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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Love Bug Valentine's Day Gift {+ printable}

If you're after a really simple, cute and cost effective Valentine's Day gift your children can give to classmates, friends or family then this love bug jar is it. These love bugs are a great Valentine's Day class gift idea for toddlers, preschoolers or elementary {primary} school kids to let their classmates and teachers know they're thinking of them and appreciate them.

love bug jar gifts for kids


What is a love bug? Love bug is a cute term of endearment for someone you love or have feelings for. It's also a term that's used a lot when children exchange gifts around Valentine's Day, however in this case it's simply in reference to friendship and used as a nickname for classmates.

It can also be used to describe the actual gift when it involves a bug. Most love bug gifts are crafts featuring hearts either as the body shape or wings and are usually pink or red. There are many ways you can make a love bug valentine's gift with different craft materials, like the one shown here, however it can also be in reference to actual bugs or ladybugs.

If you're looking for the easiest and least time consuming way to create a love bug gift {especially if you have a lot of gifts to make} then this is it. For these love bugs you only need the printable, a bulk pack of plastic bugs and a few minutes to assemble them together. And the best part is the kids can use their gift for play afterwards.

Love Bug Gift Supplies

You will need:

You can get all of the physical supplies needed to make 20+ love bug gifts for a couple of dollars from a dollar store. On average you can make the completed love bug gifts for a whole class for less than a dollar each.

Love Bug Jar Printable

Most kids who catch real bugs put them in a plastic jar or bug catcher so they can watch them for a while, so I wanted to recreate that same feeling as if the bug has been caught especially for them. Obviously when making gifts for an entire class, real bug catchers will make it an expensive exercise, so instead I created a mason jar style bug jar printable.

The printable can be printed off as many times as you need, so it doesn't matter if you're making a handful of gifts for a few close friends and family, or if you need 25+ for a whole class. When printed on cardstock the jar provides a sturdy surface for the bugs and creates an illusion that they're in their own bug jar.

finding myself young love bug jar printable

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Please note the purchased file will not have watermarks. The file is for personal use only and cannot be electronically transferred, uploaded or sold to any platform. If you want to link to this gift idea please link directly to this post or the Etsy listing.

How to make love bug jar gifts for kids

1. Print off the love bug jars. Print as many jars as you need for class gifts or family. For the best results I recommend printing the design onto white cardstock, or you can get them professionally printed at a printer or stationary store.

2. Write your child's name in the from section on the jar {or get them to write it if they can}.

3. Sort out which bugs are going on each jar. Sit them on top of each jar ready to be attached.

4. Attach the bugs to the jars. There are many ways you can attach the bugs including glue dots, double sided tape under the bugs, washi tape or normal tape over the top of the bugs, or hole punch either side of the bugs and tie them on with string. Please keep in mind glue dots may not be effective if the bugs don't sit flat against the card.

butterfly on love bug jar card

5. Hand out love bug gifts to friends. If you're taking them into school or daycare to hand out to classmates check with the teacher how they want them given out {some prefer them put in take home boxes or given out at the end of the day}.

valentines day love bug class gift

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