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Monday, September 25, 2023

Letter C Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

If you're an educator planning for Letter C Week, or a parent seeking inventive ways to introduce letters to your child at home, this blog post is your guide to letter of the week ideas for letter C. Create a fun and captivating Letter C Week for your children, or students, filled with hands-on activities and creative crafts, by choosing the most appropriate letter c crafts and activities from our extensive list of ideas.

I've put together a collection of 12 letter C crafts, designed specifically for preschoolers and young students. These crafts feature items that both begin with the letter C and take its shape, reinforcing the letter formation and /c/ sound. I've also included another 10 creative craft ideas that represent the /c/ sound.

There's also lots of letter C activity ideas that include visual, tactile, auditory and movement based options. Integrating various learning methods throughout the week caters to different learning styles, ensuring all students get a comprehensive understanding of the letter C.

letter c crafts for kids

The letters of the alphabet are the building blocks of language, forming the foundation upon which literacy is built. Teaching letters and their corresponding sounds to children from a young age is paramount to foster effective communication. 

Beyond mere symbol recognition, understanding the sounds each letter makes builds phonemic awareness, a crucial skill in early literacy development. As children learn each letter and its phonetic significance, they gain the ability to decode words which helps with reading and writing. The letter C crafts and activities in this post are all effective ways to help children comprehend the letter C.


Below is an extensive list of 12 letter C crafts that includes animals, food and objects that start with the letter C. Each one can be made in a capital or lowercase letter c as it's one of very few letters of the alphabet where the shape is consistent between both forms. 

These crafts will help children with letter recognition, letter formation, building fine motor skills and learning the /c/ sound. It's important that students have a strong grasp of the letters of the alphabet including letter formation and phonics so they can then recognise the letters, understand the sounds they make and use them to form written words and to learn to read.

I've also added 10 additional crafts that can be done during letter C week that aren't in the shape of C, but will help to reinforce the phonetic sound of C. These crafts are great to do in kindergarten, at home, in class at school, or during homeschooling with children aged 3-6yrs old.

C is for Caterpillar

This fun, fuzzy C caterpillar is a great way to make a tactile letter C using pom poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. It reinforces the letter C shape and sound as well as giving sensory feedback while children are gluing the pom poms in place.

c is for caterpillar craft

C is for Cat

This letter C cat uses the shape of the C to represent the long tail of the cat. Children can make the cat in any colour they like and without spots if they prefer.

letter c cat craft with long cat tail

C is for Cat

Another way to represent a cat with the letter C is to use the top of the letter as the cat's head by adding eyes, ears, nose and whiskers. Download the free printable template which comes in black and white {so children can colour it in themselves}, black and brown options.

letter c black cat craft

C is for Cow

C can also be for cow. Add cow ears, eyes and nose to the top of the letter C and some black marks to transform the letter C into a Holstein cow. Download the free printable template here to make it even easier.

c is for cow craft

C is for Crab

This letter C crab has a C shaped body and letter C shaped claws. The only downside to this craft is that you have to turn it sideways so the crab is standing properly, so it doesn't show the typical vertical formation of the letter C.

c is for crab craft

C is for Car

Make some letter C cars driving on a letter C road with this C is for car craft. You'll need coloured construction paper, glue and scissors. You can also add extra detail with letter C shaped wind marks behind the cars to show they're moving. You may want to pre cut all of the pieces out if doing this activity with a large group of children.

c is for car alphabet craft

C is for Cotton Balls

This cotton ball letter C can also represent C is for clouds as the cotton balls are fluffy just like clouds. This letter C craft is another great way to create a tactile sensory letter C. Once they're finished crafting, children can feel the fluffy, bumpy surface as they trace the letter C with their fingers.

c is for cloud cotton ball craft

C is for Cookies

If you've watched Sesame Street you'll remember Cookie Monster singing C is for cookie, that's good enough for me, oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C. You can make a letter C out of lots of cookies or draw a cookie with a huge bite out of it so the remaining part looks like a rough letter C.

c is for cookie craft

C is for Corn

Create another tactile letter c with real corn kernels with this c is for corn craft. Make sure you explain that the corn isn't for eating before starting the craft. There's also more sensory letter C ideas here.

c is for corn craft

C is for Carrot

The letter C lends itself well to represent a carrot, even though most are relatively straight, you can get some pretty funky and curved carrots if you've ever grown veggies at home. Use torn orange tissue paper or construction paper to fill in the C shape and then draw a green stalk at the top end.

c is for carrot craft idea
Blessings Overflowing

C is for Candy

The kids will love making this letter C for candy craft with real candy! You'll have to pay attention to make sure they don't sneak a taste test while crafting and make sure you use candy that won't be a choking risk.

c is for candy letter c craft

C is for Candy

If you don't want to risk the kids eating candy, but you still want to do a letter c craft for candy, then use fake candy like Frugal Mom Eh did. Just cut the candy shapes from coloured foam, cardstock or construction paper so they're ready for the kids to glue onto the C.

c is for candy alphabet craft


letter c craft ideas for preschoolers


If you want to do more crafts during letter C week, that aren't shaped like the actual letter, try some of these below.


It's important that letter of the week activities are varied and engaging in different ways to cater for all children whether they're primarily visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learners. Including a variety of activities from the list below, in addition to crafts, will ensure the letter C is reinforced continuously and in various physical, visual and interactive ways.

Sensory activities, like tactile crafts or sensory bins, cater to those who learn best through touch, building neural connections through hands-on interaction. Movement-based activities activate kinaesthetic learners, embedding the meaning of letter C through physical action. Incorporating books enhances linguistic and auditory processing, by reading narratives that contextualize the letter.

Letter C tracing - children can practice forming the letter C in both uppercase and lowercase by using these free letter C worksheets, letter tracing books, wooden tracing boards or dry erase boards.

Object recognition - use physical objects or pictures of items that start with the letter C to reinforce the sound and make connections between the letter and items that start with that sound. E.g cat, cow, corn cob, carrot, coffee or candy. If you want to introduce the /ch/ digraph you could also include chicken, chalk, cheese, chair or chocolate.

Letter search - use letter search pages for children to practice recognising and distinguishing the letter C/c from other letters.

Sensory play - create sensory bins with sensory bases or figurines that start with the letter C. This could include letter C magnets, cat figurines, mini cars, items hidden in coffee beans, corn kernels or cotton balls.

letter c sensory bin
Stir the Wonder

Read books - during the week read picture books that emphasise the letter C. Some ideas include:

Letter C themed snacks - have carrot sticks and corn as a snack one day during C week.

Letter C movement activities:

  • Outdoor letter C scavenger hunt: hunt outside for objects or hidden items and flashcards that start with letter C.
  • Letter C bean bag toss: throw bean bags at a target and try to only hit the letter C.
  • Letter C basketball: throw a basketball into the hoop, every time it goes in say a word that starts with C.
  • Letter jumping: draw letters on the ground with chalk and get children to jump on the letter C/c's.
  • Move like letter C animals: flap your wings like a cockatoo, walk and moo like a cow, crawl like a cockroach, jump like a cricket, snap like a crocodile, side walk like a crab and snap your claws.

letter c movement activities.


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