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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Free Printable Mothers Day Questionnaire: All About My Mum/Mom

Mother's Day is almost here! If you're looking for a quick, easy and sentimental Mother's Day gift then print out one of our free printable Mothers Day questionnaires and make mum's day. These questionnaires are a great last minute Mother's Day gift idea, or a substitute for a Mother's Day card and will become a cherished keepsake. 

The questionnaires are also great to use at kindy or school as take home class gifts for Mother's Day, as the answers can also be filled in by teachers for younger children if needed. They're also fun to print out and fill in each year to see how your child's answers change with age.

free printable all about mom questionnaire


These Mother's Day questionnaires are a great way for children to practice their letter formation and handwriting skills, as well as developing their language. The questionnaire can still be used with younger children too, as long as they can verbalise their answers to an adult or teacher who can fill the sheet out for them.

The questions listed include:

  • My mum's name is...
  • My mum's favourite colour is...
  • My mum's favourite food is...
  • My mum's favourite drink is...
  • My mum's favourite thing to do is...
  • My mum relaxes by...
  • My mum is good at...
  • My mum likes to...
  • My mum helps me to...
  • My mum teaches me to...
  • My mum thinks I am...
  • My mum is special because...

*The US version features the same questions with Mom and US spelling.

Children can be very literal, or very imaginative and both can result in some funny answers to the questions included. No matter the outcome, it'll give you a little peek into their minds and how they see things. 

The template is designed with lots of opportunities for children to be creative by colouring in the banner and title sections and drawing a picture of themselves and mum at the bottom of the the page. If they don't want to draw a picture you can also use a cut out or printed photograph and tape or glue it into the picture section. 

All About My Mum & All About My Mom Printable

To fill in the questionnaire you will need:

  • Free printable template {download below}
  • White paper or cardstock
  • Pens, pencils or crayons
  • Laminator {optional}

1. Print out the free Mothers Day questionnaire template of your choice on paper or cardstock. The printable comes in mum and mom versions to cater for US and UK/AU spelling. If you print on paper and want to keep the questionnaire as a keepsake, or are using it as a class parent gift, I recommend laminating the sheet once the children have finished filling it in.

2. Get children to answer the list of questions. If they can't read or write themselves yet ask them the questions and record the answers for them. Older children should be able to fill in the questionnaire themselves.

3. Children can decorate the banner {optional}. The banner section and title of the page have been left blank to allow children to colour them in or decorate if they want to.

4. Fill in the photo section. Either have the children draw a picture of themselves and their mother directly onto the sheet, or use a copy of a photograph of them with their mum and glue it onto the sheet.

5. Laminate the finished questionnaire {optional}. I recommend this step if it was printed on paper, to allow for longevity so it doesn't get ruined over time.

Download Free Printable Mother's Day Questionnaire PDFs

You can download the free printable Mothers Day questionnaires by clicking the download template button below. The templates are A4 PDFs and there are 2 sheets included, an all about my mum questionnaire and an all about my mom questionnaire to cater for all countries. Simply print off as many copies of the version you need.
all about mom free questionnaire printable pdf
Please note these printable Mother's Day PDFs are for personal or classroom use only and cannot be electronically distributed, reproduced or uploaded and sold on any platform.

download template here

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free printable mothers day questionnaire templates

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