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Thursday, January 9, 2020

DIY Sticky Heart Card

Ever since my girls were toddlers they've loved making home made cards for family and friends for any and every occasion. I mean every occasion, like say Wednesday... Most of the time they draw random designs, but sometimes we make purposeful designs like this sticky heart card I came up with originally for their grandma for Valentine's Day. We've also made the same design for her birthday, Mother's Day and for their dad for Father's Day. It's quite a versatile design and can be used for a number of occasions. Follow the steps below to create your own DIY sticky heart card.

tissue paper heart sticky cards


The majority of the items needed to make these cards can easily be found at local dollar stores, Kmart, Big W, or online at stores like Catch and Etsy. You can create the cards with any coloured paper/cardstock and tissue paper combination you like. We prefer to use a white background and choose red and pink tissue paper for Valentine's Day cards and usually use the person's favourite colour if we're making them for a birthday or Mother's Day/ Father's Day.


1. Fold your white paper or cardstock in half so it makes a card

2. Draw a heart shape on the front of the card. Gently fold the paper inside the heart then cut to make a slit inside the heart then carefully cut around the outline until the entire heart is cut out.

3. Stick contact paper to the back of the heart cut-out so the sticky side is facing the front of the card. This will create a sticky heart window.

4. Decorate the heart window with scrunched tissue paper. Tear the tissue paper into thin strips then scrunch them into small balls and press each one onto the contact surface.  You could also add stickers and jewel embellishments.

tissue paper heart on contact paper

5. Write a cute saying on the front or inside of the card. Some ideas are:

  • Let's stick together
  • I'm stuck on you
  • Stick with me
  • You make my heart shine
  • You stole a piece of my heart
  • I love you to pieces
  • Be my Valentine

I love you to pieces valentines card kids can make


If you have OCD tendencies {like me} and want your hearts to be perfect, or you want multiple different coloured hearts without mixing colours together; try this easy variation. Instead of hand drawing a single heart on the card, use a small heart cookie cutter and trace multiple hearts onto the card. Follow the same steps as above and you'll have some cute cards like these.

tissue paper heart balloon cards
diy sticky heart cards for valentines day


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