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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Shape Bunny Paper Craft with Free Template

Have you been looking for a creative crafty learning activity for home or the classroom? Well I've got you covered. This cute shape bunny paper craft is the perfect simple craft activity for Easter, spring, or an animal homeschooling unit. Simply print out the free bunny template I designed and follow the instructions below to create your own special shape bunny.

Using the free shape bunny template kids can create a beautiful artwork and learn about shapes at the same time. The template includes Easter bunny bodies in 7 different shapes, including a circle, an oval, a love heart, a triangle, a rectangle, a square and a hexagon. Practice the shape names, count the different number of sides and compare the sizes of the shapes as children prepare the templates.

This is also a great classroom activity for prep or kindergarden as it offers plenty of fine motor practice while colouring, cutting and sticking down the template pieces. Kids can get creative and colour in all the template pieces with crayons, paint sticks or pens before constructing their shape bunny to create unique artworks. The final shape bunny can be used in a classroom display, as an Easter gift, or framed as wall art. Most of the items you'll need for this craft can be bought relatively cheaply from department stores, dollar stores, or online at places like Riot Art & CraftEtsy, Amazon or Catch {AU}


- Scissors
- Pink pen
- Black pen
- Glue stick
- White paper
- Bunny template {link below}
- Cardstock, coloured paper or corrugated card


finding myself young free shape bunny printable


1. Print out the free shape bunny template  and gather all items needed. If you are assembling more than one shape bunny you will need to print out multiple copies of the first page of the template {1 copy for each bunny}.

2. Colour the nose and inner ears with pink marker.

3. Cut out all pieces of the template. Position the pieces on the coloured paper or cardstock so you know where you want to glue them later.

4. Glue on the tail to the side of where you will glue the body shape. We chose to glue ours to the right, but you can put it on either side.

5. Glue the selected body shape onto the centre of the paper/cardstock background, slightly overlapping the tail piece.

6. Glue the head onto the body.

7. Glue the ears onto the head.

8. Glue the eyes and nose onto the face of the bunny.

9. Glue the feet onto the bottom of the body.

10. Glue the paws onto the sides of the body.

11. Use a black pen to draw three lines on each foot and paw. Then draw a mouth and whiskers coming off the nose.

Optional Changes: Instead of using the face template pieces and drawing on a mouth and whiskers you could substitute these pieces for googly eyes or eye stickers, a pom pom nose and pipecleaner whiskers to make it a multimedia art piece. You can also experiment using different coloured paper or even newspaper for the bunny itself {use the template to trace the shapes onto it then cut them out}.

The finished bunny would make great wall art to decorate your child's bedroom, or a great display piece for an art wall. We have a dedicated wall in our lounge room that is our seasonal art gallery so our shape bunny will be on display there along with any other Easter craft masterpieces the kids make.

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