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Monday, May 4, 2020

16 Mother's Day Cards Kids Can Make at Home or in the Classroom

Of all the Mother's Day gifts I've ever received my favourites are definitely the handmade cards or questionnaire lists my girls have made themselves. Sure a notebook or pretty soap from the school Mother's Day stall are lovely, and I appreciate all the thought that went into picking them out, however nothing tugs at my heart strings more than something they've made.

I live for all the pretty Mother's Day craft ideas that come home from kindy or class, no matter how cliché they may seem. Give me a painted canvas or collage card any day. Whether you're a teacher looking for a crafty Mother's Day classroom activity, or dad looking for a special Mother's Day gift the kids can make themselves, then have a look at these 16 Mother's Day card ideas. They're sure to make mum or grandma smile and they don't even require a trip to the shops.


Before your kids decide what type of Mother's Day card they want to craft, check what basic craft items you have on hand. We're lucky to have quite a large craft hoard stash so we pretty much always have everything we need on hand. If you do need some supplies you can usually pick up most craft items for a few dollars from stationary stores {like Officeworks here in Aus}, dollar stores, department stores like Kmart  or Target, or even the stationary aisle at the supermarket. You can also get lots of craft items online from Etsy, Catch {AUS} or in my Amazon store.


Everybody loves receiving flowers right? I know I do, even though most of ours are just picked from the neighbours garden. If your mum loves flowers why not give her one of these gorgeous flower themed Mother's Day cards. The best part is they don't need watering and won't wilt or die over time, they'll stay as vibrant and beautiful as the day she received them.

Give mum the perfect flower with this mix and match flower craft. Use the free printable from Messy Little Monster, some cardstock and googly eyes to mix and match the template to create the perfect card. You can also add a photo to make it a personalised keepsake. 

This adorable mother's day flower card is so easy to make even the youngest of kids can help. You'll need cardstock, paint, buttons and an empty softdrink bottle. Arrange the flowers like Rainy Day Mum, or you could even put them in a bunch and draw stems and a vase.

Make some these cute heart bouquet cards created by Barley & Birch for mum or grandma. Just like a real bouquet of flowers they even come wrapped in some newspaper. To make these you'll need some cardstock, coloured paper, newspaper and ribbon if you want to pretty them up even more. Follow the instructions over at Red Ted Art to put them together.

Bring mum flowers and let her know all the things you love about her with this mason jar flower card. You'll need some cardstock or coloured paper and the free template from The Best Ideas for Kids. There's a blank template included if you want to make the card for grandma instead {or for us Aussies who spell mom, mum}.

These cute cupcake liner flower cards are so bright and colourful. They're also really easy for younger children to put together using different sized cupcake liners, buttons, some cardstock and a green crayon. Follow the steps at I Heart Crafty Things.

Mum will love this cute hand print chrysanthemum picture. It is designed as a picture, however you could always staple or glue another piece of paper at the back to turn it into a mother's day card. This one is really easy to make using paper, pipe cleaners and glue. Follow the instructions at Fun Handprint Art.

This cute dancing flower pot card is a great personalised Mother's Day card. You'll need some coloured foam, a photograph of the kids, glue, a pen and the free flower template from The Soccer Mom Blog. Download the free template here.

This paper flower bouquet card is so easy to put together. Simply print off the template from Fireflies and Mudpies and colour it in with coloured pencils or crayons then stick it onto some cardstock. You can play around with the positioning of the flowers and stems and colour them in your mum's favourite colours.

mothers day tulip flower cards

I love the 3D effect of these tulip flower pot cards. They're also really simple to make with the template from I Heart Crafty Things. You can make the tulips any colour you want depending on what coloured paper you have.

The photo flower cards are another adorable personalised card idea. Make these really easily with just coloured paper, glue, a photo and the template from Arty Crafty Kids. You could also attach a magnet to the back so they can be permanently displayed on the fridge. Download the template here.

This flower basket paper weaving card is great for older kids to put together. Colour in the flowers with coloured pencils and then weave the basket with coloured paper. Follow the instructions at Red Ted Art.

If a bunch or basket of flowers isn't enough, give mum a whole flower garden with this 3D flower pop up card. Kids can draw their own flower designs on any coloured or patterned paper then follow the instructions at Red Ted Art to turn them into a 3D garden.


If flowers aren't mum's thing then don't worry, these heart themed Mother's Day cards will surely make her smile. Nothing says I love you like a heart. The great thing about these cards is they're also all suitable for birthday's or Valentine's Day as well. 
mothers day sticky heart collage card

My girls loved making this sticky heart Mother's Day card for their grandma. It was a great collage activity and it can be decorated with whatever you have on hand at home. We used tissue paper, sequins, stickers and some confetti. Get all the instructions in my post here.

This tissue paper heart card is a similar option to the sticky heart card, but uses glue instead of contact paper so is better for kids who are a little older. All you'll need is some tissue paper, glue, a pencil and a piece of card or paper. Follow the instructions at The Joy Of Sharing.

mothers day pop up heart card

This pop up heart card is the best of both world's combining flowers and a heart. It's also really simple to make, but makes a big impact. All you'll need is some cardstock and the template from Red Ted Art. Then colour in the heart design with crayons, pens or pencils.


mothers day super mom card
Every mum is a supermum so why not acknowledge her superpowers with a special supermom Mother's Day card. You'll need some coloured cardstock, googly eyes and the template from Our Kids Things. The card template comes with the words mom you're super, however you could always use a blank piece of card and write your own message.


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