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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Best Waldorf & Montessori Inspired Toy Shops on Etsy

Most parents searching for Waldorf or Montessori educational toys for their children naturally turn to popular and well known brands like Grimms and Grapat. What a lot of people forget is that there are plenty of talented artisans from all over the world creating high quality toys and resources on Etsy. I've spent hours researching on Etsy and have uncovered many hidden gems that I'm going to share with you in this post. If you want to skip the anxiety attack of restock nights, but still support family run small businesses, then Etsy is the place to go. 

the best etsy toy stores


I've compiled this list with what I consider to be some of the best Waldorf or Montessori inspired toy makers on Etsy. I've spent hours researching each store and finding products that are perfect for imaginary play and to use as educational resources. Whether you're after small world items, wooden toys, play silks, play mats or a pikler triangle, there's a store on this list that has what you want, or can take a custom order to create it for you.

While I haven't purchased from all of these stores myself {although I have from quite a few}, I've included only stores with 5 star review ratings and that come highly recommended from previous customers and acquaintances. This list includes sellers from all over the world, please be mindful of the stores location when ordering as this will have an impact on shipping times.


small havens handcrafted fairy houses

Small Havens make a variety of whimsical fairy and hobbit houses made from fallen tree branches and upcycled fence palings. Each house is unique and has a fully working door for peg people to come inside. They also make a range of fairy doors and lots of fairy accessories. All items are handcrafted in New South Wales, Australia.


folkwood wooden steiner toys

Folkwood make amazing wooden Waldorf inspired toys for small world play and stacking puzzles. We own a lot of Sandy's pieces and they're all stunning. Each item is made to order in Queensland, Australia. 


debs steiner dolls rainbow gnomes

Deb's Steiner Dolls specialise in Waldorf and Steiner full size dolls and rainbow gnomes. The rainbow gnome coats are made from hand dyed 100% wool and stitched with hand dyed cotton. Deb's creations are handmade in New South Wales, Australia.


the acorn and oak felted gnomes

The Acorn and Oak specialise in handmade peg dolls including various types of gnomes and bunnies. Each set is handcrafted in Melbourne, Victoria from wood and hand dyed wool felt, with some also featuring cute acorn hats.


Niniani creations mushroom folk family

Niniani Creations specialises in wool felted gnomes and peg people. Nina creates whimsical folk families with stunning, magical headpieces. She also makes wet felted play mats. All items are handcrafted using local, ethically farmed, natural fibres in New South Wales, Australia. There's also free shipping within Australia. This store is currently taking a short break.


waldorf world needle felt creations

Waldorf World make the most stunning needle felted creations in Dnipro, Ukraine. You can choose from felted gnomes and fairies, fairy houses, animals, fruits, vegetables and Waldorf crowns. Items are made from wool and sometimes include real flourishes like mini pine cones, moss, snail shells and beading. 


fairy shadow waldorf dolls and toys

Fairy Shadow is a well known store as Tania's Waldorf dolls and accessories are unmistakably recognisable. All items are handcrafted in a home studio in California, USA. I'm in love with her little mini critters and Waldorf babies, they're just so adorable.


the wood pecker factory wooden farm animals

The Wood Pecker Factory specialise in wooden animals, trees, flowers, princesses and knights and are hand crafted in Bucharest, Romania. If you love Ostheimer or Holtzinger animals then you'll love the handcrafted wooden animals that have sweet cartoon like facial features. The range of animals includes sea animals, woodland animals, farm animals, African animals, birds and dinosaurs. The Wood Pecker Factory also offers bundle sets with free shipping.


dadaka craft wooden animals, trees and blocks

Dadaka Craft is a Ukraine based store that specialise in wooden trees, animals, pull along toys, teethers and blocks. Their toys are crafted from maple wood and are painted with natural vegetable oil pigments. The animals are larger in scale than Ostheimer, check individual listing for sizes.


all about kids store wooden items available on etsy
All About Kids make handcrafted waldorf inspired wooden playsets, stackers, acorn people and tree blocks in Tennessee, USA. Items are made from poplar or birch wood and then painted with non toxic paint and sealed with linseed oil. All About Kids only ship within the United States.


red panda by natali wooden animals, trees and mountains

Roo Wood Workshop {formerly Red Panda by Natali} make beautiful wooden animals, trees, mountains and the most gorgeous wooden houses for small world play. Based in Moscow, Russia, Natali offers free shipping and is also happy to take custom requests.


davids wood store handmade wooden toys

David's Wood Store make possibly the most unique wooden figurines I've ever come across. Each piece seems to have it's own personality and they really shine through. David's pieces are handcrafted in Gödöllő, Hungary and he has a huge range including animals, fairy tale characters, knights and dragons.


mr fox crafts wooden toys

Mr Fox Crafts make a beautiful and comprehensive range of heirloom quality wooden toy figurines. They hand craft wooden people including fairy tale characters, witches and cultural families, farm animals, woodland animals, Australian animals, American animals, African animals, arctic animals and birds. The animals and people use realistic shapes and colours, but have no facial features including no eyes. The figurines are crafted from sustainable beech wood, water-based paints and sealed with natural oils in Haskovo, Bulgaria. 


forest melody store wooden animals and trees

As the name suggests, Forest Melody Store specialise in trees and forest animals. They also make farm animals, Australian animals, African animals, northern animals, sea animals, fish and birds. Their toys are handmade in Novosibirsk, Russia from solid linden wood, alder wood or oak and painted with eco-friendly linseed oil. Forest Melody is also available in Australia from Milk Tooth.


Izvetvey wooden animal toys

Izvetvey are gaining widespread popularity for their gorgeous wooden dinosaurs. Based in Moscow, Russia, Izvetvey are most well known for their wooden animals handcrafted from linden wood and painted with water based paints. Their products are sanded smooth with soft, rounded edges. Their animals are larger than lots of other wooden animal brands and also include magnets within the body so they can be used on appliances and any other magnetic surfaces to extend play. 


bumbu toys wooden stackers, puzzles and small world items
Bumbu Toys are handmade in Bran, Romania and hand painted with non-toxic paints. They specialise in wooden toys including stackers, puzzles, cars, houses and tumi ishi blocks. Please note the wooden stackers are bonded {two pieces joined down the middle} so they will have a slightly visible line down the centre. Bumbu is also available in Australia from Milk Tooth.


crafted by dad etsy products

Crafted By Dad are an Australian, Melbourne based, family business that specialise in wooden block sets and piklers. Lots of their block sets are similar to Grimms basic sets and are made from a range of different woods including pine, tasmanian oak and beechwood. They are also open to custom requests and offer free shipping, however they only ship within Australia.


Wooden Educational Toys are based in Russia and have a huge range of wooden toys, probably the most comprehensive variety I've seen in any Etsy store. They have a similar vibe to Raduga Grez and Grapat. Their products include wooden fruits and vegetables, peg people, trees and forest sets, stacking blocks, rainbows, matryoshka dolls, tea sets and montessori toddler toys. They have pieces in natural, rainbow and earthy tones made from linden wood and coloured with wax.


vulps toys wooden gnomes

Vulps Toys make a wide range of wooden Waldorf inspired toys including stackers, animals, trees, story sets and a nativity set. I'm particularly in love with these gorgeous wooden gnomes. Unfortunately at this stage they do not ship to Australia, however they do ship to many other countries across Europe and America.


green taiga wooden toys from Etsy

Green Taiga are based in Novosibirsk, Russia and make waldorf inspired animals and trees from alder wood. They use non toxic water based paints, linseed oil and wax to bring their toys to life. Despite having minimal facial expressions, their animals appear to have lots of character due to the way they're carved. Their trees are also unlike many other wooden trees I've seen available. They offer free shipping on some sets.


carvers lab etsy wooden toy animals

Carvers Lab specialise in wooden puzzles, toys and animals, including stacking housees and trees that are also puzzles. Items are made from various woods including ash and alder wood, painted with water based acrylic paint and sealed with either linseed oil or beeswax. Items are made in Brest, Belarus and they also sell raw wooden animals so you can DIY your own set.


wooden caterpillar woodland animals and trees

Wooden Caterpillar specialise in wooden animals and trees and are handcrafted in Moscow, Russia. They offer a range of trees {most of which are puzzles as well}, individual animals and sets. Items are made from oak or ash wood, painted with non-toxic paints and sealed with linseed oil.


mikheev wooden trees

Mikheev are famous for their gorgeous wooden trees, many of which are stacking puzzles too. Their products are handcrafted in Smolensk, Russia with most being made from solid ash or oak. They're hand painted with water based paint and sealed with natural oils so the wood grain is still visible. They also make a large range of wooden animals, people, vehicles, puzzles and teethers. Mikheev are also available in Australia from Milk Tooth.


ozzy eco toys australian bird wooden tree set

Ozzy Eco Toys specialise in Australian wooden animals and are handcrafted in Queensland, Australia. If you love Ostheimer you'll love Tammy's gorgeous wooden birds and Aussie animals. Each is hand cut from plantation pine and hand painted with water based paints and stains then polished with organic wax. This store is currently taking a short break.


mint and mont designs felt play mat

Mint & Mont Designs make beautiful felt play mats with 3D flourishes like tufts of grass and reeds. Simone makes smaller play mats through to big playscapes all made to order in Queensland, Australia. She also accepts custom designs and all play mats come with free shipping within Australia.


Melanie shanks felt play mat and peg dolls
My Big World Playscapes is one of my favourite Etsy stores, we've got so many of Melanie's items it's not funny. I cannot recommend her enough! Melanie makes the most gorgeous felt play mats and wooden small world play accessories like peg people, boats and houses in Ohio, USA.


little clan wild wet felted play mat

Little Clan Wild make gorgeous, detailed wet felted play mat scenes. They're felted from merino and Finn wools and then hand embellished with mohair yarn, hand-dyed mohair locks or pure wool felt. Each mat is hand made in Queensland, Australia and she also accepts custom requests.


vintage silk creation waldorf play silks

Vintage Silk Creation make beautiful play silks from vintage Indian and Habatoi silks. The silks can be dyed in over 20 different colours and can be purchased as single plain silks, ombre designs and in sets. Silks are hand dyed with non-toxic dyes in Australia.


happy tree store wooden trees and toys

Happy Tree Store toys are handcrafted in St Petersburg, Russia from linden wood and hand painted with water based paints. They specialise in stackers, trees, memory sets, letters and numbers. The trees and rainbows remind me a lot of Raduga Grez and can be custom coloured as well.


wanderwood co raw wooden trees

Wanderwood make a number of wooden toys, but I particularly love this Montessori tree set. Made from alder wood, each tree is handcrafted in Kharkiv, Ukraine and sealed with flaxseed oil. This set also currently has free shipping.


tiny fox hole wooden tree toys

Tiny Fox Hole make enchanting Waldorf inspired toys Magnitogorsk, Russia. They're easily recognised thanks to the lovely wood burn details etched into each piece. They make wooden trees, animals and dinosaurs from various woods including ash and birch which are sealed with linseed oil or natural beeswax.


vidwood toys wooden toys from Etsy

Vid Wood Toys are specialise in natural wood toys from Belarus. They have many animal figurines available in themed sets such as farm animals, woodland animals, Australian animals, North American animals and more. Their animal figurines are very neutral with simple black dot eyes and no other facial features painted on. They also make wooden puzzles, trees and keychains. Their products are made from alderwood and sealed with linseed oil and beeswax. Vidwood Toys also offer free shipping worldwide.


childrens toys made from tree branches

Once a Tree makes wooden toys and educational resources in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Materials are sourced locally and only dead or wind-fallen trees are used. Products are finely sanded exposing the natural grains of the tree and leaving them soft to touch. Each product is unique as no two tree branches will be the same.


t is for treehouse wooden tree house

Based in Victoria, Australia T is for Treehouse specialise in beautiful handmade treehouses made from branches and ply wood. Their treehouses include gorgeous accessories like ladders and swings and come in various sizes. They also sell wooden treehouse furniture sets, fences and other Montessori inspired resources made from branches.


woodinout wooden toys and resources

Woodinout make a number of Montessori inspired educational resources and toys including puzzles, tracing boards and various literacy and numeracy sorting trays and games. Their products look similar to Treasures from Jennifer.


jimmy loves blocks raw wooden stepped pyramid

Jimmy Loves Blocks make handcrafted wooden block sets in Sydney, Australia. Blocks are made from pine and are sold raw, either sanded or unsanded so customers can choose to keep them raw or paint and seal as they wish. They make stepped pyramids and block sets that are a great natural alternative to Grimms large stepped pyramids and stepped blocks. They're also happy to take on custom requests.


sage toy shop handmade wooden truck

Sage Toy Shop specialise in wooden vehicles - trucks, cars, diggers, excavators and more. Items are handcrafted from pine and Tasmanian oak in New South Wales, Australia. They also make wooden dinosaurs, farm stables and tool sets. The store offers free shipping within Australia.


the kind wood pecker handmade wooden truck

The Kind Wood Pecker make the most gorgeous heirloom quality wooden vehicles. Handcrafted in Armenia from 7 different types of wood, they're sanded smooth and finished with raw walnut oil. Each truck, digger, car, train and farm machines can also be personalised with your child's name engraved into the wood. They also sell DIY paint yourself sets.


tateplota wooden plane

Tateplota make ecofriendly wooden toys including puzzles, stackers, vehicles, trees and animals. Pieces are made from different wood species including cherry, hornbeam, oak, ash, maple, alder, beech wood and pine. Each piece is sealed with linseed oil or beeswax. They're gaining widespread popularity, particularly for their wooden unicorn and plane. Tateplota is also available in Australia from Milk Tooth.


land of rhi wooden puzzles and toys

I've known Sharee from Land of Rhi for a few years via Instagram and her items are stunning. She specialises in wooden puzzles, trees, animals and small world sets. Her items are made from pine and are hand illustrated with non-toxic paints in Victoria, Australia.


busy and fun busy board

Busy and Fun are based in Dnipro, Ukraine and specialise in busy boards and busy boxes. They have a large range of different shaped busy boards that include fidget toys that focus on a range of fine motor movements as well as light and sound. The busy boards are made from birch ply wood and feature wood, plastic and metal fixtures.


sol busy toys montessori busy board

Sol Busy Toys specialise in Montessori inspired busy boards. Made from birch ply wood many of their busy boards contain latches, clips, shoelaces, gears or zips to improve fine motor skills. Their busy boards are handmade in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Fox Wood Co make Australian designed and made pikler triangles and accessories. The pikler frames are made from hoop pine sheets and the dowels are Tasmanian oak. They offer individual pickler arches or a variety of packages with accessories like slides and ladders. Please note the Fox Wood Co piklers do not fold down. Fox Wood Co piklers are also available from The Creative Toy Shop.


My Happy Helpers are gaining wide popularity in Australia for their pikler frames, learning towers and wooden rainbows. Items are designed in Australia, however manufactured overseas. They have both solid and folding pikler frames. The full range of My Happy Helpers product are also available from Entropy Toys.


montessori medic childrens doctor kit

The Montessori Medic children's doctor play kit is one of the first montessori based role play kits that includes all real items for children to play with. The medic kit comes with a vintage style doctors bag, lab coat, working stethescope, syringes {no needles}, specimen jars, face mask, bandages and a pill dispenser. It also comes with free delivery within Australia. If it's ever out of stock in the Etsy store, you can also purchase it from The Creative Toy Shop.

the best Waldorf and Montessori inspired toy stores on Etsy

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