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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

World's Best Dad Torn Paper Craft

Let Dad know he's the best Dad in the whole entire world with this torn paper World's Best Dad craft. This fun, hands-on craft is a great handmade gift for Dad for Father's Day.

Children of all ages will love being able to tear up paper and create their own masterpiece. I've also created a free printable world's best dad template you can download to make the craft even easier.

World's best Dad torn paper craft.

This is a great craft for both physical and cognitive development as it involves tearing paper, gluing and strategically placing the pieces of paper to fill the Earth design. Tearing paper requires the use of small hand muscles and coordination, strengthening fine motor skills essential for activities like writing.
Manipulating the torn pieces and applying glue involve precise hand movements, enhancing hand-eye coordination. These activities help children strengthen their grip, finger dexterity, and overall hand control.

If your kids like this craft they'll also love our I love you to pieces puzzle card. Both crafts make great parent gifts for Father's Day if you're looking for a whole class activity. We also have a big list of DIY Father's Day cards kids can make.

Supplies needed:

Paper, template, glue and pencil supplies needed.

If you don't have coloured paper you can also make the craft using torn or crumpled tissue paper, newspaper {coloured with pens}, old magazines or cut up cellophane.


1. Print out the template onto a piece of white paper or cardstock. The template comes with two designs, one with a round Earth and one with a heart shaped Earth.

World's best dad blank templates.

I used very simple Earth designs so it's easier for children to fill them in with the torn paper. The circle Earth template will be easier for younger children to make.

2. Colour in the words world's best dad. It's much easier for kids to colour in the words before they start gluing on any of the pieces of paper.

World's best dad words coloured in with pencil.

3. Tear coloured paper into strips then rip them into smaller pieces. This is a great way for kids to work their fine motor skills and it doesn't matter what size or shape they tear the pieces into. As they add pieces onto the Earth template they may have to rip them smaller or into slightly different shapes to make them fit.

Torn pieces of green and blue paper.

4. Glue the torn pieces onto the Earth. Start with one colour first {we chose green} and complete all of those sections then allow it to dry before doing the other colour. If children aren't sure where the green and blue should go you can glue one piece of the correct colour paper to each section as a guide to start them off.

It's best to use a small amount of glue on each piece, but make sure that it's spread over the whole torn piece so that it'll stick flat. Once the Earth has been filled with torn paper, set it aside again to dry completely.

Earth template with green paper added to land sections.

Torn paper Earth craft.

Ideally children will cover the entire area with torn paper and overlap it where necessary, however younger children are more likely to sparsely stick pieces of paper. Each child will create their own unique piece and don't worry about how pretty the final product is as it's more about the process {and Dad will love it anyway}.

5. {Optional} Laminate or frame the finished art work. If you want to use the craft as a gift, or protect it so it can be displayed I recommend laminating it or framing it so it doesn't get bent or damaged.

World's best Dad Earth craft for Father's Day.


You can download the free printable world's best dad template by clicking the download template button below. The template includes 2 x A4 size PDF files. The actual templates don't include a watermark.

Please note this printable template is for personal or classroom use only and cannot be electronically distributed, reproduced or uploaded and sold on any platform. If you would like to share this printable please link back directly to this post.

Sample template of world's best Dad craft.

download world's best dad craft template here.


World's best dad Father's Day torn paper craft for kids.

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