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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Elf on the Shelf Mini Oreos Toothpaste Prank

My girls love mini Oreos as snacks after school so we always have some in the cupboard. This year our elf, Elfie, found them and had some fun playing a prank. She switched out the cream for toothpaste!

The best part is they looked so much like normal mini Oreos the kids licked them to see if it really was toothpaste. It was priceless!

elf on the shelf oreo toothpaste prank
Normally Elfie sticks to relatively easy elf ideas, but this year she started trying her hand at some funny and slightly naughty elf pranks. The kids have had a laugh, but they definitely tell her off for being cheeky.

I don't think Elfie will ever be a naughty elf, but she has liked getting up to a little bit of mischief this year. I've heard other elves have been doing the Oreo toothpaste trick in their homes too. It's definitely a fun way to trick the kids.


You will need

1. Decide where you'll set up the prank - will it be in the bathroom where the toothpaste lives, or in the kitchen with the Oreos? Elfie did hers in the bathroom so it was easy to clean up any accidental toothpaste mess.

2. Take a few Oreos and scrape out the cream and replace it with toothpaste. We did 3 biscuits and left one open.

toothpaste on oreos instead of cream

3. Scatter the trick Oreo biscuits around your elf and leave the open packet nearby. It's up to you if you leave the other Oreos in the packet, or eat them as you're setting up {who doesn't love a late night snack right?}.

4. Put the tube of toothpaste in the elf's arms so it's obvious the elf is playing a prank. Or, if you want to be more stealthy about it just leave the biscuits scattered and let the kids use their sense of smell {or taste} to figure it out.

elf holding toothpaste tube and oreos

If you're unexpectedly interrupted by a late night toilet visit or request for water, check out this list of excuses to use. They can come in very handy!


how to do the oreo toothpaste trick

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