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Thursday, May 30, 2024

DIY Father's Day Cards Kids Can Make

Whether your Dad loves to play sports, is a keen fisherman, a corporate high flyer who works in an office or a Dad who gets on the tools and builds things for a living, you'll find the perfect Father's Day card for them in this post. The best part is these are all Father's Day cards that kids can make themselves with basic craft supplies.

Make one of these handmade Father's Day cards for Dad and pair it with a special homemade gift and our fun free printable Father's Day questionnaire to give Dad an awesome Father's Day. These cards are also great to make in the classroom as a take home gift for Dad's.

DIY Father's Day card crafts kids can make for Dad.


No matter what your Dad's career or hobbies are, you'll find the perfect card in this list. Each card includes easy to follow instructions {some with printable templates} and are incredibly easy to make, only requiring basic craft supplies like paper or cardstock, markers, glue, and scissors. 

Whether a younger child or school children are making them, these simple yet thoughtful designs will help them create a heartfelt card for Dad in no time. Plus they'll be working their fine motor skills and expressing their creativity. 


Just like Mum's can wear many different hats {roles in the home}, Dad's can wear many different shirts. Dad's have different shirts for when they're going to an important meeting at work, heading out to a fancy function, getting jobs done or just hanging out at home. Recreate Dad's favourite shirt with one of these easy Father's Day shirt cards.

Check Shirt Card

Father's Day Check Shirt Card Printable Template.

If you have younger children this Father's Day check shirt card is super easy for them to put together as it's a free printable template they just need to colour in and fold in half.

Super Dad Shirt Card

Father's Day super Dad shirt card.

All Dad's are superhero's in their own way, but how cool would it be if they could rip off their shirt and transform into Superman just like Clark Kent? With this Super Dad Father's Day card they can, kind of. 

Let Dad know that no matter what he's wearing he's always your superhero. If you want an even easier option, try our free printable Super Dad Father's Day card.

Tradie Hi Vis Card

Hi Vis shirt Father's Day card.

If Dad spends his days working with tools, building, or fixing things then he probably wears a hi-vis shirt. We collectively call them tradies here in Australia, but Dad could be a carpenter, builder, mechanic, miner, maintenance man, road worker, labourer, truck driver or a number of other jobs that require high visibility shirts. Make a replica of Dad's workwear with this tradie hi vis Father's Day card.

Shirt and Tie Card

Father's Day shirt with tie card.

Make a simple shirt and tie Father's Day card with this free printable tie template. Children can decorate the tie with fingerprints as above, colour it with paint, pens or pencils or add some funk with printed craft paper or fabric.

Business Shirt and Tie Card

Father's Day business shirt card.

If Dad wears a business shirt and tie to work you can recreate his look with this simple button down shirt and tie Father's Day card. It looks smart, but it's actually really easy to make. Customise the look by decorating the free printable tie template just like Dad's favourite tie.

Bow Tie Card

Bow tie Father's Day card.

If Dad goes to fancy functions a lot, or wears a suit to work, this bow tie Father's Day card is perfect. You can change the colour of the cardstock to match the suit Dad wears most and can even jazz it up by adding real buttons. This one is also a great option for a Grandpa Father's Day card.


If Dad works with tools as part of his job, or he likes tinkering about as a handyman on the weekend doing odd jobs at home then these handyman fathers day cards, complete with tools will be perfect.

Tradesman Card

tradesman with tools fathers day card.

If Dad goes to work wearing overalls and using tools, he'll love this tradesman Father's Day card. This one is also a great option for Grandpa's who love tinkering with tools in their shed.

Toolbelt Card

tools in pocket Father's Day card.

If Dad prefers to keep his tools on a tool belt, or simply in his back pockets, then make him this adorable tool pocket card complete with removable tools. You can use the same colours as Dad's tools and pants.

Toolbox Card

toolbox father's day card.

If Dad has his very own toolbox you can make a replica with this toolbox Father's Day card. Use the free printable template and cardstock in the same colours as Dad's toolbox and tools to make his own mini toolbox. This one has tools that can be taken out too.

Flashlight Card

Flashlight Father's Day card.

If Dad's handy with a flashlight, either for scaring away monsters at night or playing hide and seek while camping, then he'll love this magic flashlight Father's Day card. Use the flashlight to shine a light in the darkness and reveal the special Father's Day message.


Whether you call it a grill or a barbeque, I've never met a Dad who didn't love being the king of the BBQ. If Dad fancies himself as a grill master then make one of these cards to show him you appreciate all the sausages and meat he cooks up, even if it's sometimes burnt.

BBQ Card

BBQ Father's Day card.

If you have a portable BBQ {American's call them charcoal grills, in Australia we just call them a Weber} you can make Dad his own miniature version with this BBQ Father's Day card. The card opens up like a real BBQ to reveal your message.

Handprint Grill Card

Handprint Grill card for Father's Day

This flaming grill Father's Day card uses your child's handprints as the flames coming out of the grill. Not only is it a cute Father's Day card, it's also an adorable keepsake to remember how small their hands are.

Grill Card

Father's Day grill card with kebabs.

This handprint grill card also uses children's handprints as the flames, however instead of adding utensils, there's some yummy kebabs. This one is also in a more traditional folded card shape with everything except the flickering fingertip ends of the flames being glued down flat.

King of the Grill Card

King of the grill bbq cards for father's day.

If you prefer the more traditional BBQ look then make Dad one of these king of the grill cards that include fire flames and added meat hammer and spatula.


These sport Father's Day cards are perfect for Dad's who like to relax and keep fit by playing with {or watching} their favourite team on the weekends. There's a card for all the sporty Dad's, whether he likes to hit, throw, or kick balls around a field.

Golf Father's Day Card

Father's Day golfing card.

If Dad loves to swing a few rounds of golf on the weekends, let him know he's the best Dad by par with this golf Father's Day card. This cute card is also 3D using a styrofoam ball {you can get pre-cut ones here} and wooden golf tee.

Football Most Valuable Dad Card

Football father's day card for most valuable Dad.

If Dad loves kicking the footy around make this fun pop up football Father's Day card to let him know that he's the most valuable Dad on your team.

Baseball Glove Father's Day Card

Father's Day baseball glove card.

If Dad prefers to throw balls around on the pitch with the boys then this baseball glove Father's Day card will be a home run. This fun pop-up card also includes a photo of the kids so Dad can catch the baseball and the kids in his hand.

Home Run Card

home run Father's Day card

Let Dad know he's a home run in your eyes with this kawaii style baseball Father's Day card.


If Dad loves to throw a lure off the local pier, go out on his boat, or is a professional deep sea fisherman, he'll think these fishing cards are reel cool. If you want an even easier card that children just need to colour in, get our free printable reel cool Dad fishing Father's Day card.

Fin-tastic Dad

Fintastic Dad Father's Day card.

Let Dad know you think he's fantastic, I mean fintastic, with this cute fish Father's Day card. This one is so easy to make even the youngest children will be able to decorate a cute fish for Dad.

Handprint Fish Card

Handprint fish Father's Day card.

Children can turn their colourful handprints into fish with this handprint Father's Day card. Use the free template and some string to add a fishing rod catching the fish.

You're the Vest Card

You're the vest fishing Father's Day card.

Everyone knows when you go out on the water safety needs to come first which means you need a life vest. This adorable you're the vest Dad card is a cute way to tell Dad he's the best.


Let Dad know that even though you may sometimes have disagreements, he's still the best Dad ever with these fun trophy and world's best Dad cards. Everyone loves receiving awards and being recognised for their hard work.

Star Trophy Card

Star Father's Day trophy card.

Let Dad know he's a star and deserves an award with this prized trophy card. You can add any message on the trophy you like including Best Dad, My favourite Dad, No. 1 Dad or Dad you're a star!

Best Dad Trophy Card

Best dad trophy card.

Give the Best Dad his own trophy with this prestigious Father's Day trophy card. Use the free printable template to make the trophy in just a few simple steps.

No. 1 Dad Trophy Card

Number 1 Dad trophy card.

Show Dad you think he's number 1 with this adorable trophy card that looks like you're presenting him with his own trophy. Use the free printable template and customise with your own colours.

World's Best Dad Craft

World's best Dad Father's Day torn paper craft.

Let Dad know he's the best dad in the whole wide world with this easy torn paper world's best dad craft. You can either write a note on the back behind the Earth section, or print out the template smaller so it fits half a page and then fold the page in half to make it into a proper card


DIY Father's Day cards kids can make for Dad.

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