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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Free Printable Earth Day Worksheets & Activities for Kids

These free printable Earth Day worksheets are all great activities to use at home, as part of a homeschooling curriculum, or during group rotations in the classroom, to help children improve their reading, writing and arithmetic skills while also making them more aware of their impact on our planet.

earth day printable worksheets


These Earth Day worksheet activities are a great way to get children thinking about the environment and saving the planet either in the classroom or at home.

To make these Earth Day worksheets even more eco friendly: 

  • Print them on recycled paper
  • Laminate them so they can be reused
  • Use recycled or nature items as counters {e.g. bottle tops, seed pods}

If you do use any activities as single use, be sure to put the finished sheets into the recycling bin.

Free Printable Earth Day Game Worksheets

These free printable Earth Day games are great for improving lots of skills such as critical thinking, concentration, memory and problem solving. When played in teams they also help build social skills such as teamwork, turn taking and communication. 

Earth Day Bingo

earth day bingo printable

Kids will have heaps of fun playing Earth Day bingo in small groups, or as a whole class. Laminate the cards to reuse them every year and you can also incorporate recycled items like bottle tops to use as markers instead of pens. Get the free printable Earth Day bingo game here.

Earth Day Memory Game

Earth Day memory game printable

This Earth Day game will challenge your kids memory and yours! Playing this game will help improve cognitive skills like concentration, attention to detail and problem solving while also reminding children to care for the environment. Download the free printable memory game here.

Earth Day I-Spy

I-Spy sheets are a great way for children to practice multiple skills such as counting, addition, visual discrimination and handwriting as they work out how many of each picture are included on the sheet. Download the free printable Earth Day I-Spy game here.

Earth Day Maze

free printable Earth Day maze

Help the recycling bottles and cans find their way to the recycling bin by working out this Earth Day maze. Mazes are a great way for children to work on their fine motor and problem solving skills at the same time. I recommend using lead pencil or erasable pencils to fill it out so they can rub out if they may a mistake while solving the maze. Download the free printable Earth Day maze here.

Earth Day Editable Board Game

editable Earth Day board game

This free printable Earth Day board game is editable so you can change the place spots to anything you like e.g. number, letters, sight words or Earth Day words. Children need to roll the dice and then when they land on a space say out loud what is on that spot. First person to the end wins.

Happy Sad Earth Game

happy sad Earth Day game

This free printable happy sad Earth Day game is a fun sorting game where children have to cut out and sort the items into things that make the Earth happy or things that make the Earth sad. This game is a great way to get children thinking about environmentally friendly activities.

Insect Scavenger Hunt {with printable}

insect scavenger hunt

Take the kids outside into nature and go on an insect scavenger hunt to see what creepy crawlies you can find. Take this free printable insect scavenger hunt sheet with you and tick off each bug as you find them. After your hunt have a discussion about the different insects and how they help the planet.

Free Printable Earth Day Literacy Worksheets

These Earth Day themed literacy worksheets are hands on ways to get children to work on their letter recognition, reading comprehension, sight words, spelling, build their vocabulary and practice writing and simple sentence structures. 

Earth Day Word Scramble

Earth Day word scramble sheets

Challenge your kids brains with these Earth Day word scramble sheets. Children can work individually or in teams to try and unscramble animal, plant, conservation and Earth themed words. This is a great spelling activity that isn't a boring spelling test.

Earth Day Word Search

free printable earth day word search

Children will be learning Earth Day vocabulary as well as practicing letter recognition and spelling while working on this Earth Day word search. The word search is designed for K-2 students and includes 12 different words with an environmental focus.

Earth Day Flip Book

Earth Day reduce reuse recycle flip book

Children can illustrate and write their own mini book with this I Can Help The Earth Flip Book. They can colour in the title page and then on the other 3 pages they can write and draw how they can reduce, reuse and recycle. It's a great way for children to practice writing simple sentences.

Earth Day Kindness Pact

Earth Day kindness pledge writing activity

This Earth Day kindness pact is a great way to get children thinking about how they can personally be more kind to the Earth. It's also a great writing activity as they need to write down the ways they're going to be kind. There's a black and white version included in the printable so children can colour in their pact as well.

Earth Day Logic Word Puzzle

earth day logic word puzzle printable

This Earth Day logic word puzzle is a great logical reasoning activity for older elementary school children. Unlike a traditional crossword puzzle which has clues for each word space, this puzzle provides the words and children need to work out where they go based on the number of letters in the words and then how the letters connect.

Free Printable Earth Day Numeracy Activities

A lot of the free printable games at the start of this post teach math concepts, however, if you're looking for more worksheet based numeracy activities for math rotations then try some of these free printable Earth Day numeracy worksheets

Earth Day Tens Frames

Earth Day tens frames

Tens frames are a great tool to use with younger children to help them develop number sense by learning number formation and place value with manipulatives. These free printable Earth Day tens frames can be used with playdough, glass gems, mini erasers or math counters.

Earth Day Shape Clip Cards

Earth Day shape clip cards

Children can learn 2D and 3D shapes with these Earth Day themed shape clip cards. The printable includes 12 pages of clip cards with answers in picture and word formats. Get children to clip the correct answer with pegs or paperclips or cover the correct answer with a counter.

Earth Day Skip Counting Worksheets

Earth Day skip counting worksheets

Give your skip counting lessons an Earth Day twist with these Earth Day skip counting sheets. Skip counting is an important math skill to learn before students can master multiplication or division. 

Earth Day Sudoku Puzzles

earth day sudoku printable

Unlike traditional sudoku with numbers, these Earth Day sudoku puzzles have been adapted to images to make it easier for kids, however it still helps teach critical thinking, patterns and symmetry as children have to figure out which picture goes into which grid.

Earth Day Math Printable Pack

free printable Earth Day math activities

Kindergarten Worksheets and Games have a huge free printable Earth Day pack which has lots of different math printables including counting puzzles, addition and subtraction clip cards, sequencing activity, pattern and graph worksheets.

free printable Earth Day worksheets for kids

More Earth Day Activities For Kids

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