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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

F is for Feathers: Sensory Alphabet

If you're a teacher or parent looking for a fun and interesting way to teach your children the letter F, this sensory F is for feathers craft is perfect. Making a fabulous, fluffy, letter F is a great way to represent both the formation and sound of the letter F. 

Sensory letters {also known as tactile letters} are an engaging and effective way to teach children the letters of the alphabet. Follow our step by step instructions below to create your own sensory letter F, I've also included a free printable letter F template.

sensory letter F made with feathers.

What is a sensory alphabet?

A sensory alphabet is an exceptional tool that merges the tangible experience of touch with the abstract world of letters, making the learning process not only more fun but also more immersive for children. A sensory alphabet includes each letter of the alphabet made from a different sensory material that represents that individual letter. We're currently working our way through making the entire alphabet, you can see all of our sensory letter crafts here.

Through a sensory alphabet, children explore the diverse textures of materials as they run their fingers along the letters and affix them in place. Not only can they perceive the distinct shapes of the letters, but also appreciate the array of colours, patterns and textures unique to each material, making them perfect for visual and tactile learners.

What are the benefits of a sensory alphabet?

Using a hands-on, multisensory approach to teach the alphabet helps increase children's concentration and focus while they're learning, because they're actively involved in the process. This means they're more likely to enjoy learning and retain the information being taught.

Making sensory, or tactile, letters will also help:

Establish letter recognition - Children will learn to recognise each individual letter and their respective names as they create a new sensory letter each week. They can then be displayed to reinforce letter recognition by repeated exposure to the letters.

Teach correct letter formation - Constructing the sensory letters will also introduce the correct letter formation and this can be further enhanced by getting children to finger trace the completed tactile letters.

Build fine motor skills - As children cut and glue their materials onto the template they'll be using and strengthening their finger muscles which are essential for developing correct pencil grip and writing.

Introduce phonics - Each sensory item used matches phonetically with the letter so it introduces the concept of phonics and can be used for further exploration e.g. f is for feathers, /f/, /f/, feathers. What else has the sound /f/?

F is for Feathers: Sensory Letter F

To make a sensory letter F you will need:

Supplies needed to make a sensory letter f.

I chose feathers because they're easy to source from most dollar stores for only a few dollars and one bag is enough for almost an entire class of children to complete this craft. They also have a really nice fluffy texture which is perfect for reinforcing the /f/ sound. 

There are more alternate sensory items for the letter F included in this post if you don't want to use feathers, or you want to make additional letter F crafts.

How to make a sensory letter F

1. Download and print out letter F template. Download the free printable letter F template from this post {further below} and print it onto white paper.

2. Select which feathers to use. Lay them onto the F template to decide where they'll go and work out how many feathers are needed to fill the F. 

Allow children to select their own feather colours. They can use one individual colour of feathers or a mix of different colours. This is a great way for them to express their creativity.

3. Glue the feathers onto the letter F. The easiest way to do this is to spread some glue onto the letter F then gently push the feather down into the glue.

Glue on letter F template.

Sensory letter F all feathers glued on.

4. Trim off any excess {optional}. If there are any feathers overhanging outside of the letter F then carefully trim them with scissors. For example the pink quill was overhanging on ours so we trimmed it down. Young children may need help with this especially if it's a quill that needs trimming because they're harder to cut.

sensory letter F with feathers completed.

Once the feathers have dried, children can run their fingers along them to trace the shape of the letter F. Even though they're glued down, the feathers will still have a fluffy, soft texture and the edges will slightly move as they're touched.

Finished sensory letter F laying flat so you can see the texture of the feathers.

More sensory ideas for the letter F

If you don't have feathers, or just want other options for a sensory F, then use one of the fabrics, textures or items below along with the free letter F template to create a different sensory letter F. Each option will provide a different visual and textural sensory effect.

Finger print painted letter F

Finger prints - Dip children's fingers into different colours of finger paints and get them to put their finger prints onto the letter F template. This is a great sensory process art activity and each letter F will be completely unique.

Flowers - Glue paper flowers, fabric flowers or flower stickers onto the letter F template. Children can also use flowers to paint the template.

Foil - Use foil, like we used aluminium foil for our sensory letter A, to cover the letter F template. The foil will have a sleek shiny appearance with a crinkly texture.

Felt - Cut up pieces of felt to glue onto the letter F. The felt will create a smooth, slightly furry texture as children run their fingers along it.

Faux fur - Use strips of faux fur fabric to cover the letter F. The faux fur will have a fluffy texture that further reinforces the /f/ sound.

Foam - Cut out and stick pieces of adhesive foam to fill in the letter F.

Five - Cover the letter F template with number 5 foam stickers.


Click the download template button below to download the letter F template. This will take you to the PDF that can be downloaded to your device and printed.

Please note that this free printable letter F PDF is for personal or classroom use only and may not be shared electronically, uploaded or sold on any platform. If you would like to share or feature this craft in a blog post please link back to this post directly.

Sample of letter F template.

Download free printable letter F template here.

F is for feathers sensory tactile letter F craft for kids.


If you want to create an entire sensory alphabet you can get my complete set of alphabet templates in a bundle from Etsy. This includes all 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters on their own template page. You can print them directly onto paper or cardstock to create quick alphabet displays.

Alphabet templates.

They can also be used as colouring sheets, playdough mats, tracing sheets, or cut out the individual letters and use them as templates for other activities. You are able to print as many copies of the pages as you need, however please note that the PDFs are for personal or classroom use only and may not be shared electronically, uploaded or sold on any platform.

Buy printable alphabet letter templates here.

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