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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Super Easy Elf on the Shelf Hiding Spots

If you're looking for easy Elf on the Shelf ideas then it doesn't get much easier than these hiding spots. There's no stress, no mess and no clean up required for any of these elf ideas, so if you want a month of smooth sailing with your elf then get ready to play hide and seek with these 32 super easy elf hiding spots. Yes that's more than enough ideas to last until Christmas.

If you have younger children like toddlers and preschoolers then these ideas are also the perfect way to introduce your elf for the first year. Having the elf hide in different spots each night is not only an easy option for parents, but it's also great for children who can't grasp the whole concept of Elf on the Shelf yet. They're also great lazy elf ideas for when you have no motivation.

elf on the shelf hiding in the couch
Image: @elf_on_the_shelf_joy

These ideas are also great if you're pregnant and have no energy for elaborate ideas, the times you wake up in the middle of the night freaking out you haven't moved the elf {we've all done that} and the nights you just can't be ...... {you know what I mean}. They're also really simple ideas that can't be stuffed up if Dad's on elf duty for the night.


Take the stress out of planning and doing Elf on the Shelf this December by using these easy elf hiding spots in and around the house. The kids will love waking up to search for the elf each morning and you'll love just how easy it is.

elf on the shelf hiding in pringles container

In a Pringles container. Pringles tins are the perfect height for an elf and you can cut out the face so the elf can pop out of the container. It's also an added bonus that you get to eat all the Pringles.

In a cereal box. The elf can hang about in the open top of a cereal box. If you have the official elf cereal you can cut out the face and have them looking out from inside the box.

In the pantry. The elf can have fun exploring the pantry cupboard. Maybe they'll go spinning on a lazy suzan, climb to the top of the cans or try to rearrange the Tupperware.

In an upside down glass. Maybe the elf tried to make a snow globe and got stuck? You could even add some coconut or flour as snow.

In the saucepan drawer. Pots and pans are a great size for the elf to hide in and they're fun to play in.

In a bowl. Either in a bowl in the plate drawer, or in a fruit bowl on the table or kitchen bench.

In the oven. Just make sure you do not forget about them and turn it on to cook dinner {yes this really happened to someone I know and it didn't end well}.

elf on the shelf hiding in the cutlery drawer

In the cutlery drawer. If you want to make sure the kids find it, ask them to set the table for breakfast.

In the fridge. You can wrap them in a blanket {face washer} or dressing gown so they don't get too cold spending all day in there.

In the blinds. If you have horizontal slat blinds it's easy to have the elf peeking through the blinds to surprise the kids.

On the fan. Sit the elf on top of one of the fan blades so they can get a birds eye view of the kids all day long. Again just don't turn the fan on, or the elf will show the kids it really can fly.

In between the couch cushions. Who needs an elf on the shelf when it can be an elf in the couch? If you're lucky it may also clean out all the random stuff the kids hide under there.

elf hiding in the christmas tree

In the Christmas tree. If you're really lacking motivation, hide the elf in the Christmas tree branches.

On the tree topper. If you have a star or angel on top of the tree hang the elf on top like it's hugging them.

In a Christmas stocking. If you have Christmas stockings hung up, have the elf peeking out the top of one of them.

In the present pile. Maybe the elf was trying to figure out exactly what's inside the presents while everyone was sleeping.

In the kids bed. While the kids are sleeping put the elf in bed beside them so they wake up to find it having a sleepover. If you have more than one child do a different child each night.

In the kids clothes. Hang the elf inside one of your child's t-shirts in the wardrobe so they'll see them peeking out when they get dressed.

In the kids undies drawer. You can also put the elf inside a pair of the kids undies in their underwear drawer.

elf climbing into bedroom drawers

In a bedroom drawer. If you have a cheeky elf they could get busted climbing into the kids clothes drawers. They might even be naughty enough to throw some of the clothes out.

On the book shelf. Now it's literally an elf on the shelf.

Hanging off a picture frame. Lots of elves like to draw funny faces or add googly eyes to family photos, but some just like to hang off them too.

Hanging off a door handle. Make sure you pick one you won't have to touch in front of the kids.

In the bathroom. Elves can get up to lots of mischief in the bathroom {check out these easy elf toilet paper ideas}. The Oreo prank is also perfect for the bathroom.

In the dirty laundry. If you have a laundry basket the elf can go exploring in there one night.

elf on the shelf and barbies in the washing machine
Image: @danamanrose

In the washing machine or dryer. If you have a front loading washing machine or dryer, the elf and friends can turn it into a fun carnival ride. Once again do not forget it's in there and turn it on.

In shoes or the shoe basket. If you're feeling creative you can make a shoe shoe train with a few shoes in a row behind each other.

In the printer. If you have a printer with a scanner hide the elf on the scanner and if you have time you can print out a cheeky scan of their body {or bum}.

In a toy car. Even better if you have a Barbie car or remote control car that's elf size.

In the doll house. If you have a doll house the elf can hang out in there with the dolls.

On an animal figurine. If you have taller figurines like a giraffe or dinosaur, put the elf over the top of them with their hands around the neck so it looks like they're going for a ride. Our elf was held hostage by our dinosaurs one year.

elf on the shelf hiding in the car

In the car. If you run out of hiding spots inside the house, put the elf in the car so they can go to school drop off, or run errands with you all day.

Just in case you get caught moving the elf, like maybe you're doing it at the last minute after the kids are awake, keep these excuses handy so you can cover yourself. Also come and join our Facebook group Elfing Around where you can get more elf inspiration and share your ideas with parents from all over the world.

super easy elf on the shelf hiding spots


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