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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Free Printable Mother's Day Colouring Card

In collaboration with Creative Fabrica

This free printable Mother's Day card is a great way for children to get creative and make mum something special for Mother's Day, no matter their age. It's also a great last minute gift if Mother's Day sneaks up on you - simply print off the free template and let the kids decorate it and you'll have a special sentimental card for mum. 

The colouring card template is also great to use in the classroom as a group craft activity, or get students to decorate their card and send them home to families as a Mother's Day gift. Toddlers, preschoolers and older school children will be able to easily decorate the simplistic design.

free printable mothers day card for kids

There are heaps of crafty Mother's Day cards kids can make themselves, but if you're running out of time or just want an even easier option, print off our free Mother's Day colouring card at home and get the kids to colour it in. No last minute trips to the shops required.


I love making new colouring sheets, worksheets and playdough mats for my girls to use at home, so I decided to make this colouring Mother's Day card for them and as usual that means you can download it too. 

If you want to get creative and make your own colouring sheets, cards, playdough mats or other educational printables, have a look at Creative Fabrica where you can find free fonts, graphics and bundles to bring your ideas to life. In the image below you can see a sample of items you can download to use for your own Mother’s Day designs.

mothers day graphics and font examples from creative fabrica

I made my Mother's Day card design purposely black and white only, with lots of different smaller images, so children can make their mark on the card by colouring in all the elements with whatever colours they choose. 

The flowers, hearts, leaves and rainbows I've included are very simple so they're easy for younger kids to colour in as well as older kids.

free printable mothers day card front

I also chose to use Happy Mother's Day on the card so it can be used by kids in any country, whether they have a mum or mom. It could also be used for a grandmother as well.


You will need:

  • Free card template {see below}
  • White cardstock or paper
  • Pens, pencils or crayons

The colouring card is a great low prep, mess free Mother's Day craft for kids that can be set up in just a few minutes. If you want a super easy Mother's Day gift to go with the card, print off our free Mother's Day questionnaire and get the kids to fill it out.

1. Print out the card template. I recommend printing the template on white cardstock although it will work ok on paper if that's all you've got, however cardstock will be sturdier.

2. Get kids to colour in and decorate the card. Give children pens, pencils or crayons and let them colour in all the individual images however they like.

mothers day card template coloured in

front of mothers day card template coloured in

3. Fold the card in half. Once the front of the card has been decorated fold it in half along the horizontal dotted line in the middle of the page.

4. Fill in the inside of the card. If your children can write get them to fill in the inside of the card themselves with a message for mum. 

If they're too young to write they can either draw their own picture inside the card, or you can write a message for them.

free printable mothers day card with pencils


You can download the free printable Mothers Day colouring card by clicking the download template button below. The template is an A4 PDF, which can be folded in half to create a card. Print off as many copies as you need.

Please note the template does not include a solid border around the card {this was only added to images to show the edge of the card}. 

printable mothers day card template

download here

Please note this template is for personal or classroom use only and cannot be electronically transferred, replicated, uploaded or sold on any platform. If you would like to feature this template please link back to this blog post.


free printable mothers day colouring card template

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