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Monday, March 15, 2021

Easter Search & Find I-Spy Game - Free Printable

If you're looking for a fun Easter activity that involves virtually no set up, no clean up and no chocolate high after, then this is it! I've created a free printable Easter I-Spy game that you can download to use with the kids at home, or at school as a classroom activity.

Easter free i-spy printable

When I was younger I-Spy with my little eye was a super fun game we used to do on any long car trips. It was a great way to make the car trip go quicker and exercise our brains at the same time. I-Spy doesn't have to be just a car game though, with an I-Spy printable {also known as a search & find activity} this fun game can be played indoors whenever you want.


Easter I-Spy is so easy to play, kids simply need to count how many of each image there is in the picture and record the number at the bottom on the key. To make it easier to count they can circle or cross off each image as they count it.

This activity is a great way to practice counting and number formation when writing the numbers at the bottom. It is suitable for children from preschoolers as long as they can count up to 8 and generally know how to write numbers. 

free easter search and find activity for kids


1. Click the download now button below
2. Download and print the file
3. Laminate if required

All you need to do is download the template and print the number of copies you need. If you want to keep it as a reusable classroom activity I suggest laminating the sheets and using them with whiteboard markers.

Please remember this printable is for personal or classroom use only. It can not be republished or sold in any way on any other platform.
download free easter i-spy printable from Finding Myself Young

If the kids love playing this Easter I-Spy game and you're looking for more fun Easter activities, head over to my Etsy store and get my mega Easter activity pack. For just $5.00 {AU} you'll get 13 pages of PDFs that include 4 different Easter games. These games are all perfect for home use or as classroom group rotation activities, or whole class activities.

The Easter activity printable pack includes 3 different I-Spy printables of varying difficulty, an Easter matching activity and egg cutting skills activity. There's also an Easter bingo game with 28 different player sheets so you can play with as little as 2 players, or the whole class can play together. Print as many copies of each page as you need {I recommend laminating them for durability if using them in a classroom}.

easter activity printable bundle by Finding Myself Young


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