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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Where To Buy Official Bluey Merchandise: Clothes, Books, Toys and more

Do your kids love Bluey too? Bluey & Bingo have been firm favourites at our house since the show first launched. In fact I'll let you in on a secret.... I often watch it even when the kids aren't around! 

The good news is now you can take the Bluey fun off the screen and into your home with all the official Bluey merchandise {and I'm going to show you where to buy it in Australia and America}.

bluey and heeler family
Image: ABC TV


If you haven't been indoctrinated into the inner sanctum of all things Bluey, let me fill you in. Bluey lives in Brisbane Australia with her little sister Bingo, dad Bandit and mum Chilli. Bluey is a 6yr old blue heeler pup who loves to play, she turns everyday family moments into extraordinary adventures alongside her 4yr old sister Bingo {who's a red heeler pup like her mum}. The Heeler family love imaginary play and are experts at turning ordinary moments like bed time, grocery shopping and dinner time into fun games. Whether they're playing keepy-uppy, shadowlands or being flossing grannies, Bingo and Bluey are always having fun.

Bluey first hit TV screens here in Australia on ABC Kids in October 2018 and has gone on to be the most viewed show ever on ABC iView. The second series was released in March 2020 and the third series in October 2020. The original series is now being shown in the UK, USA and Africa thanks to a deal with Disney Junior. Written and produced in Brisbane, Queensland, Bluey is arguably one of the most famous Australian kids cartoons of all time.

What I love most about Bluey is how it shows the relationship between Bandit and his daughters and the magic bond they share through imaginary play. They also explain lots of big issues like teasing, early babies, compromising and pets dying and we've referred to Bluey episodes when dealing with real life situations to help our kids understand. It's also full of Aussie humour and dad jokes, which is a bonus for us parents!


When Bluey first came onto our screens in 2018 there were no Bluey products to be found anywhere, but since the show has gained a legion of little fans {and big ones} Bluey merchandise started to fill virtual and real shelves at book stores, toy shops and department stores all over the country. If you want to watch Bluey dvds, read Bluey books, dress like Bluey or throw an awesome Bluey birthday party, you can! Before you go spending all your hard earned dollar bucks on everything Bluey & Bingo, check out the list below for where to buy all the official Bluey merchandise, for real life!

It's also important to note that due to the insane popularity of Bluey, some products do sell out quite quickly, so my advice is if you see something you want in stock get it asap. Our favourite Australian stores for Bluey products are ToymateCasey's ToysCatch, Amazon AU, Stuck On You, Spotlight, Kmart, Target, Big W and Kidstuff. The easiest way to get Bluey products in America is via Amazon

Book Depository also have a great range of Bluey books and offer free international shipping. If you're buying online from Catch {Australia only} you can sign up to Club Catch to get free shipping on selected products. Amazon Prime also offer free shipping on selected products and have a free 30 day trial - sign up for the US Prime free trial here, or the Australian free 30 day Prime trial here.

Bluey Books

bluey board books - grannies, the beach, fruit bat

Many of the popular Bluey episodes like Fruit Bat, The Beach, Grannies, The Creek and The Pool are available as hardcover board books from Book Depository {free shipping}, Booktopia, QBD Books, ToymateAmazon AUAmazon US and other department stores. There are also sticker books, colouring books and activity books.

Bluey Toys & Games

The most popular Bluey items are no doubt the toys and games which kids can carry around and use in imaginary play to recreate their own fun Bluey adventures. Good news is there's more toys and games being released all the time, so the kids can have fun playing with their favourite Bluey characters whenever they want.

biuey shadowlands board game

One of my girls favourite Bluey episodes is shadowlands where Bluey and her friends have to make their way across the park by working together to run, jump and step in only the shadows. We've played this game many times for real life on the way home from school. Now kids can play the shadowlands board game as well. You can get it online at Catch, Amazon AUAmazon US and department stores like Big W, Kmart and Target.

bingo's bingo game

Kids can have fun trying to beat each other with Bingo's Bingo game. Race to be the first to match all pictures and win the game. You can find it online at ToymateCatchAmazon AUAmazon, Big W, Target, Kmart and other leading toy stores.

bluey 5 in 1 game

Bluey's 5 in 1 games is a set of jumbo playing cards featuring Bluey, her family and all her friends. The cards can be used to play all of Bluey's favourite games - Cheese n Crackers {snap}, Bluey's Battle {war}, Go Fruit Bat {go fish}, Grannies {old maid} and memory. You can find it online at Catch, Amazon AU, Amazon US and department stores like Big W, Target and Kmart.

bluey figurine packs including grannies and blueys friends

There's now a wide range of Bluey mini figurines available so kids can recreate their own Bluey scenes, including the Heeler family, Bluey's friends and special episode outfits. They also make great cake toppers. You can find Bluey mini figurines online at ToymateCatchAmazon AUAmazon US, Big W, Target, Kmart and other leading toy stores.

bluey figurine playsets

In addition to individual character figurines there are also Bluey playsets. Set up Bingo's playroom or take Bandit for a surf at the beach. Bluey playsets are available from ToymateCatchAmazon US, Amazon AU, Big W, Target, Kmart and other leading toy stores.
bluey pool playset
One of the most popular episodes of Bluey is the Pool where Bandit takes the girls to the pool and forgets just about everything they need. That episode has been made into it's own pool time figurine set. The Bluey pool playset is available from ToymateCatch, Amazon AU, Kmart, Target, Big W, Kidstuff and Amazon US.

bluey caravan playset

The latest Bluey playset to be released is Bluey's caravan adventures set. The caravan set includes the caravan, Jean Luc figurine, table and chairs, camp fire and marshmallows to toast on the fire. The caravan is compatible with the Bluey 4WD car and folds out to include a kitchen, lounge room and double bunk beds. The caravan set is currently available in Australia at Casey's ToysCatch and Amazon AU. There's also a bigger Bluey's ultimate caravan adventures playset available in the US from Amazon or Walmart. 

bluey plush toys
Most kids have their favourite snuggle toy that they carry around everywhere and take to bed with them and now that can be Bluey, Bingo or some of their friends. The Bluey plush toys come in 20cm and 40-45cm sizes in various characters. Buy them online from ToymateCatch, Casey's Toys, Amazon AUAmazon US, Big W, Kmart, Target and other leading toy stores.

bluey family dollhouse play set
The Bluey home playset comes with removable doll house furniture and a Bluey mini figurine. Available at Big W, Target, Kmart, ToymateCatchAmazon AU and Amazon US. The home playset is selling quickly, but if you can't find one you can always turn an Ikea or Kmart dollhouse into a Bluey house using some of the mini figurines and playsets.

Bluey Showbag

bluey showbag

If you visit any of the major shows throughout the year like the Ekka, Sydney Royal Easter Show or Royal Melbourne Show chances are you'll get a showbag or two for the kids. We always let the kids pick one showbag each, however unfortunately this year all of the major shows have been cancelled due to social distancing rules, but you can still get a Bluey showbag online. The showbag includes a backpack, cooler bag, activity set, sticker book, hat, sunglasses, pencil case, headband, masks and dress up eyebrows. Buy the Bluey showbag from ToymateCatch,, Amazon AU and selected toy stores.

Bingo Showbag

bingo showbag
There's a Bingo showbag too for all the little Bluey fans who love Bingo. The showbag includes a bingo backpack, bingo water bottle, headband, placemat, projector torch, pack of markers, memory game, rewards chart and tote bag. The Bingo showbag is available online in Australia from ToymateCatch and Amazon AU.

Bluey Swimming products

bluey swim vest, swim ring, floaties, googles

A new range of Bluey swimming products have been released in collaboration with Wahu, just in time for the Australian summer. Now when you go to the pool you can take all your Bluey gear with you. The swimming range features various flotation devices including swim rings, swim vests, inflatable arm bands and a kick-board. There's also Bluey googles, dive rings and swimwear available in selected stores. The Bluey swim range is available in Australia from ToymateCatch, Target, Mr Toys and Kidstuff.

Bluey bikes

bluey bikes, trikes, balance bikes and scooters

Bluey bikes have arrived in Australia. There's a range of different Bluey & Bingo bikes available in bicycles, trikes, balance bikes and also scooters. There are also Bluey & Bingo helmets. Different designs are sold at different stores and are available from ToymateCatch, Kmart, Big W and Target.

Bluey & Bingo School & Daycare Supplies

The kids can take Bluey or Bingo along with them when they start school or daycare. With many products from personalised stickers, backpacks and lunchboxes available, you can pretty much put Bluey on everything they need for school.

bluey personalised backpacks and bags from stuck on you

Stuck on You have a range of backpacks, duffle bags and library bags that can be personalised in 6 different colours and 6 different Bluey label designs. Personalise the perfect school bag for your child with their name or initials and Bluey, Bingo, or the whole Heeler family.

bluey bento products from stuck on you

Stuck on You also have a range of Bluey personalised bento boxes available in mini or large size with matching cooler bags. The boxes and cooler bags can be customised by colour, size and label design. There's also insulated food jars available in 4 different colours and 6 different label designs.

stuck on you bluey school and daycare labels

There's a huge range of personalised Bluey labels at Stuck on You including sticker labels, shoe labels, book labels and iron on labels. Each label comes in a variety of designs and colour options so you can find the perfect fit.

Bluey Clothing, Pyjamas & Swimwear

bluey clothing, underwear and socks

Bluey clothing ranges are available at Big W, Target, Kmart, Catch, Peter Alexander and limited releases at Bonds. Each store has their own Bluey designs including tees, skirts, pants, dresses, underwear, pyjamas and swimwear. Clothing items sell extremely quickly with new releases coming out regularly {the designs shown in this image may no longer be available}.

Bluey & Bingo Dress Up Costumes

bluey dress up costumes for kids

Now you can dress up as your favourite Bluey character whenever you want. Bluey and Bingo character costumes are available in sizes 3-5 and 6-8 in Australia. Get them from Toymate, Casey's Toys, Catch, Kmart, Target and Big W.

Bluey Kids Decor & Furniture

bluey fold out kids couch
The kids can watch Bluey on their own Bluey fold out couch. Available at Big W, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us and from multiple stores on Catch and Amazon AU.

Bluey inflatable armchair

The Bluey inflatable armchair is available at Target, Kidstuff, Aussie Toys Online and a few stores via Catch.

bluey and bingo table and chairs
Set up a kids art area or their own special Bluey & Bingo snack table. Bluey wooden table and chairs set is available from ToymateCatch, Kidstuff and other selected toy stores.

bluey ready bed

Whether you're going camping for real life, or just hanging out in the lounge room, a Bluey bed will make it even more fun! This bed is an air mattress and sleeping bag in one, how cool is that! Available from Toymate, Casey's ToysCatch, Amazon AU, Big W, Target, Kidstuff and other selected toy stores.

bluey and bingo night light and torch

If the kids are scared of the dark get a Bluey or Bingo night light for their bedroom. It's also a torch underneath. These are super popular and sell out quick at Kmart, Target, Big W and Toymate, however they're also available at Amazon AU, Amazon US and Catch.

Free Bluey Colouring Pages

free bluey colouring in pages

Whether you're having a play date or just need something to occupy the kids while you cook dinner, download free colouring in pages from the official Bluey website. There's 18 different colouring pages including Bingo & Bluey, Snickers, Rusty, Muffin, Lucky, Indy, Honey, Coco, Chloe and Mum & Dad. There's also colouring scenes from the beach, the playroom and the Heeler house.

Bluey Birthday Party Supplies

bluey and bingo birthday cake

If you want to throw the ultimate Bluey birthday party you'll need a Bluey cake and decorations. The Bluey website has a Bluey cake recipe for you to follow as well as printable Bluey cupcake toppers. They also have printable Bluey party bunting and Bluey & Bingo party bag templates. You can also get licensed Bluey party supplies such as invitations, napkins, paper plates and cups, as well as decorations at Spotlight.

where to buy official bluey merchandise

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