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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Kmart Playroom Storage Solutions & Hacks

If you want to set up a Pinterest or Instagram worthy playroom, but don't have a huge amount of cash to splash, don't worry Kmart has everything you need! Whether you want to add some style or just need things to be functional, Kmart Australia have playroom storage solutions for all different decorating tastes at really affordable prices. I've put together a list of our favourite Kmart playroom storage solutions and hacks for all the books, toys and general clutter that's taking over your toy room.

kmart playroom storage

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I'm a huge fan of cube storage in playrooms as it's aesthetically pleasing and allows for a Montessori approach where children can access toys and items themselves. Kmart offers affordable cube storage with their 8 cube shelf being only $35. To get the most out of it as toy storage flip it on it's side and lay it horizontally {as shown in photo below} which will make it lower so children can access it. We use our cube shelf with baskets along the bottom for toy storage by categories e.g. train tracks, magnetic tiles and blocks and then put single toys, invitations to play or books into the open top shelf.
kmart 8 cube storage shelves


Smaller toy boxes and flexi tubs are a great way to store a smaller collection of toys if you only want a few out in the lounge room or bedroom. They also make pack up really quick as kids can put items back in the tubs themselves.

kmart toy box options


One thing I love to have in our playroom, and pretty much any room in the house, is a variety of wicker baskets. I love that they can feel both vintage and modern at the same time and they're classic and timeless. Whether you want round, square, rectangle, tall, short, big or small baskets there's something for everyone at Kmart. They're perfect for storing toys by category like blocks, animal figurines, magnetic tiles, sensory balls, soft toys etc. Small baskets are great for setting up invitations to play like story baskets or treasure baskets.

Kmart wicker baskets for toy storage


Concertina wall hooks are a great way to display different items on a playroom wall. They can be hung low enough to give children access, but they're still saving precious floor space by creating vertical storage. I personally love using them for playsilk storage {like Vintage Silk Creation has done in the image below}, but they're also great for hanging dress ups on hangers or displaying necklaces, headbands and hair ties.

kmart concertina play silk storage


A table and chair set is a great addition to any playroom for toddlers. They're great to use in an art and craft area, as a surface for sensory play and also for meals once the kids outgrow the high chair. The white timber kids table and chairs set from Kmart is a nice neutral design that will fit into any playroom.

kmart kids table and chairs


Bean bags are a great addition to a playroom as they provide both a seating option and a storage solution. If you have an overflowing collection of stuffed toys the kids just can't seem to part with {don't we all} then a bean bag is great solution for hiding the clutter and avoiding having to part with them. Instead of stuffing the bean bags with beans, fill them with soft toys.
kmart bean bags


Technically this 3 tier trolley is designed as a kitchen trolley, however they're also super useful in a playroom or toy storage area. They're the perfect storage solution for art and craft supplies if you don't have a dedicated art cupboard. Keep pens, pencils, crayons, paints, brushes in tubs on the top shelves and use the lower shelves to store paper, cardstock, activity books, glue, stamps etc. Alternatively they can be used as a storage solution for magnetic tiles {like @playartlearn has done below} as the tiles will stack perfectly inside them and stick to the metal surface.

kmart trolley magnetic tile storage


One of the most popular play hacks of all time from Kmart is using the metal drinks tray as a play tray. The tray is perfect for both wet or dry sensory materials and a good width for small world set ups. The depth also makes it easy to keep sensory materials inside the tray. They're currently available in black, but have been released in white and silver previously. See all of our kmart play tray ideas here.

how to use kmart drinks tray as a play tray


Cutlery trays may seem like an odd choice as playroom storage, however they're super versatile. The Kmart wooden extendable cutlery tray is great for Grapat and loose part storage {see The Treasure Babes insta post below}, they're also a good way to present a tinker tray invitation to play and they can also be used for dry sensory bases. Have a look at my hashtag #cutlerytrayplay on Instagram for more cutlery tray play inspiration. We've also used plastic cutlery trays to create invitations to play like this zoo small world and dig, dump, roll bookish play.

kmart wooden extendable cutlery tray


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