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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

June {Summer} Play Activity Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers + Free Play Calendar PDF

I'm putting together monthly play activity schedules to make it easy for you to create a month of fun for your kids at home or in the classroom, every month of the year. For the month of June I've actually created 2 monthly calendars, this Summer version and a Winter version, to cater for readers in different hemispheres. 

The June summer activity calendar focuses on ocean, Father's Day, ice cream and outdoor play themed ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and school kids. The activities include a mix of art and craft, sensory, science and play ideas as well as books to read aloud during the month.

Each activity is explained in detail below, including how you can extend or adjust the activity based on your child's age. You can also download our free interactive June Summer activity calendar pdf with links to instructions for every activity to save for future reference.

finding myself young june summer play calendar


This play activity calendar includes activities that can easily be done using items from around your home {or classroom} and you can substitute items to make it suit what you have on hand. If you want to be fully prepared I've set up an Amazon supply list that includes all of the main items needed for every activity during June.

There are no activities listed for weekends as they can be used for free play/family time or to catch up on activities you may have missed during the week. Below you will find detailed explanations of each activity as well as how to modify them for children of different ages and some extension activities you can do if you're looking for additional ideas.

At the bottom of this post you'll also be able to download a copy of the interactive June play calendar PDF which includes direct clickable links to all of the activities featured in this months calendar.

Beach Paper Plate Craft

This paper plate beach craft is a fun way for children to get creative at home and make their own fun beach scene. You'll need some paint, paint sticks or crayons to decorate the background of the paper plate and some stickers to add some beach items.

This is a great activity to build fine motor skills as children have to use their pencil grip while doing the background colouring and then pincer grip as they peel and stick the stickers down onto the plate.


Taste Safe Beach Small World

Recreate a day at the beach at home with this easy taste safe beach small world tray. This beach is a great way to combine sensory play and small world play into one activity. The cool, squishiness of the jelly ocean and crumbly texture of the coconut sand provide ample sensory input while perfectly representing a beach. An added bonus is the sensory bases are taste safe if the kids get curious and put them in their mouth.

If you're doing this activity with younger children I recommend only using larger animal figurines and no other props so there are no choking hazards. However, always do this activity under adult supervision and make sure there are no food allergies {there are other food substitutes linked in the original post}.
taste safe jelly and coconut beach small world

Coral Reef Sensory Bottle

Another fun way for children to explore ocean animals is in a sensory bottle. Sensory bottles are great because they provide sensory input with no mess! You can also use small items without being a choking hazard {make sure to properly seal the bottle and use under adult supervision}.

This coral reef sensory bottle is a great way to calm down and reduce anxiety watching the animals and glitter float around and it's a great way to inspire discussions around sea life and why it's important to take care of our oceans. You'll need some small ocean animal figurines and a few other basic supplies. Follow our easy instructions to make an ocean sensory bottle.

coral reef sensory bottle for kids

Ocean Life {Read Aloud}

This book is a great introduction to the animals that live on the beach and in the ocean. It shares many fun facts about each animal such as an octopus has 3 hearts, 9 brains and no bones!

Read the story aloud in a group, read the book to your child, have your child read the book to you, or watch the story being read aloud here on YouTube. You can borrow the book from a friend or the library, or get your own copy from Amazon or Amazon AU.
ocean life book cover


Ocean Pollution Small World

An ocean pollution small world tray is an engaging way to teach children about the dangers rubbish can pose to aquatic life in our oceans. We set up ours as a rock pool pollution small world to represent the rubbish that can get washed into rock pools near the shore and how it can affect the animals that live there. We used a mix of real rubbish such as bits of plastic, bottle top rings and straws, as well as some toy mini food items to represent discarded rubbish.
ocean pollution play tray

Free Printable Ocean Activity Pages

Download these free printable ocean activity pages and the kids can have fun doing ocean I-spy, colouring in pages, an ocean maze and word search. If you have younger children just print off the colouring pages, however school children should be able to do all of the activities.

free printable ocean i-spy page

Ocean Currents Science Experiment

This simple science experiment is an easy and very visual way to show children how cold and warm water can combine together to create currents in the ocean. You only need water and food colouring to perform this experiment, however adding small sea creatures makes it more fun. Make sure you follow the instructions to create ocean currents exactly so the currents form properly.

ocean currents science experiment


My Dad Rocks Craft

This cute my dad rocks craft is a fun way kids can make their dad out of rocks and also doubles as a cute personalised Father's Day gift. I suggest using small flat rocks from the garden, or bulk garden pebbles {if doing this as a class craft}. Get the free printable My DAD ROCKS! frame here.

If you're doing this with younger children who can't do detailed drawing yet just get them to paint a single larger rock for their dad. Make sure you have markers or paint that will work on rocks.

my dad rocks craft for kids


Best Dad Trophy

Surprise Dad with his very own trophy to celebrate just how great he is. This best Dad trophy is a fun collage craft and a another great personalised DIY Father's Day gift kids can easily make. Get the free printable trophy template and trace it onto cardboard or cardstock then the kids can decorate with whatever fun art supplies you have on hand.

best dad collage trophy

My Dad Is Amazing {Read Aloud}

My Dad is Amazing uses vibrant illustrations, a yeti {and other animals} and a good dose of humour to celebrate all the characteristics that make dad amazing. Whether dad is cool, tough, cuddly, brave or funny, this book has something for every dad.

Read the story aloud in a group, read the book to your child, have your child read the book to you, or watch the story being read aloud here on YouTube. You can borrow the book from a friend or the library, or get your own copy from Amazon or Amazon AU.

my dad is amazing book cover

Additional Idea:

More Dad books. If you want to read more books for Father's Day, or simply want an alternate book idea, check out our list of Father's Day books for kids.


All About My Dad Free Printable Questionnaire

Print out our free printable Father's Day questionnaire and make dad's day. This Father's Day questionnaire is a great way for children to practice their letter formation and handwriting skills, as well as developing their language. They can also colour in the title banner and draw a picture of their dad in the photo frame.

The questionnaire can still be used with younger children too, as long as they can verbalise their answers to an adult or teacher who can fill the sheet out for them.

fathers day all about my dad questionnaire

Alternative Idea:

Colouring Questionnaire. If your kids would prefer to colour and decorate more, I also have a fun Father's Day all about dad colouring questionnaire.


Father's Day Colouring Card

If you want a really easy and free Father's Day card you can put together at home, print out this free printable Father's Day card that kids can colour in themselves. Simply print, colour and write your message inside.

free printable Father's Day coloring card

Ice Cream Playdough

The next best thing to real ice cream is this edible playdough ice cream. Yes it's taste safe so it doesn't matter if your kids take a cheeky bite {although I wouldn't encourage them to eat it}. Add in some sprinkles, cones or cups and they can make their own imaginary ice cream shop.

You can find more ice cream playdough recipes here {as well as lots of other scented and specialty playdough}.

ice cream playdough invitation to play


Ice Cream Colouring Sheets

Make your own fancy and colourful ice cream flavours with these free printable ice cream colouring sheets. Simply print off the sheets and decorate them with pens, pencils or crayons. There's 3 different fun summery ice cream designs included.

Colouring is a great way for children to build fine motor skills and calm down as a mindfulness activity.

free printable ice cream coloring sheets


Ice Cream in a Bag Science Experiment

The absolute best way to enjoy ice cream in summer is to eat it! With this ice cream in a bag science experiment kids can have fun making their very own ice cream from scratch in a plastic bag - and of course eat it after. They'll be amazed as the milk magically transforms into frozen ice cream right before their eyes.

ice cream in a bag science experiment

Ice Cream Sensory Bin

Another fun way to play with pretend ice cream is this ice cream sensory bin. Although it can be moulded and scooped just like real ice cream, it's actually made from cloud dough so there's no sugar involved. 

ice cream sensory bin with cloud dough and sprinkles


Ice Cream Cone Craft

These paper craft ice creams are really easy to make with the free printable ice cream cone template. Use them to practice scissor skills and decorate for summer. I recommend laminating them for longevity.

They can also be used for a simple visual maths activity like can you make an ice cream with 3 scoops, or if you have 2 scoops of ice cream and you add 2 more how many scoops of ice cream do you have? Kids can work out the answer by physically adding the ice cream cut outs to the cones.

ice cream cone paper craft


Summer Days and Nights {Read Aloud}

This book is a great way to explore all the different animals and activities that can be done during a summer day and what happens during summer nights. Follow the little girl as she frolics through meadows, cools off, has a picnic in the park and more.

Read the story aloud in a group, read the book to your child, have your child read the book to you, or watch the story being read aloud here on YouTube. You can borrow the book from a friend or the library, or get your own copy from Amazon or Amazon AU.

summer days and summer nights book cover

DIY Chalk Paint

Did you know all those broken bits of chalk laying around your house can be easily repurposed? Don't throw out all the little bits and pieces, collect them up and make some DIY 2 ingredient chalk paint. The kids will have just as much fun making the chalk paint as they will painting with it once it's ready.

Use it to paint the driveway or sidewalks and once you're done it can easily be washed away with water from the hose. Or leave it to make others happy and it'll naturally wash away next time it rains.

homemade chalk paint in muffin tin with paint brushes


Ball Painting Outside

Ball painting is a fun interactive painting experience for toddlers, preschoolers and school children where they can create beautiful  abstract paintings without using a paintbrush, or touching the paint. It can be done with any small balls including golf balls, marbles, bouncy balls or sensory balls.

It's a great way for children to combine movement and creativity in a sensory experience, that's essentially mess free. Follow our step by step instructions to create ball paintings with your children or class.

painting with sensory balls outside


DIY Sponge Water Bombs

If you want to cool off in the summer heat, you can make your own reusable water bombs from coloured sponges. They only take a few minutes to make and can be used over and over. Unlike traditional water balloons, they don't waste plastic or hurt when they burst {because they simply splat into you}, but they will cool you down and are heaps of fun to play with.

sponge water bombs


Painting With Flowers

Go on a nature walk outside and collect some flowers from the gardens. Once you have enough come home and use the flowers and leaves as pretend paintbrushes with paint. Explore the different prints and textures each flower makes.

Painting with flowers is a great way to combine a nature activity, sensory play and process art. It's particularly beneficial to toddlers and preschoolers because of the sensory and fine motor benefits which will help prepare them for writing later on at school.

painting done with flowers and paints


Click the download now button below to download the interactive PDF file. Each image on the PDF calendar can be clicked to go directly to the instructions for the individual activity.

Please note that this activity calendar PDF is for personal or classroom use only and may not be shared, electronically uploaded or sold on any platform. If you would like to share or feature the calendar in a blog post please link back to this post directly.

summer play activity calendar for kids

download template here


june summer play ideas for kids

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