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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Best Open Ended Halloween Kids Toys {2023}

I love spending hours getting lost down the Etsy rabbit hole searching for the best handmade toys for kids. It's my favourite form of window shopping and I come across so many awesome quality products and stores. This post includes the best Halloween toys for kids that I've found from artisans on Etsy this year.

the best halloween kids toys on etsy

Many parents are starting to create a boo basket tradition with their children each Halloween, similar to Christmas Eve boxes and Easter baskets. A boo basket is a bucket, box or basket full of Halloween treats for kids which typically includes candy, toys, books, movies and pyjamas to use throughout October in the lead up to Halloween. These toys would all be great additions to a boo basket for kids.


This list includes Etsy stores from all over the world. Please take note of the location and delivery times for the stores mentioned before purchasing to ensure items will arrive prior to Halloween. Most toys featured in this post are recommended for children 3+ but please check individual item listings for age recommendations. 


We're huge fans of wooden toys because they're usually open ended as well as great quality that will last for years. These wooden Halloween toys can be used for stacking or imaginary play and will be loved by toddlers through to school kids for many years.

wooden pumpkin stacker toy

Wooden Seagull have this cute set of wooden stacking pumpkins that can be used for Halloween or kitchen imaginary play, or as a balancing challenge to stack them in different ways without them falling over. The pumpkins are made from ash wood and beech wood and hand painted with water based paints in Poland.

vulps halloween wooden toy set

Vulps Toys also make a few wooden Halloween figurine sets. Their Halloween toys play set includes the wicked witch, her cauldron, RIP - a headstone, the living blue-eyed Pumpkin, Bat, Cat, Spook your everyday friendly ghost, and the old Celtic druid. The pieces are made from bass wood and coloured with non toxic water based paints. Vulps Toys are hand crafted in Podoleni, Romania.

wooden witch figurines for halloween

Noelino Toys have these beautifully detailed Halloween witches that can be purchased individually, with accessories, or as a complete set. The figurines are made of solid wood and hand-painted, with non-toxic, durable and very high quality water-based colours and sealed with olive oil and beeswax. They also have another Halloween set with wizards. Items are hand made in Romania.

bumbu halloween wooden toys

Bumbu Toys have released their Halloween range of wooden toys which includes spooky trees, hanging bats, ghosts and pumpkins as well as witches. Bumbu is handmade in Bran, Romania.


Peg dolls are a great resource for imaginary play as well as language and social skill development. Use them in a normal doll house to transform it into a haunted house, or on their own for some spooky play. They'd also be great to give out as Halloween party favours.

big head halloween peg dolls

Beth Neitfeld Art creates these adorable Kokeshi style Halloween peg dolls. These dolls were designed with children in mind and are meant to add some cuteness and whimsy to your Halloween. The peg dolls are made to order and finished with non toxic acrylic paint and varnish in Utah, USA.

halloween peg doll set

Peggy Moo Dolls have these spooktacular Halloween peg dolls including a witch and cauldron, skeleton, Frankenstein, Dracula, ghost, mummy and pumpkin cube, which can be purchased separately or as a set. Each peg doll is hand-painted to order using high quality, non-toxic acrylic paints and sealants in Melbourne, Australia.

crazy for dolls halloween peg dolls

Crazy For Dolls have this adorable set of Halloween peg dolls that can be bought complete with the coffin or individually. The dolls are hand painted with acrylic paint and sealed with non toxic clear sealer in North Carolina, United States. They also have a large range of Halloween and fall themed dollhouse miniatures.

halloween peg dolls

Tiny Tales GB have some super cute chunky Halloween peg dolls. These peg dolls can also be ordered individually or as a set. They also sell many other picture book related peg doll sets. Tiny Tales GB dolls are hand painted with non toxic paint and sealants in Manchester, United Kingdom.

peg doll witches with hair

Small Havens have these adorable peg doll witches with felt detailing and coloured hair. The witches can be ordered individually and you can choose from blonde, red, blue, grey or brown hair. Small Havens make a huge range of Waldorf inspired toys including lots of fairy garden accessories, in NSW, Australia.

witch, cat and spell book peg doll sets

Ya Crafty Devil have these adorable witch, cat and spell book peg doll sets that feature felt detailing. The peg dolls are handmade with 100% wool felt and sealed with food grade beeswax in Australia.


Finger puppets are a great resource for eye tracking with babies or story telling for older kids. These Halloween finger puppets are more cute than creepy and perfect to use at home or as part of classroom activities.

halloween felt finger puppets

Sweet Felt Toys have these adorable cartoon style Halloween finger puppets which can be purchased individually. The finger puppets have gorgeous detailing and are hand made in Dnipro, Ukraine.

embroidered Halloween finger puppet set

Big Sky Embroidery have these super cute and detailed embroidered Halloween finger puppets that can be purchased individually or as a set. They are made with eco-friendly recycled felt in Montana, USA.

felt Halloween finger puppets

Ivy Handmade Design have 10 different felt Halloween finger puppets including a haunted house and spooky tree. The finger puppets can be purchased individually, as a set of 5 or a set of 10 and you can choose which designs you want in the sets. The finger puppets are handmade in Vancouver, Canada.


If your kids love sensory play, there are plenty of options for Halloween from playdough to sensory kits, potion play and fun Halloween themed trofast inserts for your sensory table. If you don't want to make your own homemade playdough or don't know where to start when it comes to Halloween sensory play, don't worry, these ideas will get you through the spooky season with hours of sensory fun and they're great for entertaining kids at a Halloween party too.

halloween pumpkin playdough kits

These make your own playdough pumpkin kits are perfect for play on the go, or at home as everything can be stored in the jar it comes in. They're also great to use as a candy alternative for trick or treaters or as Halloween party favours. Each jar comes with 4oz of playdough, Halloween gems and pom poms. Jars ship from New York, USA.

halloween playdough kit

If you're after a larger playdough kit try this trick or treat Halloween playdough kit that comes with 4 balls of non toxic, extra soft and squishy play dough ( over 12 ounces), 4 Halloween cookie cutter plungers, mini bones, 2 big eye balls, resin Halloween charms, purple and orange acrylic rocks, resin faux candy, resin m and m packet, ghost, monster, spiders, 2 houses, craft stems and pom pom balls. Kit ships from New York, USA.

halloween playdough mats

If you already have a playdough collection at home, but you want to spark some Halloween play for the spooky season, get my Halloween playdough mats. The set includes 10 printable mats - pumpkin, witches hat, spider web, cauldron, broom, haunted house, ghost, BOO! sign, bat and spider you can download and print immediately. Children can play with these mats in a multitude of ways with playdough, loose parts and washable markers. I recommend laminating them or using them with a dry erase pocket.

halloween potion play kit

Kids can make all sorts of spooky concoctions with this trick or treat - spooky or sweet potion kit. The kit includes candy crush, grave gavel, raspberry fizzle, bone dust, sparkle delight and vampire blood. Potion kit ships from Melbourne, Australia.

Halloween party potion kit

If you're having a Halloween party, Harry Potter party, or just a fun witchy play date, this Halloween party kit has enough potion play ingredients for 5-10 children. The kit includes 3 bags of dry ingredients, a bag of fizzy magic figures, 2 powdered mix-ins to create liquid potions and digital downloads for party invitations, scavenger hunt, ingredient name cards + blank cards. You can also choose to add on bowls, spoons, droppers and printed potion cards. Kit ships from Florida, USA.

printable potion labels

If you have your own collection on glass or plastic jars and bottles {thrift stores and dollar stores are great places to find them} then you can use them to create your own potion set. Get these Halloween potion labels to print and label all your spell ingredients. There's also plenty of other potion labels available on Etsy.

printable potion play cards

If you don't need the actual potion ingredients, you can get these printable witches brew cards to use alongside Halloween toys you already have. For these cards you'll need to have plastic skulls, bats, eyeballs, spiders, mini pumpkins and skeleton hands.

printable potion cards with ingredients

Another fun set of potion cards are these printable potion recipes which also include liquid and powder ingredients {you can use dyed vinegar and baking soda to make them bubble}. You'll need to already have plastic bugs, snakes, skulls, monster fingers, eyeballs, bats, spiders, mini pumpkins and fake bones.

halloween flisat table insert

Sass and Spunk Styles have quite a few Halloween Trofast tub inserts that are compatible with the Flisat table. Items ship from Australia. If you want even more Flisat table inserts, check out the huge list of stores here.

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