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Friday, October 6, 2023

30 Witch Craft & Play Ideas for Kids

Bring some enchantment and magic to your child's Halloween play with these 30 fun witch craft and play ideas featuring witches, broomsticks, witch's hats, spooky witch's houses, cauldrons, spells and bubbling witches brew. They're great for toddlers, preschoolers and school children to celebrate the spooky season and perfect to entertain kids at a Halloween party. Don't worry they're cute, not scary.

witch crafts and activity ideas for kids.

Witchcraft, often associated with old legends and mysterious spells, can inspire a plethora of playful activities for young sorcerers-in-training. From spellbinding crafts that conjure creativity, to sensory play that stirs the cauldron of imagination, to fine motor activities designed to hone a witch or wizard's dexterity, there are endless opportunities for fun and learning.


Bring iconic, but kid friendly, green-skinned witches with crooked noses and fiery orange locks to life with these fun witch crafts for kids. Will your witches be good or wicked? Once the witches are done, there's also crafts for broomsticks, witch's hats and their spooky houses too.

Handprint Witch

handprint witch craft

Transform your child's handprint into a witch complete with warts and a pointy witches hat, with this clever handprint witch craft. Trace your child's hand then decorate the witches face with the free printable template.

Handprint Witch Card

handprint witch with broom.

This cute handprint witch doubles as a Halloween card. The witch opens up so you can write a Halloween message inside for friends, family, classmates or trick or treaters.

Handprint Witch Craft

handprint hair witches craft.

Bring these cute little witches to life with the free printable template and by tracing your kids hands to make the hair. Each witch will have their own unique hair style and they're great to use as Halloween decorations for the classroom or home.

Toilet Paper Roll Witch

toilet paper roll witch.

Recycle toilet paper rolls or use cardboard tubes to make this 3D witch that stands by herself. This one is great for children who are a little bit older and have well developed scissor skills. Download the free template here

If you want to make even more toilet paper roll Halloween friends like bats, ghosts, monsters and more, check out our post 25 Halloween toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Easy Paper Plate Witch

easy paper plate witch craft.

This easy paper plate witch craft is great for younger kids. It's really simple to put together and scrunching up the tissue paper to make the hair is a great way for them to work on their fine motor skills.

Paper Plate Witch

paper plate witch with purple yarn hair.

This paper plate witch has loads of personality with her glittery nose and blue and purple plaited hair. If you're doing this with older kids it's a great way for them to use their fine motor skills threading the hair onto the paper plate then plaiting it together.

Hippy Paper Plate Witch

bead threaded paper plate witch

This paper plate witch isn't your average witch, she has beads in her hair and a flower on her hat - there's nothing scary about her at all. 

This craft is great for children to build their fine motor skills as they thread the hair onto the plate and thread the beads onto the hair. You could also make the fringe hair long and turn it into a scissor cutting activity to trim the fringe shorter.

Flying Paper Plate Witch

flying paper plate witch craft.

Turn a paper plate into the night sky and full moon then make your witch fly across the sky with this flying witch craft.

Leaf Witch

witch made from leaf and paper.

Did you know you can even turn leaves into witches? The bigger and more colourful or patterned the leaves are the better! Go on a nature walk and collect the most weird and wonderful leaves you can find and come home and craft some crinkly witches.

Construction Paper Witch

construction paper witch craft.

This construction paper witch is so easy to make, all you need is paper in different colours. Her curly hair is so adorable and a fun way to make her appear 3D.

Cardboard Collage Witches

collage witches.

These witch faces are a really fun way for children to get creative with a number of different materials. You'll need some cardboard, green paint, styrofoam balls, googly eyes, gems and a range of different fabrics and yarn.

Shape Witch Craft

shape witch craft activity.

Younger children can learn to recognise and identify common shapes while creating this shape witch. The finished witch uses a circle, squares, different sized triangles and rectangles.

Miniature Witch's Broomstick

diy witches broomstick craft.

Every witch needs a broom to fly around on and you can create your own mini broomstick with a twig, craft paper and some glue. Once it's finished it'd be a great addition to Halloween small world play.

Paper Plate Witch's Hat

paper plate witches hat craft.

These paper plate witch's hats are so simple to make, you only need paper plates, black paint, black paper and some Halloween stickers.

Witch's Hat Decoration

3D witches hat Halloween decoration.

These paper plate witch's hats are a fun 3D craft for kids to make. While they can't actually wear them {because there's no head hole} they do make great decorations for a Halloween party.

Origami Witch's Hats

origami witches hats

These origami witch's hats are a fun paper craft for older children to make. Follow the step by step instructions at The Gingerbread House to create the hats and give them a 3D look.

Paper Plate Witch Houses

witches cottage craft.

These paper plate witch houses are exactly how I would imagine a spooky little witch's cottage in the forest to look. They definitely have a fairy tale vibe. They're also super easy for kids to make, you'll need some paper plates, paint and cardstock. 

Popsicle Stick Witch's House

haunted witches houses made with popsicle sticks.

Make these spooky haunted witch's houses with popsicle sticks and felt and decorate them with these free printable Halloween characters. Who'll be hiding in your haunted house?

Haunted House Craft

gable roof popsicle stick house craft.

The gable roof and bright windows actually make this haunted house seem quite welcoming. To make this haunted house you'll need popsicle sticks in multiple sizes, paint, cardstock and Halloween foam stickers.

Popsicle Stick Haunted Graveyard House

popsicle stick haunted house and grave yard craft.

This popsicle stick haunted house on the other hand looks very suspicious and definitely gives off DO NOT ENTER vibes with it's barricaded window and door, and the fact it's in a graveyard. Use these free printable templates and instructions to build your own haunted house. The templates also include funny tombstone epitaphs like Anita Shovel, Bea A. Fraid and Doug McGrave.


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Find the perfect enchanting activity for your children from our bewitching list of witch-themed play ideas. Create shimmering sensory bottles, find hidden treasures in mysterious sensory bins and use magical ingredients to mix and conjure bubbling witches brew in cauldrons.

Dressing up as witches {or wizards} and engaging in potion play is the perfect way for children to role-play, express their creativity and imagination and explore and develop other crucial skills such as cause and effect, fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. These activities also help with social interaction, communication skills and emotional regulation when done in a group.

You can also find even more open ended Halloween play resources here.

Broomstick Threading

witches broomstick fine motor activity

This witch's broomstick fine motor activity is a great way for children to make their own witches broom and then decorate it. The activity combines a game of chance and threading as children thread the beads onto their witches broom. You'll need some pipe cleaners and paper for the broomstick, beads for threading and a dice.

Spellbinding Witch Sensory Bottle

witch confetti sensory bottle

Shake up this spellbinding witch sensory bottle and watch the witches fly around on their broomsticks. You can get the same flying witch confetti in this Halloween scatter confetti. Make sure you seal the bottle shut so the witches don't go flying all over the floor.

Witches Brew Sensory Bottle

witches brew sensory bottle

If you have younger kids, or you just want to make some witches brew without any possibility of mess, this witches brew sensory bottle is perfect. Fill the bottle with miniature spooky items like plastic bones, googly eyes, spiders, bats and other creepy crawlies then watch them float up and down as the bottle is moved around.

Witches Brew Sensory Bin

purple witches brew sensory bin.

Create a simple witches brew sensory bin with purple sensory rice, mini cauldrons and other loose parts so children can scoop, pour and create their own mini witches brew. This is a great option for dry sensory play and easy clean up, plus you can keep the sensory rice for other sensory play.

Colourful Witches Potions

witches potion science experiment

Kids will watch on in awe as these bright witches potions bubble and brew to life. Fill the mini cauldrons with a few tiny bugs then add the baking soda and watch the witches brew bubble, fizz and spill out of the cauldrons. With a twist on the traditional bicarb and vinegar science experiment, these witches potions combine science and creepy crawlies into one spooky, fun activity kids will love.

Fluffy Witches Brew Slime

purple fluffy witches brew slime with spiders.

Follow this fluffy witches brew slime recipe to make the perfect fluffy, stretchy slime. Put it in a cauldron and add in some plastic spiders and bugs for an authentically creepy concoction.

Potion Play Cards

witches brew potion pretend play with printable potion cards.

Grab your Halloween play props like plastic skulls, bats, eyeballs, spiders, mini pumpkins and skeleton hands and print out a copy of these printable potion cards to set up a fun potion play station. The kids can follow the potion recipes to create their own boney brew, pumpkin poison and many more spooky concoctions.

Foaming Witches Brew Sensory Play

foamy witches brew in mud kitchen.

Create a foaming witches brew complete with bugs, slugs, snakes and lizards. I recommend doing this one outside as it can get messy, even though it technically cleans kids hands as they play.

Water Witches Brew

halloween water witches brew sensory play.

Create some super simple witches brew play with a container of dyed water, eyeballs, pom poms and skeleton tongs to use as scoops.

Make Your Own Witches Spell

make your own spell printable.

Whether the kids are using nature items in the mud kitchen or plastic creepy crawlies to create weird and wonderful concoctions, you can print out this my witches' spell printable worksheet to go along with their play. They can make their own witches spells with different ingredients, give it a special name and decide what it does. This is also a great way to sneak in some writing practice while they play.


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If you're looking for even more fun Halloween crafts or activities for your kids or students, come and join our Facebook group Halloween Ideas for Kids where thousands of parents and teachers from across the world are sharing creative Halloween ideas.


witch crafts and activities for kids.

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