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Thursday, January 13, 2022

30 Valentines Day School Gift Ideas For Kids

Class gifts for valentine's day are a great way to let classmates and teachers know that you're thinking of them and glad to have them as a friend. Giving small gifts on Valentine's Day to school peers has been a popular tradition in the United States of America for years and is becoming increasingly popular in other countries.

Whether you're a teacher wanting to make a little gift for your students, or a parent wanting to send in a small gift for your child's class mates, I've put together plenty of creative and affordable valentine's class gift ideas. They include food based gifts, practical gifts as well as fun and novelty gift ideas for kids. I've also included matching punny notes to attach to each gift idea.

class gift set of valentines day printable tags
Image: Just Peachy By Julie


CONVERSATION HEARTS ~ Probably the most iconic candy when it comes to love are the multicoloured conversation hearts lollies, so it's no surprise they're a popular Valentine's Day gift. You can even buy the smaller individual packets in bulk which are perfect for class gifts.

EDIBLE TREATS ~ Other edible treats such as microwave popcorn, lollipops, chocolate, gumballs, goldfish and even cereal are popular valentines gifts for school. You can also get some really cute printable tags for them further down in this post.

LOVE BUGS ~ Love bugs are often associated with Valentine's Day, but what are they? Well you can make love bugs out of so many things, including lollipops, pom poms, even plastic bugs. There's a few love bug ideas included in this post.

NOVELTY TOYS ~ There are so many novelty toys that are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts such as heart slinkies, novelty glasses, stress balls, keyrings, bouncy balls and many more. You can buy novelty Valentine's Day gifts in bulk packs online to make class gifts super easy. There's plenty of novelty gift ideas included further down in this post with matching printable gift tags.

POP-IT FIDGET TOYS ~ Arguably one of the most popular items of 2021, pop-it fidget items are a great sensory toy for young children. As pop-its have been propelled from sensory tool to a main stream craze, the amount of designs available has increased substantially. There are now mini pop-its and pop-it keyrings in a range of different shapes and characters which are the perfect combination of a practical and novelty class gift idea for Valentine's Day. See further below in the post for a free pop-it valentine's printable label.

PLAYDOUGH ~ Playdough is always a reliable class gift for any occasion. You don't need to gift full tubs either, you can get mini tubs in bulk, or it's quite affordable to make a batch of homemade playdough and gift it in small individual jars.

SLIME ~ Admittedly slime may be a slightly controversial gift option as some parents have a love/hate relationship with it, however kids seem to love it. It's also relatively easy and cheap to make a big batch of slime and gift it in individual containers.

STATIONARY ~ I love the idea of stationary as class gifts because it's so useful and will never be wasted. Items such as pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers, notepads, stickers and stamps all make great classroom gift ideas and there's plenty of printable tags to go with them further on in this post. You can buy bulk sets of valentines stationary items, or use regular stationary items.


Whether you love to DIY special class gifts or prefer to buy pre-made sets that are already done, there'll be something in this list that's perfect for your child's class.

Please remember to keep in mind the age of the children who will be receiving the gifts. Some items included are not suitable for children under 3 or mouthing children as they may pose a choking risk.

Before gifting food items please check with your class teacher or school to determine if there are any food allergies in the classroom and whether food gifts are allowed.


A good rule of thumb for sweet treats is less is more so try to get individual snack packs, or if you're making up your own packages just include a handful of lollies at most. It's also better to hand them out at the end of the day because no teacher wants a group of 20+ kids having a sugar high at the same time.

lollipop love bug valentines gifts

For an easy sweet treat turn some chupa chups {or other lollipops} into cute love bugs in just a few steps. If you're handy with a glue gun, follow the steps at Mommy Evolution to turn a normal lollipop into a love bug valentine treat.

chocolate heart valentine printable

Heart shaped chocolates are popular wedding favours and totally work for Valentine's Day too. You can buy them in bulk at confectionary shops or online. Print out the "All you need is love, but chocolate works too" card from Playdates to Parties and attach a single chocolate with a glue dot.

swedish fish valentines printable tag

Swedish fish are also a great valentine's class gift as you can get them in individual packets. Simply print out this "You are oFISHally awesome" tag and attach to the packet with tape. Get the tag here.

diy gumball machine valentines gifts

If you're crafty and want to go the extra mile for valentine's, you can make these DIY gumball machines. You'll need some red plastic cups, clear baubles and gumballs. Follow the instructions at Jinxy Kids to create your own. If you want to gift gumballs, but don't want to go to this much effort, you can get printable "I chews you valentine" cards here. These should only be gifted to older children who know gumballs need to be chewed.

tic tac valentines printable

Tic Tac's are a great class gift as they already come in individually sealed containers. You can buy them in bulk in lots of different flavours {be mindful the mint ones may be too hot for younger kids}. Download the free "You're the tic to my tac" tic, tac toe game printable from The Typical Mom so the kids can turn their treat into a fun game.


These edible goodies are great class gifts, but won't result in a sugar high after {which other parents will probably be thankful for}. You can also get them all already in individual snack packs, just add a tag and you're done.

goldfish biscuits valentine sticker

Goldfish biscuits are a popular treat and favour for many occasions, including Valentine's Day. They can be bought in bulk in snack packs in various flavours. There's a number of goldfish related valentine's printables and stickers available on Etsy including these ones shown above.

cereal valentines tags

Cereal is a great valentine's gift because you can get them in a variety of snack packs and pouches in bulk. Attach an "I'm cereal-sly glad we're friends" printable tag {available here} and you're done. You can also include a spoon as shown in the pic for an extra touch.

popcorn free printable valentines tag

Microwave popcorn is also a great edible treat to hand out in class because it comes in individual packages as well. Get them from the supermarket or buy bulk packs online, then print off the free "Have a POPPIN' good Valentine's Day" tag from Glued To My Crafts Blog and tape it around the bags.


These practical Valentine's Day gifts can be used over and over by the recipient, so they won't go to waste, or be used up in a few minutes. They're all also easy to buy or make in bulk so they're affordable as well.

ruler valentines printable

Rulers are a great idea for a class gift because they always come in handy {and for some reason we're always losing ours}. Print out this simple "You rule!" label from Crayons and Cravings to go with it. Cut some slits along the black lines on the left and right sides and then the ruler can slide through the label.

printable valentines tag for pencils

Pencils are one of the easiest class gifts as they're really cheap and everyone needs one. Make these pencil gifts by downloading the free printable "You're as sharp as cupids arrow" label from Frugal Mom Eh and adding some decorative washi tape. If you prefer to just add a pencil topper you can get a free printable valentines pencil topper here.

upcycled crayon class gifts for valentines day

DIY crayons are a really practical valentines class gift idea because not only are they useful for the receiver, they're also a great way to use up any broken crayons you have at home. Simply melt broken crayons in a silicone mould {any shape you like} by following the instructions at Kids Activities Blog, then download their free "You color my world" printable.

you're the highlight of my day printable tag

Highlighters are a great gift for classmates or a teacher. Buy a set of highlighters in bulk and then attach to the "Hey Valentine, You're the highlight of my day" printable which you can get here.

playdough valentines gift

Playdough is a really popular class gift as it's cheap, easy to make and most kids love it. Print off these free "LET'S Play-Dough TOGETHER Valentine" tags from Pastels + Macarons to add to store bought mini tubs of play-doh or homemade playdough for an a-dough-rable valentines gift. There's plenty of different playdough recipes here if you want to make your own.

valentine slime gift tag

Slime is also a popular class gift idea although you may want to check with the teacher or other parents before gifting it as some people don't love it because it can get messy. If you want to make your own valentines slime follow the recipe at Party and Bright and download the free printable valentine slime labels {the labels will fit 2 ounce plastic cups}. If you don't want to make your own slime you can get pre-made valentines slime gifts in bulk here.

water bottle valentines labels
Another really practical gift is water. Although it will be used up, it's a great healthy and useful gift school kids will always need. Download these printable "Happy Valentine's Day" water bottle labels from here and then tape them onto individual water bottles. Just remember to check the width of the labels to ensure they'll fit the water bottles you have.


These Valentine's gifts are all fun toys that the kids can keep and use in play. They're all still relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk to make gift giving easy.

you make my heart pop valentine's free printable label

Pop-it fidget toys are super popular with young kids, so it's no surprise they're a popular Valentine's class gift idea. To create a DIY pop-it valentines class gift you'll need some mini pop-its, or pop-it keychains and this free printable pop-it valentines label {there's 4 different labels in the set}. If you don't want to make them up yourself you can get pre-made pop-it valentines gifts here.

finger light valentines day labels

A fun novelty class gift idea is a mini finger light with a matching "you light up my life" tag. You can make the ones shown above by using this free printable and a bulk pack of finger lights. Please make sure this idea is only used with older children as the light batteries can be dangerous for mouthing children.

love bug valentines day gift idea for kids

These love bug class gifts are adorable, even though they're creepy crawlies! Get the bug jar "Happy Valentines Day, LOVE BUG" printable here and then attach a plastic bug toy to each card. You can get affordable bulk packs of plastic bugs online or at dollar stores. If you want to make them more cute and less creepy use plastic ladybugs or plastic butterflies. You can also get a pre-made love bug valentine set here that comes with 36 printed cards and bugs.

zoo animal figurines valentines gift idea

Just like mini plastic bugs make a great gift, mini zoo animals are great too. Combine them with the free printable "Zoo you want to be my Valentine?" tag from Steamsational.

toy car valentines gift idea

Matchbox, Hot Wheels or any other mini cars are a fun valentine's gift idea when paired with these adorable car printables from Where The Smiles Have Been. The printable comes in 4 different versions including "I wheelie like you", "You rev my engine", "You make my heart race" and "I like how you roll".

lego valentines gift

Small bags of Lego make a great valentine's gift, especially when paired with this Lego heart printable tag from Steamsational. The printable comes with a range of different sayings and on the back there are instructions to build a Lego heart with the included pieces. You can get the required pieces in this Lego set and then split them into individual bags. Please note this gift is only suitable for children over 5.

bubble valentines printable to go with gift

I've never met a kid who doesn't like bubbles, no matter their age. Bubbles are a great gift idea for kids from daycare through to school age. Print out the free "Your friendship blows me away" tag from Thrifty Jinxy and attach them to small jars of bubbles or bubble wands. You can get bubbles in bulk at dollar stores, party shops or online here.


I know as parents we don't tend to be huge fans of little novelty toys that have no real practical value, but kids just absolutely love them! What's also great about novelty gifts is you can get them in bulk packs for very little cost, so they're a cheap and easy class gift idea.

novelty glasses valentine day gift

Novelty glasses or sunglasses are a cute valentines class gift when teamed with cute printables. You can get the free "I only have EYES for you, VALENTINE" printable in 4 different colours here. There's also another free "VALENTINE, I can't see straight when you're around" printable here. Attach a pair of novelty kids glasses to create a spectacular valentines class gift

You can also get pre-made valentines glasses gifts with tags in bulk here. If you don't want to buy real glasses you could print out these paper glasses to use for a completely free gift idea.

heart slinky valentine gift tags

Slinkies are a really affordable class gift as they can be purchased in bulk for only a few dollars. Download the free "You make my heart SPRING, Valentine" printable {shown above} here and you'll have a super easy valentines gift.

lucky duck valentines gift idea and printable

These lucky duck valentines gifts are so simple to put together and can be used by the kids as bath toys or for water play afterwards. Make them by downloading the "I'm a lucky DUCK to have a friend like you" free printable here and add a rubber duck. Mini yellow rubber ducks will work fine, or you can find special heart rubber ducks in bulk here.

you make my heart bounce valentine tag printable

Bouncy balls are a popular favour idea for kids birthdays and they're great for a class Valentine's Day gift too. You can get bulk packs of bouncy balls online or at dollar stores. Put them in a clear bag and attach a "Valentine, you make my heart bounce" printable. The printable comes in blue and pink options here. Please ensure these are only given to older children as they can pose a choking risk to mouthing kids.

ninja valentines class gift idea

These ninja valentines printables are an easy way to turn a toy ninja into a cute valentines class gift. Download the printables from The Quiet Grove and attach an individual ninja. I couldn't find the ones she's used in the photo, but there are some cute ninjas here.

glowstick lightsaber valentines tag

How adorable are these glowstick lightsaber class gifts? It's such an easy way to turn a cheap novelty gift into something really cool, especially for little Star Wars fans. You can get the free "May the force be with you this Valentine's Day" printable from The Quiet Grove. Glowsticks are relatively cheap and can be purchased in bulk from party stores, dollar stores or online. There are also pre-packaged glowstick class gifts available here.

parachute man valentines class gift

Parachute men are a common party favour and work well as a valentine gift too when paired with this free printable. Buy a bulk pack of parachute men and then print off the free "Well "chute" aren't you cute?" tag from Making The World Cuter.

i spy a good friend printable tag

Another really simple valentine's gift idea for students or classmates are these adorable i-spy magnifying glasses. You can get the "I-spy a good friend" tag from Just Peachy By Julie as the downloadable printable only, or pre-made kits including the magnifying glasses. You can also get mini magnifying glasses in a bulk pack here.


easy and affordable valentines day class gift ideas for school

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