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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

33 Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

We love using toilet paper rolls for lots of different crafts at our place, there's literally hundreds of different crafts, games and DIY toys that can be made from toilet paper rolls. We've used them for Halloween toilet paper roll crafts so it makes sense to put together a list of Christmas toilet paper roll crafts as well.

These Christmas cardboard tube crafts can easily be done by preschoolers or school children as a classroom art project. Make these cute gingerbread men, elves, Christmas trees, reindeer, Christmas decorations and of course Santa himself. Use them to decorate the classroom or your home for Christmas or in small world play.

toilet paper roll Christmas crafts.

I know some people may be a bit worried about using toilet paper rolls given they may contain germs because they've been near a toilet, however there are a few ways you can disinfect them. If you're concerned, they can be sprayed with disinfectant spray, or left out in the sun for a few hours. Alternatively you can also make everything below using paper towel rolls, empty wrapping paper rolls or empty cling wrap and baking paper rolls cut to size {or purchase craft cardboard tubes in bulk}.


Save your toilet paper rolls and upcycle them with a little bit of paint, coloured paper and other craft items to transform them into popular Christmas characters like Santa, reindeer, elves, angels and even the Grinch.

toilet paper roll gingerbread men craft.

These toilet paper roll gingerbread men are just bursting with personality with their expressive faces, accordion arms and legs and cute little bow ties! Follow the instructions to make them at Meaningful Mama.

cardboard tube gingerbread man craft.

If you prefer a more traditional short and stumpy gingerbread man, make these cardboard tube gingerbread men from Our Kid Things. I love the cute white paint pen icing details.

toilet paper roll Christmas carollers.

Turn humble toilet paper rolls into real life singing Christmas carollers. You'll need a few different coloured felt sheets to decorate the rolls and create the hats. Follow the tutorial at Crafty Morning.

toilet paper roll nutcracker.

Bring the nutcracker from The Nutcracker and the Mouse King to life with a toilet paper roll and some paint pens. Although he won't actually be able to crack open any nuts, he will be a cute Christmas decoration. Follow the instructions at Red Ted Art.

toilet paper roll Christmas characters.

If you want to bring lots of Christmas characters to life at the same time including an elf, reindeer, gingerbread man, the Grinch, Santa and Mrs Claus, get this printable set from The Printables Fairy. You just need to print the templates and then glue them onto toilet paper rolls.

toilet paper roll angel.

Make some cute toilet paper roll angels with gold halos and pretty doily wings by following the instructions at The Craft Train. You could add your finished angel to the top of your Christmas tree instead of a star.

toilet paper roll angel tree topper.

If you want to make an even fancier toilet paper roll angel tree topper then follow the tutorial at Red Ted Art to make this angel with real wool hair and glittery wings.

toilet paper roll snowman.

If you don't have snow where you live you can still make a snowman by upcycling some toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes into cardboard tube snowmen. Follow the instructions at Natural Beach Living to make an entire family of cardboard snowmen complete with fuzzy ear muffs and warm winter scarves.

Rudolph red nosed reindeer toilet paper roll craft.

Kids can make this super easy toilet paper roll Rudolph in just a few minutes with a few basic craft supplies. The really fun part is they get to forage in the garden or park for little antler sticks before they make the craft. Follow our easy cardboard tube Rudolph instructions here.

toilet paper roll reindeer craft.

Another way to make an adorable toilet paper roll reindeer is by adding brown paper antlers and ears and a puffy red pom pom nose. Follow the instructions at Taming Little Monsters.

reindeer cardboard tube craft.

Make all 9 of Santa's reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph with this simple cardboard tube reindeer craft. Follow the instructions at Kitchen Counter Chronicles and give them a cute Christmas ribbon scarf to keep warm on their journey.

standing toilet paper roll reindeer.

If you want to go all out you can make this epic standing reindeer which is based on Ruby from the book The Naughtiest Reindeer. You'll need a few toilet paper or paper towel rolls and an empty cereal box. Follow the instructions at The Craft Train.

toilet paper roll grinch craft.

We can't celebrate Christmas without Whoville's famous anti hero the Grinch. Will the Grinch steal or save Christmas at your house? Follow the instructions at Arty Crafty Kids to make your own.

elf on the shelf toilet paper roll craft.

Probably my favourite Christmas character ever, The Elf on the Shelf can also be made from a toilet paper roll. Use the template from Simple Everyday Mom to make either a colour printed version, or one that can be coloured in by the kids. If you need some EOTS inspiration check out all of my elf posts here, or join our group Elfing Around.

Christmas elf toilet paper roll craft.

If you want to make a more traditional elf with cute little pixie ears, follow the toilet paper roll Christmas elf instructions at Homeschool Preschool.

Buddy elf toilet paper roll craft.

You can bring Buddy from the move Elf to life by using my free printable Buddy elf template that includes his iconic green jacket, yellow tights, hat and feather. Download the template, cut to size and glue it to a toilet paper roll.

toilet paper roll mary and joseph.

Make these simple toilet paper roll Mary & Joseph dolls to add to a DIY nativity scene or use them to retell the birth of Jesus. You'll need toilet paper rolls, paint and some fabric . Follow the instructions at Rainy Day Mum

toilet paper roll 3 wise men craft.

You can also make the 3 wise men from toilet paper rolls, wool and felt. Plus some impressive gold crowns with gems. Follow the instructions at Red Ted Art to make your own.

toilet paper roll nativity set printables.

If you want to set up an entire nativity scene, use this printable nativity set. The set comes with 10 different characters including Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the 3 Wise Men, a shepherd, a cow, a sheep, and an angel. Simply print the templates and stick each one to a toilet paper roll.


You can also use toilet paper rolls to make traditional Christmas decorations like garlands and Christmas crackers. Instead of buying Christmas decorations from the shops, make some special DIY ones with the kids.

toilet paper roll Christmas tree advent calendar.

Make an easy DIY Christmas tree advent calendar by recycling toilet paper rolls and filling them with small treats and toys. Follow the instructions at Crafting With Kids to make your own, or you can find lots of other DIY advent calendar ideas here.

toilet paper roll Christmas crackers.

Instead of buying Christmas crackers {also known a bon bons} this year, you can make your own toilet paper roll Christmas crackers with some wrapping paper and Christmas cracker snaps. Follow the tutorial at Simplify Create Inspire.

toilet paper roll Christmas garland.

The kids can help create their very own Christmas garland like Little Pinch of Perfect by painting some toilet paper rolls and then wrapping and stringing them together.

toilet paper roll Santa binoculars.

Make a pair of these Santa binoculars by upcycling some toilet paper rolls and the kids can use them to look for Santa. Find the directions at Natural Beach Living.

toilet paper roll Christmas candle craft.

Use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls to make cardboard tube candles like Happy Hooligans. You can use them to decorate the mantle, or attach them to a DIY Christmas wreath.


There's nothing more iconic about Christmas than the Christmas tree {ok well maybe Santa but we'll get to him later}. Create your own little mini Christmas trees with these toilet paper roll crafts.

swirl toilet paper roll Christmas tree.

This swirl toilet paper Christmas tree is the perfect way to turn a cylinder tube into a cone shaped tree. Follow the instructions at Mess for Less to learn how to shape the tree. Then decorate it with pom poms and gems.

flared toilet paper roll Christmas tree craft.

These flared toilet paper roll Christmas trees use layers of toilet paper tubes and flared strips to replicate the layers of branches on the Christmas tree. Follow the instructions at The Soccer Mom Blog to make your own.

tissue paper and toilet paper roll Christmas tree.

This toilet paper roll Christmas tree uses the toilet paper roll for the trunk and then cardstock and tissue paper to create the branches and leaves of the tree. Get the instructions from Buggy and Buddy.

printable toilet paper roll Christmas tree template.

If you want to make a super easy Christmas tree you can download this printable toilet paper roll Christmas tree template then all you need to do is print it and glue it onto a toilet paper roll. The template still gives the impression of a 3D tree with protruding branches.

plain toilet paper roll Christmas trees.

I love the Scandinavian feel of these toilet paper roll Christmas trees from Hello Wonderful. They can be used as stand alone decorations or they can be slipped over a rolled up napkin as a decorative napkin holder.


Obviously we can't make a list of Christmas toilet paper roll crafts without including the big man himself, Santa Claus! And Mrs Claus as well because behind every great man there's also a great woman.

toilet paper roll Santa Claus craft.

Make this adorable toilet paper roll Santa by following the instructions at Crafts On Sea. I just love his tiny pom pom nose and fluffy cotton ball beard and hat.

toilet paper roll Santa.

You can also make cardboard tube Santa's using white felt for their beards and hats. I also love how Kitchen Counter Chronicle has made Santa in different skin tones.

toilet paper roll mr and mrs claus.

These toilet paper roll Santa and Mrs Claus also have a loop so they can be used as ornaments for the Christmas tree or hung as decorations around the house. Follow the instructions at Little Fish Blog to make some for your home.

santa going down the chimney toilet paper roll craft.

The kids can catch Santa going down the chimney with this cute toilet paper roll chimney craft. Well it's probably the closest they'll come to ever catching him. Follow the instructions at Crafty Morning.


Christmas toilet paper roll craft ideas for kids.

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