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Friday, May 1, 2020

Printable Mother's Day Colouring In Cards, Bookmarks & Questionnaires

Mother's Day is coming up really quickly and may end up sneaking up on some of us, especially this year. If you're looking for a simple and easy Mother's Day gift then have a look through these printable Mother's Day colouring in cards, bookmarks, questionnaires and booklet templates

Whether you're looking for something easy for the kids to do with little preparation, or just need a last minute card or gift option for mum, you're sure to find something in this list. The best part is they can all be printed off and decorated at home with minimal supplies and add a personal touch to mum's special day. 

Child holding crayons for colouring in

Colouring in is a great activity for little kids, especially those who can't write yet. It gives them lots of pencil grip practice as they grasp the crayons, pencils or pens and it doesn't matter if they don't stay within the lines. There's no right or wrong way to colour these designs and each piece will be 100% unique.

For older children who are learning to write, or already know how to write, the questionnaire templates provide lots of opportunities to practice letters while writing special messages for mum. They'll also make great keepsakes for mum to look back on with fond memories.


Before you download the following printable Mother's Day cards, bookmarks or templates, make sure you have printer paper on hand and art supplies to colour them in like pencils, pens, crayons or paint. If your supplies are dwindling down to a few broken crayons and some dried out pens {because for some reason kids never put the lids back on properly} then you can easily pick up most items quite cheap at dollar stores, stationary stores, department stores like Kmart and Target and most supermarkets have a stationary aisle. You can also find many art supplies online at places like Etsy, Catch, Riot or in my Amazon store.


Colouring in cards are probably the next best thing to completely hand drawn cards. Simply print off the templates and let the kids colour them in however they like and you'll have a unique piece of artwork and card in one. They're much easier, cheaper and quicker to make than wandering around the shops trying to find the perfect Mother's Day card. I've put together our favourite free printable Mother's Day cards below.

Happy Mothers Day colouring in printable card

This flower mothers day printable card can be printed blank to colour in, or pre-coloured if you just want a really quick card idea. It can also be printed full page as a picture instead of a card. Download the free printable from Where The Smiles Have Been.

free printable mothers day coloring in card

Our free printable Mother's Day card incorporates flowers, hearts, leaves and rainbows which have all been left blank so they can be coloured in. The design is deliberately simple so it's easy for younger children to colour, while older children can add in more details if they want to. Download the Mother's Day card here.

Mom I love you more than cupcakes printable mothers day card picture

How cute is this cupcake card for mum! Artsy Momma has three different sweet colouring in Mother's Day card designs available, including cupcakes, lollies and donuts. Yum! Decorate them with pencils, paint, glitter glue or even stickers. The cards don't specifically mention Mother's Day so they could also be used for birthdays or Valentines Day as well. Download the templates here {please note they only come in mom spelling}.

Happy Mother's Day free printable floral card.

Crafts by Amanda has three different printable floral Mother's Day card designs available. Print them off and colour them in with crayons, pens or pencils for mum or grandma. Download the printable cards here.

Printable unicorn mom card for Mother's Day

This unicorn Mother's Day card is a really simple design that could be used regardless of whether you say mom or mum because the unicorn could represent an O or a U. The inside of the card {under the unicorn face} says Happy Mother's Day. Print off the template, colour in the letters and follow the steps at Messy Little Monster to assemble the unicorn face. Download the template here.


If your mum loves to read then these printable Mother's Day bookmarks will be the perfect addition to any book related gifts. Simply download them, print them off and colour them in with pens, crayons, or pencils {I'd suggest laminating them for longevity too}. If mum loves colouring in herself then you could also give them blank.

Printable colouring in Mother's Day bookmark for mom

Hattifant has created these amazing hand drawn flower doodle Mother's Day bookmarks. These would be great to decorate with some fine line pens as a mindfulness activity and there's also a Mother's Day card and colouring page included with the template. There is so much detail in the images, if you click through to the post there's an amazing time lapse video of them being created. Download the bookmarks here {they come with a mom option and plain flower version}.

Happy Mothers Day free colouring in printable designs for mom.

These printable mothers day bookmarks from Homeschool Preschool would make a quick and easy mothers day present from the kids. There are five different pages included in the template with four colouring in pages and three mothers day bookmark designs. Download the free template here, print them off and let the kids colour them in any way they like. They can also write a special note on the back, which is a great keepsake of their handwriting mum will treasure for years.

Free printable mothers day bookmarks for mom

These free printable mom bookmarks are great for younger kids to colour in as there's lots of big open spaces to colour and not too many intricate details. Great for toddlers and preschoolers who are still getting used to colouring between the lines. Download this set of four free Mother's Day bookmarks here from Real Life at Home.

I love mom mothers day printable bookmarks.

These three free printable Mother's Day bookmarks are also available to download from Real Life at Home. They come in a set with four separate floral and heart themed Mother's Day colouring in sheets as well. Download the bookmarks here.


Most mum's love to hold onto anything sentimental, and it doesn't get much more sentimental than a Mother's Day questionnaire or poem from the kids. Not only are they a fun insight into the way kids think and what they think about you {I've received some interesting ones over the years}, they're also a great keepsake of the kids cute handwriting at all different ages. They make the perfect addition to any Mother's Day gift, or if you're running short on time, print one out and use them as a personalised gift for mum or grandma on their own.

My mommy is poem template for Mother's Day

This printable my mommy is poem is great for older kids as they can write it out themselves and it makes a great keepsake of their handwriting at certain ages. Younger children can also complete this by getting an adult to write their answers for them. Download the free template from Coffee and Carpool here {please note it only comes in a mommy version}.

Mother's Day selfie cards

These free printable Mother's Day selfie cards are a little bit cheeky and a really fun addition to any Mother's Day gift. There are four different border colours to choose from. For best results print them off on cardstock, stick a photo on top and then write a personal message on the bottom. 

Artsy Fartsy Mama used a HP Sprocket Photo Printer to print off photos and stick them on, but if you don't have access to one you could always print off a photo on paper and glue or tape it on, or cut up a photo and glue it on. Download the free template here {please note it is in US spelling}.

This printable vase card template lets kids create their own unique Mother's Day card and write a personal message to mum {or grandma}. Print off the blank template then kids can decorate it any way they like with crayons, pens or pencils. Download the printable template here.

Printable Mother's Day pop-up colouring in book

This printable Mother's Day pop-up book is a lovely personalised Mothers Day gift kids of all ages can create for mum. Print off the template then colour in the images and write a sentence about mum at the bottom of each page. The template includes mom, mum and mama options as well as a blank version that can be used for grandma {or nana, nan etc}. Download the template from The Craft Train here.

Mother's Day questionnaire: I love my mommy because

Paper Heart Family has three different I love my mom because... templates for you to download for free. Each template is a different design, but has sections for the same answers. Download the templates here {please note they're only available in mom or mommy spelling}.

all about my mom printable template

All about my mum lists are probably my favourite personalised gift to receive from the girls. My big girl started doing them from kindy and it's always so fun to see what she comes up with {especially for my age ha!}. They're also great to keep and compare how the answers and their handwriting changes over the years. I've created two free Mothers Day questionnaire templates {there's a mum and mom version}.

Printable mother's day questionnaire template

If you're after different I love my mom because.... templates, Three Kids, Three Cats and a Husband has three different templates to choose from. Each template is a different design but has the same nine questions to fill out. Download all of them here {please note these are only available in mom versions}.

Printable Mother's Day booklet: To the best mom in the whole world

This printable Mother's Day booklet is the ultimate print out for kids to give to mum. It combines a card, colouring in and templates they can write in, all into one special keepsake book for mum. The template makes an 11 page booklet for mum called To: The Best Mom In The Whole World. Download the template here {please note it only comes in US spelling}.

Mothers Day colouring in cards, printable cards, bookmarks and questionnaires.


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