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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Fun Fireworks Crafts & Activities for Kids

Fireworks crafts are a great way to celebrate holidays like New Years Eve, 4th of July and even birthdays, without the noise and sensory overload of watching real fireworks. You also don't need to leave your house and the fireworks will last longer than a few seconds.
Collage of fireworks crafts for kids.


Little ones love to get involved with celebrations, however sometimes celebrations including fireworks can be a bit overwhelming, especially if they have sensory issues. These easy fireworks crafts allow children to still get excited and create amazing art pieces to celebrate their favourite events, without any sensory overload.

These crafts make fireworks kid friendly and also incorporate lots of different process art techniques like salt painting, ball painting, stamping and collage. They can all be completed with basic craft supplies, with most only needing scissors, paper and glue.

Washy Tape Fireworks

washi tape fireworks craft

These washi tape fireworks are the easiest, mess free fireworks for kids to make. Use metallic or glitter washi tape to emulate the sparkly explosion of real fireworks. It's also a great chance for kids to build their fine motor skills either tearing or cutting the washi tape off the roll.

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks

toilet paper roll fireworks painting

Another great way to create fireworks with younger kids is to use toilet paper rolls or craft tubes as paint stamps. Follow our instructions to create toilet paper roll fireworks stampers then use dark paper and layer up as many different colours of fireworks as you like.

Finger Painted Fireworks

finger painted fireworks

If your kids prefer to get hands in with paint then they can also create fireworks by finger painting. Simply dot finger paint with your fingertips to create a fireworks shape. You can also achieve the same result using q-tips if you don't want things to get so messy.

Mess Free Glitter Fireworks

mess free glitter fireworks painting

Yes I realise the words mess free and glitter don't usually go together, however Twitchetts has developed a mess free fireworks technique for kids using glitter glue. Create sparkly, shiny fireworks without any loose glitter mess.

Shaving Cream Fireworks

shaving cream fireworks.

These shaving cream fireworks are a fun way to combine a sensory experience with process art and fair warning, it can get messy! Definitely do this one outside. 

Ball Painted Fireworks

ball painted fireworks craft

A fun way for children to explore how different textures affect paint is to make these ball painted fireworks. For the best results with this technique you'll want to dab the paint on with the different balls to create bursting fireworks, rather than using the kinetic energy by rolling the balls through the paint as we normally do when we do ball painting

Broccoli Fireworks

broccoli painted fireworks

Yes you read that right, you can make fireworks with broccoli. The tufted florets of broccoli are the perfect way to create speckles of popping colour just like when fireworks burst. Next time you're chopping up veggies for dinner, put some broccoli aside for painting.

Glitter Fireworks

glitter and glue fireworks craft with stars

Another way to create fireworks with glitter is by using white glue with loose glitter and confetti. You will want to do this one on a tray as there will be lots of loose glitter that will need to be collected {store it in a ziplock bag for other craft projects}.

Salt Painted Fireworks

salt painted fireworks.

Salt painting is a great process art activity for preschoolers, and a great classroom activity too. It's also a great stem activity, combining art and science concepts like absorption. As the salt absorbs the paint it'll spread across the fireworks making them burst with colours just like real fireworks.

Chalk Pastel Fireworks

Chalk pastel fireworks drawn on black paper.

If you don't mind dirty fingers, try chalk pastel fireworks. This one isn't an overly messy craft, however blending all the different chalk lines may result in some colourful smudgy fingers. It's definitely worth it to create these beautiful bright fireworks.

Cupcake Liner Fireworks

Fireworks made from cut up cupcake liners.

Cupcake liner fireworks are really easy to make even toddlers can help make them. They're also a great way for children to get in some scissor practice as they cut the liners to make them burst out like real fireworks. You can use any colour cupcake liners you like, you can even get 4th of July liners if you want to do patriotic fireworks.

Paper Quilled Fireworks

cityscape with paper quilled fireworks.

Older children will love this cityscape art project that includes paper quilled fireworks. This one requires a lot of cutting and gluing to make the buildings. Children can use pencils to coil the paper for the firework bursts which creates a stunning 3D effect. 


If your children aren't overly interested in art and craft ideas then you can try these interactive fireworks activities instead. There's also plenty more fireworks activities in our 4th of July science experiments and stem activities post.

Fireworks in a jar Experiment

fireworks in a jar science experiment.

Make your own fireworks at home in a glass with this super simple science experiment. You still get the colour explosion, but there's no loud noises, and you only need food colouring, oil and water. Find out how we made fireworks in a glass.

Confetti Fireworks Poppers

confetti fireworks poppers.

Make fireworks actually pop {again without a huge bang} with these fun confetti poppers. Fill them with paper or metallic confetti, or if you're really game some glitter or sequins. The kids can refill and pop the fireworks over and over unlike bought party poppers.

Easy fireworks crafts for kids.

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