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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

49 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

If you're looking for some fun and creative kids crafts for Halloween you've come to the right place. I've put together the ultimate list of 49 easy Halloween crafts for kids of all ages from toddlers through to teenagers. There's crafts using different mediums including paint, paper, clay, felt, beads and more. There's also lots of different process art techniques such as spin art, marble painting, food stamping and many others.

easy halloween kids crafts

If you're like us, any holiday is a great excuse for crafting and Halloween is no exception! In fact it's probably my kids most favourite time to get crafty because they can decorate the house with everything spooky. In this post you'll find our favourite pumpkin, ghost, mummy, black cat, bat, spider and monster crafts that are all great for kids and can be done either in the classroom or at home. What will you make first?


Before you start Halloween crafting, you'll need to have some craft supplies on hand. Don't worry though the majority of these crafts only require basic craft items like coloured paper, washable paint, glue, scissors, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. You can get everything you need from a dollar store, stationary shop or online from Amazon {or in my Amazon store here}.


Nothing marks the start of fall and the lead up to Halloween quite like the appearance of pumpkins everywhere. If your littles are too young for pumpkin carving {or you live somewhere humid like me in Australia} but you still want to decorate with pumpkins, try making some of these adorable pumpkin crafts. There's lots of creative process art and fine motor pumpkin craft ideas for kids of all ages.

Paper Plate Pumpkins

pumpkin paper plate painting

These paper plate pumpkins are super easy to make, even toddlers will be able to do it. You'll need some paper plates, orange paint and black cardboard then use any of the techniques Active Littles mentioned to turn the paper plate into a jack-o-lantern.

Pumpkin stamping

pumpkin apple stamping

These apple stamped pumpkins are also super easy to make. You'll just need an apple and some tempura paint. Follow the instructions at In The Kids Kitchen.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin

tissue paper pumpkins

Making a tissue paper pumpkin is really fun craft activity. You can glue tissue paper onto a template like Arty Crafty Kids did, or you could use contact paper and make a sticky paper version similar to how we made our sticky heart cards.

Beaded Pumpkins

beaded pumpkin craft

These beaded pumpkins are a great fine motor activity and craft in one. If you have a huge stash of pony beads {don't we all?} this is a great way to use them up and create some decorations for Halloween or fall. Follow the instructions at The Art Kit Blog.

Popsicle Stick Pumpkins

pumpkin popsicle stick face craft

These popsicle stick pumpkin faces are a great way to craft and create a fun puzzle game. Follow the instructions at Soccer Mom Blog to make your own painted popsicle sticks then use them as a puzzle or game after.

Spin Art Pumpkins

spin art pumpkins

These spinner art pumpkins are so fun to make. We love spin painting at our house, it's so much fun, not messy and all you need is a cheap salad spinner and some paint. Get the free template to create these pumpkins from Projects with Kids.

Pumpkin Fridge Magnet

pumpkin face magnets

These mix and match foam pumpkin face magnets are a great craft activity to make for the fridge. Please be mindful they do use magnets which are a choking hazard for small children so need to be secured properly {or alternatively use magnetic tape}. Follow the instructions at The Flying Couponer to make your own.

Paper Strip Pumpkins

paper strip pumpkin craft

If your kids love paper crafts they'll love making paper strip pumpkins. These ones are a little more fiddly to make so are better for older kids, or have the paper pre-cut and hole punched if making them with younger kids. Follow the instructions at Fireflies and Mud Pies.

Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins

yarn wrapped paper plate pumpkins

These yarn wrapped pumpkins are a great way to combine painting and fine motor work like cutting and threading. These are great to do over a few days as you'll need to cut out and paint the paper plates then once they're dried they can be wrapped in yarn and decorated. This is also a great classroom activity for preschool or school aged children. Follow the instructions at Danya Banya to create your own,

Pumpkin Luminaries

Paper luminaries are a really simple way to make Halloween lamps in lots of different spooky designs. Follow the instructions at Crafts by Amanda and make sure you only use them with battery operated tea light candles.

Jack-O-Lantern Jars

pumpkin mason jar candles

Make these cute upcycled jack-o-lanterns using an empty jar and some tissue paper. Follow the instructions at Red Ted Art to make your own {if you're worried about using glass you can use plastic mason jars instead}.

Paper Jack-O-Lanterns

pumpkin paper lantern

These paper jack-o-lanterns are a really fun craft to make and display in the classroom. They're stronger than a traditional paper lantern as they're held in place using a cardboard tube. Follow the instructions to make your own at Preschool Play and Learn.


Ghosts and mummies are usually considered scary, but not these ones! These ghouls are cute and curious like Casper the friendly ghost. Kids will have loads of fun creating their own friendly ghosts and magnificent mummies for Halloween.

Toilet Paper Roll Mummies

toilet paper roll mummies
These toilet paper roll mummies are really easy for toddlers and young children to make. If you don't want to use toilet paper rolls you can use empty paper towel rolls, wrapping paper rolls or get craft rolls online. Follow our toilet paper roll mummy instructions here

Paper Plate Mummy

paper plate mummy

This moving eye mummy is a fun, interactive Halloween craft. It's slightly spooky, but not too scary. You'll need a paper plate, some paper and the instructions from Kids Craft Room.

Rock Mummies

halloweem rock mummies

These glow in the dark rock mummies are a super simple Halloween nature craft. Get the kids outside exploring and collecting rocks then decorate them with glow in the dark loom bands and you'll have some super cute rock mummies. This one is a great fine motor workout too, follow the instructions at Little Pine Learners.

Marbled Mummies

marble painted mummy craft

These marble painted mummies are a fun process art craft for kids to make at Halloween. Rolling the paint on with a marble creates textured haphazard stripes just like layers wrapped around a mummy. Follow the instructions at The Keele Deal.

Tealight Ghosts

clay tealight ghosts

If your kids love playing with playdough then they'll love moulding these clay tealight ghosts. Follow the technique at The Mad House to create these cute ghosts from clay and then put a battery operated tealight underneath so they can light up at night.

Puffy Paint Ghosts

glow in the dark puffy paint ghosts

Make these glow in the dark ghosts with some DIY puffy paint and watch them come to life when it gets dark. You'll need some glow in the dark fabric paint and shaving cream to make your DIY glow in the dark puffy paint. Follow the instructions and use the free ghost template from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Leaf Ghosts

painted leaf ghosts

Painted leaf ghosts are another fun nature craft for Halloween. Simply collect some fallen leaves on a nature walk and then paint them and decorate different faces like Mother Natured did. You can also string them up to create a DIY Halloween garland.

Potato Stamp Ghosts

potato stamped ghosts

Potato stamping is such a fun process art activity and one you can do at Halloween too. Create these fun potato stamped ghosts by carving a ghost into a sliced potato and using it to print onto paper. Follow the instructions at Natural Beach Living.

Blow Painted Ghosts

straw blown ghost craft

Another fun process art activity is straw blown ghosts. This one is super easy for young kids and fun for older kids too. Simply blow the paint with a straw to create unique ghosts and then decorate with faces like Rainy Day Mum did.

Ghost Piñatas

ghost piñatas

These mini ghost piñatas are so easy to make. You'll need some white paper cups, tissue paper and the instructions at Red Ted Art. These would be great decorations for a Halloween party.

Ghost Bottle

ghost bottle craft

This ghost bottle is really easy for young kids to make and a great way to practice fine motor skills. You'll need an empty plastic bottle {any size will do} and some duct tape. Follow the instructions at In The Playroom.


Black cats and bats have long been associated with Halloween due to superstitions that they're bad or evil, but these ones are just adorable. These black cats and bats aren't scary at all and make the purrfect craft activity any time of the year, not just at Halloween.

Black Cat Handprint

black cat handprint craft

This black cat handprint craft is super cute and a great keepsake to remember how tiny the kids hands were at certain ages. Make a new one each Halloween to see how they've grown. Get the instructions and free printable cat face template from Mombrite.

Black Cat Face

paper plate black cat

This paper plate black cat is so simple even toddlers can make it. You can also add a popsicle stick once it's finished to turn it into a puppet. Follow the instructions at Coffee Cups and Crayons.

Paper Plate Black Cat

paper plate black cat craft

Another fun way to use paper plates is this standing paper plate black cat. This one is also a great fine motor activity as it involves lots of cutting {if you're doing this with younger children pre-cut the pieces so they can just paint and glue it together}. Follow the instructions at Little Bins for Little Hands.

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

toilet paper roll black cat

This toilet paper roll cat is adorable and really easy to make. It can also be used as a finger puppet once it's finished. Follow the directions at Where Imagination Grows to make your own. There's also lots of Halloween toilet paper roll craft ideas here.

Paper Bag Black Cat

black cat stuffed bag craft

This stuffed paper bag black cat is great to use as a Halloween decoration, or stuff it with treats and use them as treat bags to hand out to trick or treaters. Follow the instructions at Non Toy Gifts to make your own.

Black Cat Process Art

black cat process art activity

For a fun activity for the classroom, try this black cat process art craft. Students will love creating their own black cat silhouette images and it also involves lots of fine motor work to strengthen little hand muscles. Get the free template and instructions at Simple Everyday Mom.

Bat Silhouette Craft

bat silhouette craft

Another fun process art craft is these bat silhouettes. To create these you'll need the free bat template from ABCs of Literacy and some washable paint {especially if you're doing it with toddlers as they're likely to splatter it everywhere}.

Flying Bats

flying bat cup craft

These flying bats are made from paper cups and although they may look complicated, they're actually pretty easy to make. The best part is they actually fly once you're finished! Follow the instructions at Kids Craft Room.

Peg Bats

peg bat craft

Make these adorable peg bats using wooden pegs, paper plates and pom poms. This one is another great fine motor activity as well as there's lots of cutting, painting and gluing. Follow the directions at The Joy of Sharing to create your own.

Shape Bats

bat shape craft

Combine craft with shape recognition with these shape bats. This one also involved lots of cutting so if you're doing it with younger kids you may want to pre-cut some pieces. Get the free printable template and instructions at Messy Little Monster.

Coffee Filter Bats

coffee filter bats

These coffee filter bats are so freaking cute! They'd be great to display on the wall for Halloween either in the classroom or at home. The best part about this craft is you get to create gorgeous wings using coffee filters {if you've ever done coffee filter crafts you'll know why this is so fun!}. Follow the instructions at Darcy and Brian to make your own bats.


Spiders often get a bad rap, especially here in Australia where there's a lot of them and a lot are poisonous. I generally don't like having spiders in my house, but I'd love to display these adorable crafty spiders all over my house for Halloween. Lots of these spider crafts involve everyday items such as paper, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and toilet paper rolls. There's also nature inspired spider crafts you can make after a trip to the park or nature hunt.

Paper Plate Spider

paper plate spider

One of the most classic and easiest spider crafts to do with kids is a paper plate spider. You'll need some paper plates, paint, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Follow the instructions at A Craft At Home Family.

Alfoil Spider

alfoil spider craft

How adorable is this alfoil spider! This one would be great to do with younger children as they'll love scrunching the alfoil into balls to make spider bodies. You'll also need some black paper and googly eyes. Follow the instructions at The Joy Of Sharing.

Twiggy Spiders

twig leg egg carton spiders

If your kids love nature crafts they'll love these twiggy spiders. Next time you go on a nature walk or a trip to the park, collect some small bendy sticks to take home to create some knobbly knee spiders. Follow the instructions at Kitchen Counter Chronicles to bring them to life.

Toilet Paper Roll Spiders

toilet paper roll spiders

These toilet paper roll spiders are so cute. We're huge fans of toilet paper roll crafts because it's a great way to recycle a readily available {and free} resource. Find out how Conservamom created these cute spiders here.

Conker Spiders

conker spiders

These conker spiders are the perfect fall craft activity. Conkers {the seed of the horse chestnut tree} are plentiful during fall in Europe, North America and across Asia. Collect some from the local park and take them home for some crafting fun. Follow the instructions at Messy Little Monster to make your own conker spiders.

Handprint Spider

spider hand print craft

These handprint spiders in webs are a super fun process art craft and fine motor activity. These also make great decorations for home or the classroom once they're finished. Follow the instructions at Kids Craft Room to make your own.

Rainbow Spider & Web

colourful egg carton spider

This rainbow spider and web is the type of spider I'd want in my house, how cute is it?! Let the kids get creative with colour making these spiders, which also involve marble painting to create the web effect. Find out how to make them at Preschool Toolkit.

Egg Carton Spiders

egg carton spider puppets

These egg carton spider puppets are so fun to make and play with. Kids can make their spiders in any colours they like then make them bounce and jump all over. Get the instructions at The Craft Train.

Pinecone Spider

pine cone spider

Another fun nature spider craft to make is a pinecone spider. Collect some little {not too prickly} pinecones while out and about then turn them into these cute spiders. See how Fireflies and Mudpies made hers here.

3D Paper Spiders

3d paper spider craft

School children will love making these 3d paper spiders. These spiders require lots of cutting, folding and gluing so are best suited to slightly older children who are confident with scissors. Once they're finished they can be used as Halloween tree decorations or hung from string. Find out how to make them at Red Ted Art.

Spider Paper Craft

toddler spider art project

This spider craft is great group activity to do with toddlers through to school aged kids. You'll need some cotton balls to weave into a web and then some paper to make the spiders to sit on top. Follow the instructions at Live Well Play Together to recreate them.


Last but not least we can't forget monster crafts! Don't worry, just like the other crafts, these monsters aren't scary at all, more cute and cuddly like Sulley from Monsters Inc.

Pool Noodle Monsters

pool noodle monsters

These pool noodle monsters are too cute! Kids will have loads of fun designing their own monsters using pool noodles, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Follow the instructions at Messy Little Monster to create your own.

Pom Pom Yarn Monsters

yarn monsters

Older children will love creating these adorable yarn monsters. This one does require a bit of cutting and is similar to making your own DIY pom poms. Follow the step by step instructions at Blue Bear Wood to make your own.

Egg Carton Monsters

egg carton monsters

These egg carton monsters look like they'd be quite mischievous! These monsters can also double as treat holders fitting a single wrapped lolly inside so they're also perfect for Halloween class gifts or to give out to trick or treaters. Follow the instructions at The Craft Train.

Collage Monsters

collage monster faces

A fun mixed media monster craft is these collage monster faces. Get the kids to brightly paint different recycled materials and paper and then assemble them into different monster faces. More info about how to do this at Fantastic Fun and Learning.

49 easy halloween crafts for kids

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