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Monday, October 9, 2023

Easy Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Craft

If you're looking for a fun, festive Christmas craft to do with the kids, try this paper plate Christmas wreath. Not only is it a super easy craft to set up, it's also a fantastic way for kids to enhance their fine motor skills and express their creativity.

paper plate Christmas wreath craft.

Supplies to make a paper plate wreath

craft supplies to make a paper plate Christmas wreath.

We had all the items we needed already on hand in our craft stash, however if you don't you can easily find them at dollar stores, departments stores or craft shops like Spotlight and Riot Art & Craft {if you're in Australia}.

I deliberately chose to only use self adhesive decorative craft items so we didn't need to use any glue, however they all still help develop fine motor skills as kids peel them off and stick them down.

I highly recommend using uncoated paper plates as it will allow the paint and the decorations to stick to the plate much easier. If you're painting with younger kids you will want to cover your table with plastic or kraft paper to avoid mess, use washable paints and also an art smock.


Toddlers, preschoolers and school children will all be able to do this easy Christmas craft. If you're doing it as a group activity in the classroom you may want to cut out the centre of the paper plates before doing the craft to make it easier.

1. Paint the outer circle of the paper plate green. If you're doing this with younger children you may want to use paint sticks instead of paint to save time and reduce possible mess. Set aside paper plate to completely dry. Depending on the paint you're using, you may need to do more than one coat to get a good coverage. 

2. Cut out the inside of the paper plate with scissors. If you're doing this with toddlers or children who don't have developed scissor skills they will need adult assistance.

3. Decorate the paper plate with stickers, gems and bows. This is great for building fine motor skills as children need to peel off the backing of the stickers, gems and bows before sticking them onto the plate. 

child peeling rhinestones off of backing sheet.

child sticking stickers onto paper plate wreath.

You can also add other items to decorate, like pom poms, scrunched tissue paper, beads or glitter, however you will need to use glue to add these. 

child holding finished paper plate Christmas wreath.

Hang the finished paper plate Christmas wreaths on your child's bedroom door, or they can be used as decorations if you have an art gallery wall, or hung on the Christmas tree.

paper plate Christmas wreath craft.


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  1. I have something similar that my daughter made me in kindy. It is cherished and comes out every year with the decorations.