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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Taylor Swift Inspired Elf on the Shelf Ideas

If you have a Swiftie in your house then chances are your elf or elves are swifties too and given the excitement around The Eras Tour this year, it's highly likely the elves might want to be at a Taylor Swift concert, or in one of her music videos at some point during December. I've put together a heap of Taylor Swift inspired elf ideas that are sure to get your little swifties excited.

Whether your elves want to shake it off, speak now, or have a lot going on right now, there's plenty of ways you can incorporate Taylor Swift's iconic lyrics, fashion, videos and the eras tour into your elf antics, no matter what era they're currently in.

elf swiftie red idea.


Set up your very own Eras Tour show at home with the elves and they can have fun jamming out to one, or all ten of the eras Which one is your favourite?

The Eras Tour Tickets

elf size taylor swift eras tour tickets.

The first hurdle your elves need to face before they can even get to an eras tour concert, is being able to actually get tickets. We all know how nerve wracking and frustrating ticket release days are. Lucky your elves can get their own special tickets here without spending hours waiting in an online queue.

The Eras Tour Merch Stand

elf Taylor Swift eras tour merch stand idea.
Image: @elf_on_the_shelf_joy

Of course every destination on the tour will also have a merchandise stand where dedicated swifties can get their hands on coveted Taylor merch. The elves can visit the merch stand too and buy their own mini Taylor merch.

Take a closer look at elf Joy's amazing merch stand here which includes mini cds, posters, tiny friendship bracelets and hoodies.

The Eras Tour Santa's Version

elf on the shelf eras tour idea
Image: @eots.shenanigans

The elves can set up their own Eras concert at home with an elf eras poster and a miniature grand piano

Taylor Performing

taylor swift the eras tour concert elf idea.
Image: Gail Ekola

Gail went a step further and recreated the actual tour complete with a Taylor doll that she hand painted the Versace bodysuit on {worn by Swift during the Lover era of the tour}. If you have a look at Gail's post here you'll see in the other photos that the Barbie's and elves attending the concert are also dressed in outfits inspired by different albums including Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore and Midnights.

Red Era

taylor swift 22 elf idea.

If your elves are in their red era and feeling 22, chances are they'll have a lot going on right now. You can get an elf a lot going on right now shirt here and a mini fedora hat here.

Reputation Era

taylor swift are you ready for it elf idea.
Image: @ari_says

I love Ari's are you ready for it set up with her own DIY version of Taylor's one legged sequins snake outfit from the concert performance, which she made using black felt and mini red rhinestone strips. She also included a 1 day countdown background because it's only 1 day until Taylor's birthday and the release of The Eras Tour film on streaming.

Lover Era

taylor lover elf house performance.
Image: @elf_on_the_shelf_joy

Elf Joy recreated the lover performance complete with a model coloured lover house backdrop. She's also wearing a customised bejewelled Barbie outfit and boots to represent the Versace bodysuit and Christian Louboutin boots Taylor wears during the concert.

If you want your elf to have posable hands as shown above, you can get special posable elf gloves here. Also make sure you follow Joy on Instagram as she's doing a new Taylor Swift set up every day during December.

Eras Tour Swiftmas Tree

elf swiftmas tree friendship bracelet idea.

I love this Eras Tour themed swiftmas tree that uses bottle caps to represent friendship bracelet beads that spell out eras tour. The elves also have their own mini friendship bracelets on while sitting with The Ears Tour merch.


You can also have fun setting up scenes from Taylor Swift's music videos using miniature props and raiding the Barbie clothes if needed.

Look What You Made Me Do

elf recreating bath scene in taylor swift look what you made me do music video.
Image: @eots.shenanigans

Recreate the iconic bath scene from Taylor's song Look what you made me do with a miniature plastic doll bath, some rhinestone gems, kids fake rings and necklaces to make it look like the elf is singing the song while bathing in jewels. 

Lavender Haze

elf lavender haze idea.

Set up a lavender room to recreate Lavender Haze. Put your elf in a bath with purple water {aka the purple washer and streamers} just like when Taylor swims in lavender water in the video. If you want to recreate Taylor's outfit from the concert performance you can get an Elves' behavin badly fluffy purple elf jacket


elf taylor swift bejewelled idea.
Image: @ari_says

Recreate the scene in the bejewelled music video where Taylor walks out covered in jewels by covering your elf with sequins or rhinestones. Add a sign with the lyrics I can still make the whole place shimmer.

Out of the Woods

elf taylor out of the woods lyrics idea.

A really easy way to set up an out of the woods elf idea is to pop the elf in the Christmas tree {the woods} with a sign of the lyrics Are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet? In the clear yet, good!

Christmas Tree Farm

elf christmas tree farm idea.

Probably the most well suited Taylor Swift song to recreate with the elves is Christmas tree farm, for obvious reasons. The elves can set up their own Christmas tree farm with miniature Christmas trees or Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes.


Taylor's boyfriends are always a hot topic in the press, especially since many of them are featured in her hit songs post breakup. Her current beau is Travis Kelce and although he doesn't officially appear in her song lyrics yet, she did change the lyrics of Karma to karma is the guy on the chiefs, coming straight home to me during a live performance.

elf taylor swift and travis kelce.

If you want to turn your elves into Taylor and Travis, you can get various Taylor Swift and Kelce, Taylor's boyfriend, 87, In my Kelce Era shirts here. Or you can get a printable Kelce jersey here.


To set up the perfect Taylor Swift scene with your elf check out these awesome printable props and costumes.

elf eras taylor swift poster.

Get the elf version of The Eras poster from Macey's Magical Market, there are 2 different elf versions of the poster included.

in my elf era poster.

You can also get a customisable in my elf era poster from Tou Shae Co that can have your elf's name added to the poster so it's their own personal tour poster.

taylor swift elf on the shelf ideas.

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