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Friday, May 17, 2024

f is for Flamingo: Letter F Craft

If you're a teacher, or parent, and want to make learning the letter f fun and hands-on then you have to try our simple lowercase f is for flamingo craft. After making our F is for feathers capital F craft I had a lightbulb moment and knew a flamingo would be perfect for a lowercase letter f craft.

I created a free printable flamingo letter f template you can download and use with a few simple craft items to create your own feathery flamingo's. Use both of our letter F/f crafts together as a tactile way to help children learn the letter formation for both the capital and lowercase version of the letter f. They're also really pretty to use as a wall display.

Lowercase letter f craft f is for flamingo.

When children are learning letters a lot of adults automatically default to teaching uppercase letters first as they seem to be easier to learn, however it's extremely important for children to be taught lowercase letters to improve their literacy development as they're the foundation for reading and writing. The majority of the written material children will be exposed to throughout their entire lives will be predominantly lowercase so it's important to establish a strong understanding of lowercase letter recognition and formation


The flamingo is the perfect animal to use to represent the lowercase letter f as the 2 arms of the f are the right height for the wings, and the curved top of the f is the perfect shape of a flamingo's long neck and head as they're bowing down.

Supplies you will need:

Craft supplies needed for flamingo letter f craft including feathers, glue and paper.

We chose to use pink crayon to colour in the letter f as crayons are easy for younger children to grasp and hold and scribble with, even if they're not confident at colouring between the lines yet. If you're doing this craft with older children you could substitute the crayon for a pink paint stick or pen.

You can choose any colour of cardstock for the backing you like, or if you're doing this craft with an entire class you can use a different colour for each child. We chose to use an aqua blue to represent water.


1. Download and print the free printable letter f flamingo template. Print the template onto white cardstock. You can print the template in black and white ink if that's all you have access to as the individual pieces are all white and shades of black.

f is for flamingo template printed onto white cardstock.

2. Cut out the flamingo beak. Put this aside to use later. Younger children who don't have well developed scissor skills may need help cutting this out and if you're doing this craft with a large group of children you may want to pre-cut out all of the beaks to save time.

Flamingo beak template cut out.

3. Colour in the letter f pink. Use a crayon {or pens, paint etc} to colour in the letter f. It's easier for children to colour in the letter f before it's cut out as they won't need to worry about whether they colour outside the lines as it'll be cut out anyway.

4. Cut out the letter f. This is a great way for children to improve their scissor skills and fine motor skills. Younger children may require adult assistance.

5. Glue the letter f onto coloured cardstock. Try to glue the f in the centre of the page.

Letter f glued onto blue cardstock.

6. Glue pink feathers onto the letter f. Cut feathers to size if you need to make them smaller to fit within the edges of the letter. However don't worry if they overhang, as long as it still resembles the letter f shape.

Feathers glued down onto the letter f.

7. Glue the beak onto the end of the letter f {see below}. Set aside to dry.

Letter f flamingo feather craft finished.

The finished masterpiece is an adorable letter f flamingo with beautiful fluffy pink feathers. Children can trace their fingers from the flamingo's head to the bottom and then across it's wings as a tactile way to reinforce the formation of the lowercase letter f. If they want to make their flamingo even more spunky they can glue or stick on a google eye over the dot eye.


Press the download template button below to download the free printable letter f flamingo template to your device. The printable is an A4 PDF file. You can print as many copies as you need.

Please note this free printable is for personal and classroom use only and may not be electronically uploaded, shared or sold on any platform. If you would like to share, or feature this craft in a blog post, please link back to this post directly.

Lowercase letter f flamingo craft template sample image.

Download letter f flamingo craft template here.


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flamingo letter f craft for kids with free printable template.

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