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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Mother's Day Collage Sticky Heart Card

My girl's have always loved creating cards for family and friends for birthdays or special occasions. The great part about this is that our family members, myself and grandma included, love anything handmade, so handmade cards or pictures can also make the best presents. The girl's favourite type of card to make, other than a standard drawing, is a sticky card where we decorate a sticky shape on the front of a card. We've made so many over the years and this one is the collage sticky heart card they made their grandma for Mother's Day.


- Paper
- Scissors
- Sequins {optional}
- Confetti {optional}
- Stickers {any design}
- Crayons or pens

You can use any colour combination of materials you like for the collage sticky heart card. We used mainly green items as the girls were making this card for their grandma and her favourite colour is green. You can also use any embellishments you like to decorate the card. We raided our craft stash and the girls picked out some heart and flower sticker sheets, green heart confetti and some green, purple, silver and orange sequins to go with the green tissue paper. I set up all the collage items in a dip tray so it's easy for them to see everything and pick which pieces they want to use.


1. Fold a piece of paper in half so it makes a card.
2. Draw a heart shape on the front of the card.
3. Use scissors to cut out the heart shape.
4. Stick contact paper to the back of the heart cut out {so the heart at the front of the card is sticky}.
5. Decorate the sticky heart with scrunched up tissue paper, stickers, confetti and sequins of your choice.

I left the design completely up to the girls and they added bits and pieces onto the heart wherever they wanted. The beauty of a sticky card is that because of the clear contact paper there's no glue required so once the actual card is made, kids can decorate it with very little help. I tore the tissue paper into strips and the girls scrunched it up into little balls themselves before sticking it on. 

Decorating the card is a great fine motor work out for kids as they scrunch the tissue paper, stick it on and when they pick up the sequins or peel off the stickers. All of those actions help with developing pincer grip and hand strengthening which are skills needed for writing at school.

The girls simply wrote Gma on the front of our card, which is what they call grandma. However if you want to write a special mother's day saying on the front you could try any of the following. Of course you can substitute them all for grandma as well.

  • I Love You To Pieces
  • Happy Mother's Day
  • Mum You're The Best
  • I Love You Mum

The girls have also made red and pink sticky heart cards for valentines day. The beauty about this card is that every single one will always be unique even if you make the same shape. They can also be made in different shapes, for example a flower or star.

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  1. Making cards is a really precious gift. That is a simple but lovely card for her grandma. My daughter also started with this for our birthdays and then as she grew up, she made cards on power point using her lap top. But I didnt get a card this year. Blame it on the lock down.