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Monday, January 20, 2020

Easy Valentines Day Heart Crafts for Kids

Valentines Day doesn't have to just be for adults in love, it can also be a great reason to get preschoolers crafting and thinking of others. These easy diy valentines crafts all make great classroom activities and can be used as cute valentines gifts for friends at school or kindy, or for mum, dad and grandparents. They're a great way to celebrate the joy of friendship and show others how much they're appreciated.

Before you get started with any of these heart crafts you'll need some basic craft supplies like paper, paints, glue and scissors. If you're like me you'll probably have a craft stash already, however if you don't you can easily find everything you need from dollar stores, stationary shops, department stores or even my Amazon store online. If you're kids are likely to get messy with glue or paints then you may also want to use a plastic table cover and art smocks.


Melissa from Fireflies and Mudpies has created an adorable template for these cute diy heart buddies. Print off the template and colour however you like with watercolour paint, crayons, pencils or pens and then follow the tutorial to add pipecleaner legs and arms. Add some googly eyes or sticker eyes and you have a cute little heart buddy friend. Head to Fireflies and Mudpies to get the template and other creative ways to turn these heart buddies into Valentines Day cards.


How cute is this little love bug?! This would make a great classroom activity and the love bugs could be used as valentines gifts too. To make these all you will need is toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, coloured paper, googly eyes, washi tape and beads. Get the full tutorial and see even more fun love bug designs over at Red Ted Art.

Toilet paper love bug craft for preschoolers


Create a cute textured heart by recycling materials already on hand at home. All you need is some cardboard {e.g. a cereal box} and any fabric, ribbon, felt and even paper scraps that need using up. If you're a craft material hoarder like me you should have all of these materials already. See the full tutorial over at Best Toys 4 Toddlers and get crafting. These could also be used as Valentines Day cards by writing on the back or sticking them onto some folded coloured cardstock.


Want to decorate your own cards but you don't have a heart stamp? No problem, make your own diy heart stamp with some pegs, foam hearts and hot glue. Visit Natural Beach Living for the full tutorial.


These pom pom cardboard hearts are a cute little craft to get young kids using their fine motor skills. They're also great to use as Valentine's Day gifts or to decorate the house or classroom. Follow the instructions at Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.

cardboard pom pom heart craft for toddlers


Whip up some cute heart shaped DIY chalk using plaster of paris, water and colouring. These cute little heart chalks will entertain the kids for hours and could also be used as a cute Valentine's Day classroom gift. Find out all the details at Oh The Things We'll Make.


These gorgeous stained glass hearts are easy to make using black glue, watercolour paper and paint. Follow the instructions at Red Ted Art to create your own.

black glue stain glass heart craft


This cute yarn heart is really simple to make. You'll only need a paper plate, yarn {wool} and some glue. Head over to About A Mom for the full tutorial.


Create a cute homemade necklace or keyring with these simple diy fingerprint heart charms. You will need some white polymer clay and acrylic paint to decorate. Thread them onto some string for a cute necklace or add a split ring to create a keyring. These would make great Valentines gifts for mum, grandma, teachers or classmates. Head to Kitchen Table Classroom for the tutorial.


Do you have a heap of broken crayons hiding in pencil cases and drawers of your house? Don't throw them away, use them to create these diy conversation heart crayons. Melt them down in a conversation hearts silicone mould and you have cute functional Valentines Day class gifts, or simply keep them for home. Visit Mom Junky for a full tutorial plus a printable idea to add if using them as a gift. These can also be made without the words by using basic silicone heart moulds.


Another way to use up broken crayons is to make these pretty glitter heart crayons. Simply break down the crayons into a silicone heart mould and melt, but this time add in some glitter for some extra shimmery crayons. You can use normal glitter or eco glitter and mix and match any colours you like. Follow the instructions at Glitter on a Dime to make your own.

diy glitter heart crayons


These DIY sticky heart cards are easy for kids to make using cardstock, tissue paper and contact paper. They're also a great fine motor workout while scrunching and sticking the tissue paper and provide scissor skill practice so would be a great classroom activity. Read my full sticky heart card tutorial here.

tissue paper sticky heart cards perfect for valentines day or birthdays


These pipe cleaner beaded heart ornaments are a great fine motor and process art activity in one. They'd be great as a classroom activity and can be used as Valentine's gifts or even as Christmas ornaments. Find out how to make them at In The Playroom.

beaded heart ornaments using pipe cleaners


This heart wreath is made in a similar way to the sticky heart cards above, except you'll need to glue the tissue paper down. Kids will have heaps of fun and fine motor practice rolling and sticking the paper to the heart shape wreath. Follow the instructions at Artsy Craftsy Mom to make your own.

valentines day tissue paper heart wreath


This adorable Valentine's heart character is a cute little craft for the kids to make and also doubles as a treat holder if you want to give out a small lolly gift to classmates or teachers. Follow the instructions at Hands On Teaching Ideas to make your own.

valentines heart treat holder


These shaving cream marbled hearts are a fun process art activity and can also double as a Valentines card. You'll need some shaving foam, paint, a spatula or flat knife and some cardstock. Follow the instructions at Natural Beach Living to make your own printed hearts.

marbled hearts for valentines day using shaving foam


Create a unique Valentines gift by painting heart shaped rocks. Search your garden or local park for triangle or heart shaped rocks and then follow the tutorial at I Love Painted Rocks to decorate them with cute heart paintings. Choose from 11 different designs, or create your own.

diy heart painted rocks for valentines day

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