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Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Perfect Teacher Gift: 7 picture books to say thank you to your teacher

In our house we love books and have been reading them to the girls since they were born. I'm a little scared to count how many we actually have in the house, but I'm sure each and every one has been a valuable addition to our home. We have a tradition of picking books for fathers day and mothers day and we use books to celebrate special holidays like Christmas and Easter. We also love to use books for bookish play activities

It should come as no surprise then that we also love to give books as gifts for special occasions and I can't think of a more perfect teacher gift idea than a special book. I've never met a teacher who doesn't love books.

Throughout the early years of schooling {prep, foundation, kindy, preschool etc} teachers impart a huge amount of knowledge, empowering our children with fundamental skills they'll take right through their schooling years and beyond, so it seems only fitting to thank them for their time and effort. These are our favourite picture books that are perfect for end of year or teacher appreciation day gifts to say thank you to kindy, primary and elementary school teachers.



Because I had a teacher book cover by Kobi Yamanda

Because I Had a Teacher | Kobi Yamanda

Because I Had a Teacher is a beautiful book to say thank you to your favourite teacher. Each page is an individual thank you for a new skill or feeling a child now has because they had a teacher. It's a gorgeous picture book for any teacher, teacher aide, childcare educator or mentor. You can watch the book being read aloud here.

Available at: Amazon | Amazon AU

Thank You {a book for teachers}

Thank You (a book for teachers) | Sandy Gingras

Sandy Gingras so aptly points out in the introduction to her book Thank You, a life lived well is perhaps the highest form of thanks a person can give to teachers as a way of repaying them for their attention and effort. A simple thank-you is also nice. Thank You is Gingras's own delightful way of conveying this sentiment. This charming keepsake book features her soft, sweet watercolour artwork and thoughtful original text celebrating teachers and all they do for us.

Available at: Amazon

Teachers Rock Todd Parr

Teachers Rock | Todd Parr

Teachers Rock is a fun, bright, positive and heart warming picture book about why teachers are so special. With bright colourful illustrations, Teachers Rock, takes us through all the reasons why Todd Parr loves teachers and everything they do. You can watch the book being read aloud here.

Available at: Amazon | Amazon AU

Thanks from the very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle book cover

Thanks from The Very Hungry Caterpillar | Eric Carle

Thanks from the very hungry caterpillar isn't specifically written for teachers, but would certainly make a great teacher gift as well as a general thank you gift for friends and family members to acknowledge an important loved one. Eric Carle uses his distinctive, colourful illustrations to say thanks to whomever you choose for their encouragement and guidance. You can watch the book being read aloud here.

Available at: Amazon

a letter to my teacher by deborah hopkinson

a Letter to my Teacher | Deborah Hopkinson

Dear Teacher, Whenever I had something to tell you, I tugged on your shirt and whispered in your ear. This time I'm writing a letter. So begins this heartfelt picture book from a girl who prefers running and jumping to listening and learning, to the teacher who gently inspires her. From stomping through creeks on a field trip to pretending to choke when called upon to read aloud, this book's young heroine would be a challenge to any teacher. But this teacher isn't just any teacher. By listening carefully and knowing just the right thing to say, she quickly learns that the girl's unruly behaviour is due to her struggles with reading. 

This funny, touching picture book celebrates the difference a good teacher can make in a child's life. It's a perfect end of year or teacher appreciation day gift to give to your own teacher to say thankyou for the ways they've inspired you and changed your life for the better. You can watch the book being read aloud here.

Available at: Amazon | Amazon AU

I did my homework in my head book cover

I DID MY HOMEWORK IN MY HEAD | Alyssa Cowit & Greg Dunbar

I Did My Homework In My Head is the hilarious result of the Instagram account @LivefromSnackTime where Alyssa Cowit and Greg Dunbar share funny reader submitted kids quotes. The book is a compilation of the many innocent {and sometimes not so innocent} things children say. Full of excuses and funny musings about life, pets, family, relationships and homework, this book is sure to bring a smile to your teachers face!

Available at: Amazon

a little book about me and my teacher

A Little Book About Me and my Teacher | Jedda Robaard

This is a book about me and my teacher. My teacher is really special. Here are all the reasons why! 

This book is a wonderful keepsake book for you to fill in and share with your teacher. Write and draw about your favourite memories of you and your teacher during the school year. The book includes a pouch at the back to store special photos, postcards or letters as well as a gorgeous card to fill in to go with your book when giving it to a special teacher as a gift.

Available at: Amazon AU | QBD Books

The great thing about all these books is that, if by chance your teacher already has them in their personal collection, they can still use your gift in the classroom or the school library for other students to enjoy. Books really are the teacher gift that keeps on giving for generations.

Picture book stack

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