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Monday, August 24, 2020

DIY Tradie Hi Vis Fathers Day Card

Is your dad or granddad a tradie? I've got the perfect Father's Day card for them! You can make this hi vis tradie shirt card in any colour to match dad's work shirt! I'll show you how to make these hi vis tradie cards in just a few minutes using a few basic craft materials.

hi vis diy fathers day cards

Father's Day, like most holidays, has a habit of sneaking up on me each year. Does it creep up on you too? Instead of rushing around the shops trying to find the perfect Father's Day card at the last minute, the kids can have fun making their own unique hi vis shirt card for dad at home. It's a great craft activity for kids at daycare or school too. Whether dad {or granddad} wears an orange, yellow or even lime green shirt, you can change the cardstock to make this card exactly like dad's work shirt.


  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 2x A4 Orange or yellow cardstock
  • Silver cardstock or paper
  • Navy cardstock or paper
  • Buttons {optional}

craft materials to make a hi vis tradie fathers day card

You should be able to easily find all the items needed for this Father's Day craft in store or online at stationary stores and newsagents, or even dollar stores and supermarkets in the stationary aisle. You can often get cardstock and paper in larger multicolour packs which include all the colours you'll need, or you can buy individual pieces of card from stationary stores for quite cheap. I recommend using cardstock as it holds up better and is easier to cut, however if you only have paper that will work too. I purchased all of our cardstock at Officeworks. There's also a big range of cardstock available on Etsy and in my Amazon store.


1. Pick the colour of your shirt and fold the piece of cardstock in half to make a card.

2. Cut out a navy T shape piece of card {or paper}. Line up the T shape as shown in the image below and glue the base of the T shape to the inside of the card at the top.

navy collar on shirt card

3. Cut a rectangular piece of navy cardstock or paper to cover 1/3 of the front of the card {as shown below} and glue it to the bottom of the card. Our piece ended up being 8cm x 15cm.

navy bottom piece of shirt card

4. Cut two narrow rectangle strips from the silver cardstock {our strips were 2cm x 15cm}. Glue one just above the navy piece of card and the other approximately 2cm above that {see pic at next step for reference}.

silver reflective strips for diy his vis tradie shirt card

5. Fold over the navy card strip at the top to create a collar.

6. Draw pockets and buttons onto the front of the card. You could glue on mini craft buttons instead of drawing them.

7. From your second piece of cardstock cut a strip of card approx 5cm x 15cm. Fold this piece in half and cut on the folded line to create two sleeve pieces. Glue the left sleeve onto the back of the card and glue to right sleeve onto the back of the front card piece. You could also add an extra strip of silver cardstock onto the end of the sleeves for a reflective trim.

diy yellow hi vis tradie card

8. Write a message to Dad or Granddad inside the card and you're done!

If you want to make these hi vis cards as a Father's Day activity at daycare or school you could pre cut all of the cardboard pieces to length so the children just have to glue the pieces together to create their card. It would also be a great activity for social studies or a construction unit. You will need 2 pieces of orange or yellow card per individual card, however you'll be able to make a few cards from each piece of navy and silver cardstock so you won't need as many of those. If you do end up making these cards I'd love for you to tag me on Instragram or Facebook so I can see them.

how to make a diy tradie hi vis fathers day card


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