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Thursday, October 26, 2023

What To Do If Your Kids Find The Elf During The Year

We all plan to put the elf away in a special hiding spot at the end of December, but sometimes after 25 days of elf shenanigans you're just so tired you chuck it in the easiest spot at the time and think I'll move that later.... However, sometimes later never comes and you may find yourself in a situation where curious kids accidentally stumble across their elf at the wrong time of the year! 

shocked elf.

So what do you do if your kids find the elf still in your house?

Panic! No, I'm just joking! Do some quick thinking and use one of these ideas... and then make sure the elf disappears and returns to the North Pole the next day.


Depending on what time of the year the kids find the elf and where/how they find it will determine whether some of these ideas will work. Pick the one that best fits your scenario at the time {or whichever one you can remember in your state of panic}.

It must be a surprise visit.

Santa must've sent the elf on a surprise visit to check on how you're going throughout the year. You're probably not meant to know, that's why he/she was hiding and watching in secret.

Oh no he/she must of escaped from the North Pole.

We'll have to write to Santa to let him know they're here so he can get them back to the North Pole.

The elf has come to celebrate <insert event here>

Pick the closest special occasion or holiday like Easter, a birthday, Christmas in July, 4th of July, Halloween etc and say the elf must've come to visit to celebrate it with us but you found him/her early.

Santa probably sent them early by accident. We better send them back.

Santa must of got mixed up and been confused which month it is and sent them early. We better make sure they go back tonight so he has help at the North Pole.

The elf must be on vacation.

They must of decided to stop by and check on us before they go on holidays at .......

The elf must be dropping off their things early.

If they find the elf with all their special props, just say the elf must've come to drop off their stuff early so they don't need to bring it all in December.

Santa asked me to babysit them.

Santa went on vacation away from the North Pole and didn't want the elves to get up to no good without him there, so he sent them out to me to look after until he comes back.

They must be checking to make sure we still live in the same house.

Some families move to a new house during the year, the elf must have been coming to visit to make sure we still live here so they know where to go at Christmas.

That's not your elf, it's just a toy.

Be wary using this one as they may want to keep it and then you'll need a new real elf.

Let's write a letter to Santa and find out what's going on.

If you need to buy some extra time to come out with a good reason, get the kids to write a letter to Santa asking why their elf is at your house instead of at the North Pole with him. Send a response back after the elf disappears again.

Oh that's odd, why do you think he/she's here?

If in doubt act confused and ask the kids why they think the elf is here. They have the best imaginations and will probably come up with a better idea than you could.


If you want to avoid this happening as much as possible then follow these tips when the elf leaves in December.

Store your elf somewhere the kids don't usually go e.g. the garage, high in the back of a cupboard, or in with the Christmas decorations.

Wrap the elf in a bag, or make sure the container isn't clear so curious minds can't get a glimpse of red from the outside. If you want to be super careful wrap them in a bag and then store that inside another container.

Set an alarm for November the following year telling you where you hid the elf because 12 months is a long time and it's easy to forget where it's hiding, especially if you move it around each year. This one is mainly so you don't forget, rather than the kids finding it.


If you're looking for even more fun, easy, or elaborate Elf on the Shelf ideas, join our Facebook group Elfing Around for lots of inspiration from parents all over the world.

what to do if the kids find your elf during the year.


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