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Sunday, June 9, 2024

DIY Father's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Looking for creative and heartfelt Father’s Day gifts that kids can make at home or in school? Whether you're a class teacher or parent, check out these 14 handmade Father's Day gift ideas that kids can make. They include personalised picture frames, custom mugs, golf balls, keyrings and more, each gift is a unique way for kids to show Dad some love.

Pair one of these handmade Father's Day gifts with a DIY Father's Day card and/or our free printable Father's Day questionnaire to make Father's Day really special for Dad.

Easy DIY Father's Day gifts kids can make for Dad.


The Father's Day gift ideas in this post are all easy for children to make for Dad using minimal craft items and they can be easily personalised through colours, pictures and/or photos making each item unique even if a whole class is creating the same gift.

These crafts not only make perfect gifts but also provide a wonderful opportunity for children to express their creativity and appreciation for their dads. They also provide opportunities to improve their fine motor skills as they paint, glue, and assemble their projects.

I Love You Daddy Painting

Combine tape resist art and ball painting to create this fun I love you daddy painting. Each child's piece will be unique based on the colours they choose and how they move the marbles across the paper to create patterns in the paint. 

An adult may need to assist with sticking down the washi tape into the shape of the words {and possibly help with peeling it off once the paint is dry}. You may also like to laminate the finished artwork for longevity.

I love you daddy tape resist painting for father's day.

Dad Rocks

With some smooth white river rocks, paint markers and washi tape kids can make their very own Dad rocks. They can draw on all his features with the pens and add washi tape t-shirts, ties or bow ties to make the rocks look just like their Dad. You can seal them with mod podge to protect their designs. 

Rocks painted with paint pens to look like Dad's for father's day.

Dad Rocks Paperweight

Make Dad his very own paperweight to use at home or in the office with this easy salt dough recipe and some tiny rocks. Children can help to mix up the salt dough and then place the pea gravel rocks into the shape of Dad rocks or another short message.

These will need to be made by children who already know the letters of the alphabet and are confident handling small items. I do not recommend making these with toddlers or any children who are still mouthing. Full adult supervision is required.

Dad rocks salt dough paperweight.

You Rock Frame

Make a simple frame using popsicle sticks and some rocks {either found in the garden, or buy in bulk if doing this craft in a class} and then add in the free printable you rock image to let Dad know he rocks. If you don't want to add the you rock pun, children can draw a picture and glue it to the frame, or print out a photo of them or them and Dad and glue it to the frame.

you rock Father's Day frame.

Love You To Pieces Frame

Another really easy frame idea using popsicle sticks is this love you to pieces frame. Use up some of the random puzzle pieces you have lying around {we all have puzzles missing pieces right} and create this cute frame for Dad then add a photo with a sign saying love you to pieces.

This one would be great to team with our heart I love you to pieces torn paper craft or our I love you to pieces puzzle card.

love you to pieces father's day frame idea.

Salt Dough Dad Frame

Children will have lots of fun mixing up the salt dough to create this Dad frame. If they're old enough to recognise the alphabet they can also help shape the dough into the word DAD before baking. Adults will need to help with the baking for safety.

Dad salt dough frame.

We're Nuts About You Frame

If Dad loves tools and tinkering then this we're nuts about you Dad frame is perfect. You'll need an mdf frame, some paint, glue, assorted hex nuts and some alphabet stickers to decorate the frame. This one should be done under adult supervision with older children who are not mouthing and can be trusted with small pieces.

we're nuts about dad Father's Day frame.

Nuts & Bolts Frame

You can also use popsicle sticks to make a more rustic nuts and bolts frame. The frame can then be filled by gluing either a written message to Dad, a picture the kids draw for Dad, or a photo to the back. Again this one will need to be done by older children, or have them pick the nuts and bolts they want to use and then an adult can glue them on.

nuts and bolts father's day frame.

World's Best Dad

Let Dad know he's the best in the world with this easy world's best dad torn paper craft. All you'll need is the free printable template, some crayons or pencils and some green and blue paper. The kids will have heaps of fun tearing up and gluing the paper. You could also laminate or frame the finished piece.

world's best dad Father's Day paper craft.

Father's Day Trophy

Another way to let Dad know how great Dad is, is by making him his very own Father's Day trophy. Children can create their own collage style trophy using cardboard, recyclables, beads, pasta and other loose parts to decorate it. Once they're finished if you want to make the trophy gold like a real trophy, an adult can paint them with metallic gold spray paint.

Father's Day trophies.

Shrinky Dink Keyrings

Use the free tracing template and some shrinky dink sheets to create these cute shrinky dink Father's Day keyrings. Children can use the printable template as an outline for their pictures and then colour them in with sharpies. Once they've shrunk in the oven they can thread beads onto the string and attach keychain rings to complete their keyrings.

Father's Day shrinky dink keyrings.

Painted Hammer

If Dad does lots of projects on the weekends, or needs a hammer for work, kids can make him a cute personalised painted hammer. Children can paint the hammer handles in Dad's favourite colours and any abstract deigns they like. If they want to do more detailed designs they might find it easier to use paint pens, rather than acrylic paints and a brush.

This one is best to do with children who are older and can be trusted to be safe with the hammers while painting them.

painted hammer Father's Day gift.

Decorated Golf Balls

If Dad likes to play a round of golf on the weekends, you can brighten up his day with some colourful decorated golf balls. They're easy to make using sharpie pens and Dad will easily be able to spot his golf balls on the course.

Personalised golf balls coloured with sharpie pens.

Sharpie Scribble Mug

Decorate a plain white mug with sharpies to create a personalised mug for Dad. Even young kids can scribble and mark on a mug for Dad. An adult will have to help with baking the mug to set the design once it's decorated.

scribble mug for Father's Day.

DIY Father's Day gifts kids can make themselves at home or school.

More Father's Day Ideas for Kids

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