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Friday, June 21, 2024

C is for Cookie Monster: Letter C Craft

Cookies! Who doesn't love cookies?

Kids will have fun learning the letter C with our adorable Cookie Monster inspired letter C craft. This easy and engaging project brings Sesame Street to life as children create their very own Cookie Monster masterpiece in the shape of the letter C. It's perfect for teaching early literacy in a fun and creative way while also building fine motor skills.

Recreate Cookie Monster's characteristic fluffy blue fur, rolling eyes and love for cookies with our free printable Cookie Monster letter C template and some basic craft items. This is a great activity to incorporate into your letter of the week learning for letter C either at home or in the classroom.

Cookie Monster letter C craft for kids.


Sesame Street is a much loved children's how that's been dedicated to fostering early literacy skills including letter knowledge since 1969. The show uses Muppet characters such as Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster alongside songs and interactive storytelling to make learning the alphabet fun for children.

One of the most memorable characters from Sesame Street is Cookie Monster thanks to his insatiable love for cookies. Cookie monster's humorous personality and enthusiasm for cookies are a positive learning association for the letter C. His famous C is for Cookie song about the letter C also helps reinforce recognition and recall of the letter C with a catchy tune. C is for cookie that's good enough for me, oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C.

We're currently working our way through making other Sesame Street Muppet letter crafts, so far we've made letter E Elmo and letter E Ernie.

Supplies Needed:

Craft supplies to make Cookie Monster letter C.

If you don't have coloured cardstock you can always use plain white cardstock for the backing page. I recommend using cardstock as opposed to regular or coloured paper as paper is more likely to ripple as the glue dries. If you're doing this craft with a large group of children you could use a different colour backing paper for each child.

If you don't have blue tissue paper you can swap it out for blue pom poms, or paint the letter C with blue paint using a fork to make a streaky fur effect. Fuzzy pom poms will create a 3 dimensional letter C, whereas the paint will make a flat letter C. All options are great ways for children to work on their fine motor skills and hand strengthening as they tear, scrunch, spread, squeeze or glue the items down.


If you're doing this craft in the classroom with a large group of students, or with younger children who may not have well developed scissor skills, you may want to pre-cut out the template pieces for them.

1. Print off template. I highly recommend printing the template onto white cardstock as it will make the face pieces sturdier and easier to glue on.

Cookie Monster letter C template printed onto white cardstock.

2. Tear or cut blue tissue paper into short strips. Don't worry about making them the same width or length as they'll be scrunched up anyway and the more haphazard the sizes the better the texture will be. This is a great fine motor activity for the children to get involved in too.

3. Cut out the letter C template. Younger children may need help with this step depending on how well developed their scissor skills are. If you're doing this craft as a classroom activity you may want to cut out all the templates beforehand to save time.

4. Scrunch the tissue paper up into balls and glue onto C template to give a furry texture. The easiest way to glue them on is to squeeze a drop of glue onto the template and then press the scrunched ball firmly into the glue. Set aside to dry once the entire letter C is covered with tissue paper.

letter C template covered in scrunched up balls of blue tissue paper.

5. Cut out the 2 eyes and mouth templates. Make sure you keep the black outlines when cutting them out. Again some younger children may need help with this step.

6. Glue the letter C onto the backing sheet of cardstock. We chose to use yellow as it's a nice contrast to the dark blue. If you use a paper backing sheet instead of cardstock there's a chance that the paper may ripple as it dries.

Tissue paper letter C glued onto yellow background cardstock.

7. Glue Cookie Monster's face onto the letter C. Glue the eyeballs so they stick up partially above the top of the C and the left eye is looking down and the right eye is looking up {see photo below}. Glue the mouth onto the letter C so it overhangs a bit below the top of the letter C. Set aside until the glue is completely dry.

Cookie Monster eye placing.

Cookie Monster face up close.

8. Cut out the cookie template. 

9. Glue the cookie onto the bottom right of the letter C. This makes it look like Cookie Monster is holding and eating a cookie.

Cookie glued onto bottom of letter C.

Cookie Monster letter C craft up close.

This letter C Cookie Monster craft is not only a great letter C craft for letter recognition and formation, it also has the added bonus of 3D texture thanks to the scrunched tissue paper {or pom poms if you use those}. This will give children great tactile sensory feedback as they run their fingers along the letter C.

Cookie Monster letter C texture from side view.


Click the download template button below to download the letter C Cookie Monster template. This will take you to the PDF that can be downloaded to your device and printed. The PDF is a single A4 page, however you can print as many copies as you need.

Please note that this free printable letter C template is for personal or classroom use only and may not be shared electronically, uploaded or sold on any platform. If you would like to share or feature this craft in a blog post please link back to this post directly.

Cookie Monster letter C free printable template sample.

download Cookie Monster letter C template here.

Cookie Monster letter C craft for kids with free printable template.

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