one at a time each day during advent. At the end of December they'll have a complete set of heirloom quality wooden toys to use in imaginary and small world play. These can then be used throughout the year, or put away and wrapped up again next year as an annual advent tradition.

vulps toys wooden christmas advent set

This Waldorf Christmas village advent calendar from Vulps Toys includes 24 wooden figurines as well as a plywood village base board to set them up on. The figures include village buildings, a family, gnomes, petting zoo animals, a Christmas tree and presents, snowman and Santa. The wooden figures are made from maple, cherry or basswood and are painted with certified water based paint. Each piece comes already wrapped with a number attached ready for advent. Vulps Toys are made in Podoleni, Romania.

wood pecker animal advent set
If you're looking to add to, or start a wooden animal set for small world play then this Waldorf forest animal advent calendar from The Wood Pecker Factory is a great way to collect some forest figurines, the set includes a deer, baby deer, baby bear, baby wolf, baby wild boar, snail ,hedgehog, squirrel, badger, fox, racoon, ladybug, grasshopper, mouse, frog, salamander, mole, rabbit, owl, three flowers, one green bush and one mushroom. The toys are handcrafted and painted in Bucharest, Romania and this set includes free shipping.

wooden animal advent calendar set
Alternatively if you want to start a natural wooden animal collection then this animal advent toy set from Baumstammbuch is a great way to grow your collection and fill an advent calendar with quality hand carved neutral animals for a great price. The advent set has 24 animals including a bear, fox, moose, rabbit, squirrel, hedgehog, wolf, piglet, cow, horse, dog, sheep, goat, cat, hen, rooster, goose, duck, donkey, lion, giraffe, elephant, seal and dolphin. The animals are made in Bamberg, Germany and are not recommended for children under 3. This set also includes free shipping.

wooden toy montessori advent set

If your child is only a toddler this Montessori heuristic play advent calendar from The Wood Pecker Factory is a great way to build a collection of quality heuristic play resources. The set includes 24 individual wooden pieces including scoops, rings, coins, blocks and more {contents may vary slightly from picture if individual items are unavailable}. All items are handmade in Bucharest, Romania and this set includes free shipping.

grapat advent calendar

Probably the most eagerly anticipated advent calendar release of the year is the new Grapat advent calendar. This advent calendar is being produced exclusively for 2022 and comes with 104 pieces including 24 reusable boxes, number stickers, activity booklet with advent ideas and the many wooden loose parts, figurines and crafts items that are included for the boxes. This one will sell quickly! You can get one from The Creative Toy Shop.

Wooden Nativity Sets

Another popular family tradition at Christmas time is to display a nativity scene. These wooden nativity sets can either be unwrapped throughout advent, adding more pieces every few days, or displayed as a complete set for the entire advent period. These heirloom quality sets have been handcrafted by artisans all over the world and will be cherished for many years. Please note some of the pieces are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

vulps wooden nativity set
Vulps have got a gorgeous 15 piece wooden nativity set made from cherry wood which includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus with a crib, a shining star, three kings, ox, donkey, a praying Shepperd, sheep, ram, camel and palm tree. If you order early, Vulps will also include an angel. This set is made in Podoleni, Romania.

baumstammbuch wooden nativity set

Baumstammbuch also have a few nativity sets including this 13 piece wooden nativity set. They include Mary, Joseph and the child in a crib, an ox and donkey, shepherd with a sheep and two lambs, three Wise Men and the angel Gabriel. Each piece is carved from alder wood and coloured with water based eco paints and polished with beeswax. The set is handmade in Bamberg, Germany and comes with free shipping.
natural wooden nativity set
Christmas House manufacture hand carved wooden religious gifts including this 14 piece natural nativity set. The set includes Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus in his crib, three kings with gifts, a shepherd, cow, donkey, 2 sheep, an angel and a palm tree and can be purchased with or without the stable. All pieces are carved from Olive wood in Bethlehem.

wooden nativity set natural wood

This exquisitely detailed nativity set is made by Noelino Toys. It can be purchased in 4 different sets ranging from 3 pieces to the full set shown above. Each piece is made from hard wood either ash wood, beech wood or olive wood and sealed with beeswax. The set is handmade in Romania. 

diy peg doll nativity set

If you fancy making a DIY nativity set Rostock Toys sell this blank nativity set. The 11 piece set includes the barn, 4 animals, blank 3 wise men, blank Mary & Joseph and a blank baby Jesus. Leave the peg dolls blank or paint them yourself. The set is handmade in France and has free shipping to selected countries.

nativity small world play set

JCooper Studio make this adorable wooden nativity small world play set. With a mix of wood and felt this set includes 40 pieces and you can choose the skin colour for the people. This set is only available in America.

nativity peg doll set

This nativity peg doll set from Peggy and Pip is also perfect for some small world play. You can purchase individual peg dolls or the whole set. This set does not come with a stable, however can be used with any existing barn or wooden house you may already have. The peg dolls are hand painted in the United Kingdom.

Reusable Wooden Advent Calendars

If you want an advent calendar that you can reuse every year, but still fill with items of your choice then try one of these adorable handmade advent calendars. They each have small wooden boxes that can be filled with tiny items of your choice like lollies, toys or stationary.

wooden truck advent calendar
This vintage style wooden truck advent calendar is handmade by Stazione DiDondolegno. It has 24 small wooden boxes along the sides of the truck and also a number 25 spot on the roof racks if you want to add a Christmas day treat. They also have a green advent truck and a flat tray truck with cardboard crate boxes. Each piece is hand crafted and painted in Chieri, Italy. 

laser cut train advent calendar

This laser cut wooden train advent calendar is made from MDF by R and M Laser Crafts. This advent calendar does require some assembly, but once it's built it will be a cherished piece that can be used again every year. The train includes a locomotion and two carriages which have 24 small wooden drawers. The back of the locomotion also opens up if you want to store a day 25 treat. Items are made to order in Karratha, Western Australia.

the best reusable wooden advent calendars and nativity sets for kids

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