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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Non chocolate Easter gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

Having had two kids now with dairy and soy allergies as small children, I understand how it can have a huge impact on Easter celebrations. Obviously the Easter bunny traditionally brings chocolate on Easter morning, but when you have a child with multiple allergies who can't eat chocolate that isn't an option. It doesn't mean they have to miss out on the fun of Easter though as the Easter bunny can be super resourceful these days tracking down lots of non chocolate gifts for little people *wink, wink*

While bub's outgrown her allergies now, this Easter baby girl will need something special for her present. Technically it's her second Easter, although the first one she was only 3 days old so she had no idea it was even happening. She probably still won't have a clue this year either, but she will notice her big sister getting things so I don't want to leave her out. I've spent the last few weeks scouring Instagram for some alternative Easter gifts and these are my favourite finds. The best part is, unlike chocolate which is gone as soon as you eat it, these gifts will all be used multiple times and be treasured for years not minutes.


Crayons are always a hit with bub as she's obsessed with drawing anything and everything, all the time! I have so many pieces of artwork floating around my house it isn't funny. These cute little Easter crayons from Funny Little Things are the perfect non chocolate gift for any little budding artist. This set includes 2 Easter eggs, a carrot, bunny and duck and comes in a cute little calico bag. There's also an all egg crayon set available, both would be great for Easter egg hunts. To ensure crayons arrive before Easter orders must be placed by Monday March 19th.


Little artists will also love the early stART egg chalk from Micador. These are also great for younger children just starting to mark make as they can easily grasp the egg shape and draw with very little pressure. Also how cute that they come in a little egg carton! These are available as a 6 pack, but there's also a 24 pack if you want more or are looking for a combined gift.


This little wooden tic tac toe game from The Creative Toy Shop comes in a cute bunny rabbit drawstring bag that doubles as the game board. It's a great alternative Easter present for older children who understand how to play the game and also doubles as a little busy bag to take out to appointments or to take on play dates, to the grandparents house etc.


If you love wooden toys as much as we do then you'll love this rainbow wooden egg and cup puzzle game from Works At Play. This is a great little game for toddlers right through to preschoolers as it can be used to develop different skills at different ages. Younger children can start to develop fine motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination, balance and learn cause and effect by grasping the eggs and transferring them into the cups. As children get older they can be used to learn colours, for colour sorting, counting and sequencing. Even better, they're great for play all year round, not just at Easter. To ensure arrival before Easter, pre-order by March 10th 2018 {however these are available all year round as well}.


Each year One Spotty Dog release a special Easter egg stacker and this year's version is amazing. There are 3 different colours available, however you can request custom colour combinations. Each stacker is 9 pieces with a spotty side, a striped side and a removable rainbow. These stackers are great for teaching balance, problem solving and developing fine motor skills as kids try to stack the pieces correctly. They're also great for open ended play as they can be stacked in a number of different ways and used in imaginary play as tunnels, bridges, rainbows etc. We're huge fans of One Spotty Dog stackers and own 4 different stackers including last year's Easter stacker.


This gorgeous bunny stacker from Bubble and Bird is a great gift option for babies and toddlers. They'll develop fine motor skills grasping the pieces, stacking them on and pulling them off. The rattle piece is great for sensory development and learning cause and effect and there's even a hidden carrot to be found. Order before March 19th to guarantee delivery by Easter.


How cute is this handmade wooden bunny wheelie from Love Tildy? It reminds me of something my grandparents would of had as kids. I love how nostalgic wooden toys are and it doesn't get more nostalgic than natural push along toys. These wheelies are handmade in Australia and coated with a blend of beeswax and oils. Wheelies are made to order and require a 3 week turnaround so please order by the start of March to ensure delivery in time for Easter.

Disclosure - I did not receive anything for collating this list. I simply decided to create a list to help other allergy mums, knowing how hard it can be to find non chocolate gifts for Easter. All the businesses featured are ones I love and follow on Instagram and they were not notified about their inclusion until after the list was compiled. All product images are used with permission. These products are only available for Easter 2018, applicable order cut off dates have been included.

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  1. So many egg-cellent ideas - there's something for everybunny! (Sorry, couldn't help myself! ) I'm eyeing off those crayons - they'd be great for my godchildren. I love to give something other than chocolate!

  2. My teenage son is one in a million. Although he CAN eat chocolate he doesn't LIKE it thanks to Grandma letting him seriously overindulge in M&Ms at Christmas when he was three years old! He has tried eating chocolate again several times over the years but just doesn't like it! So I've had to search for non chocolate goodies for him for years!

    His twin sister is an absolute chocoholic!


  3. those egg stackers are so cute! almost tempted to buy one for me (because all the kids here can eat chocolate, and would think I was barking mad if they got it instead of their tea cups!)

  4. Those easter crayons are a fabulous idea! And don't overlook a simple stuffed bunny either, both my girls were given stuffed bunnies for their first easters and they still play with them now at 5 & 6 years old!

  5. Love your blog. Also have a son who is L/free. Thanks so much for the ideas :)

  6. Great list idea. I especially love the tic tac toe game!

  7. Easter chalk is a really funky idea!

  8. I also love giving my little ones some non-choccie gifts for Easter. Such a great assortment of goodies here! Honoured you chose my crayons as part of this, Toni! Thank you xx

  9. The kids in my life get SO many treats at Easter that this could be the perfect solution. I love the chalk eggs, I think that's SO cool. And the egg stack made form timber, the newest addition would adore that. Great list, thank you!

  10. I love giving non-chocolate Easter gifts. Some great ideas here, I particularly love the egg chalk. #teamIBOT