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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Where to Buy The Best Miniland Doll Clothes on Etsy

You've just bought an adorable Miniland doll {or 6 like me, eek} and now you want some gorgeous clothes to go with it. Most of them come either naked or with a cotton underwear set, but don't worry there are heaps of amazing handmade dolls clothes available to fit Miniland dolls. Whether you love vintage or modern styles there's a business that will make exactly what you're looking for. To save you spending ages searching for them, I've put together a list of the best Miniland dolls clothes on Etsy.

the best miniland doll clothes on etsy
Image: Little Luna Nova

Miniland dolls come in four different sizes, 21cm, 32cm, 38cm hard body opions and the 40cm soft bodied version, so please remember to double check the doll clothes will fit when ordering. Some stores only do certain patterns in specific sizes, please check the details on each individual listing. *Some of the items shown in images in this post may be sold out due to short production runs in specific fabrics.


Miniland dolls are arguably the most well known doll brand, for both home use and within childcare centres. The main reason is because they're anatomically correct and they come in three different sizes as newborns, infant and toddler style dolls. They're also available in different ethnicities including Caucasian, Asian, African and Latin American as well as different down syndrome versions meaning there is a doll to represent pretty much every child. They're great dolls to teach children about diversity.

Miniland dolls are available worldwide from many boutique toy stores as well as Amazon and Etsy. Our favourite Australian toy shops to buy Miniland dolls are The Creative Toy ShopEntropy ToysGrowing Kind and Lime Tree Kids.



charliebird AU miniland doll clothes

Charlie Bird AU specialise in handmade dolls clothing suitable for 21cm, 32cm and 38cm Miniland dolls. Charlotte sells a range of dresses, rompers, pucker shorts, peplum tops, bib and nappy sets, turbans and crochet bonnets. The clothes are handmade in Queensland, Australia and most require a 1-2 week turnaround, however some items are ready to ship.


little boubba dolls clothes

Little Boubba specialise in onesies and underwear {and occasionally other clothing pieces} for 38cm Miniland dolls and Minikane dolls. Most items are made from cotton lycra in modern bright prints with velcro closures. Items are made to order in Victoria, Australia and require a 2-3 week turnaround.


izzys closet miniland dolls clothes

Izzy's Closet Australia make Miniland dolls clothes in 21cm, 32cm and 38cm sizes. They specialise in dresses, overalls and sleep sacks in earthy, tribal and floral prints. Items are made in Australia and either ready to dispatch in 3-5 days, or made to order with varying lead times {check each listing for details}.


charlis playroom miniland doll clothes on etsy

Charli's Playroom make a range of boys and girls dolls clothes for the 21cm, 32cm and 38cm Miniland dolls. Their range includes dresses, rompers, winter outfits, shirts, pants, playsuits, pyjamas, tops and bloomer sets, nappies, turbans and bows. All clothes are handmade in New South Wales, Australia and are ready to ship.


przytullale dolls clothes

Przytullale make dolls clothes for 21cm, 32cm, 38cm Miniland dolls as well as Minikane and Paola Reina dolls {34cm}. They have a mixture of crochet, linen, muslin and cotton designs in dresses, rompers, two piece sets, cardigans and bonnets. Items are handmade in Warsaw, Poland and are ready to ship in 1-2 business days.


lesyas doll shop crochet miniland doll clothes

Lesya's Doll Shop have an extensive range of handmade dolls clothes for all sizes of Miniland dolls as well as Paola Reina, Minikane and Nines Donil dolls. Lesya makes multiple dress designs, body suits and rompers in muslin, cotton, velvet and crochet fabrics. There's also a number of accessories including crocheted hats and socks. Items are made in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and have an average of one week turnaround before dispatch.


miniland doll clothes from shop hayley jane on etsy

Shop Hayley Jane make a range of boy and girl Miniland dolls clothing and accessories for 21cm, 32cm & 38cm dolls. Hayley makes dresses, rompers, nappies, bibs, bonnets, wipes packets, masks and sleeping bags in a range of vintage style fabrics including liberty, woodland and animal prints. Items are handmade in Victoria, Australia and are ready to ship.


infanterior dolls clothes from etsy

Infanterior sell a mix of vintage style and more modern dolls clothes in 32cm, 34cm and 38cm sizes perfect for Miniland and Minikane dolls. Their extensive range includes dresses, bubble rompers, pinafore rompers, overalls, leggings, onesies, ruffle tops, shorts, bloomers, sleepwear, swing coats, bedding and nappies. Items are handmade in New South Wales, Australia and they sell a combination of ready to ship and made to order designs.


eve junior designs doll clothes from etsy

Eve Junior Designs is a one stop shop for all sizes of Miniland, Minikane and Dinkum dolls clothing. They have a range of different rompers, dresses, underwear and bedding. Items are handmade in Queensland, Australia and are ready to ship. Eve Junior Designs can also be purchased from Growing Kind.


little luna nova miniland dolls clothes from etsy

Little Luna Nova make a range of boy and girl clothing for all sizes of Miniland dolls as well as Dinkum dolls and Minikane dolls. Angie makes a mix of cotton, crochet and flannelette pieces. Her items include dresses, rompers, pyjamas, cardigans, hooded jackets, two piece sets and underwear. All items are made in Australia and ready to dispatch in 1-2 business days.


9 pins doll clothes

9 Pins make a huge range of dolls clothes for all sizes of Miniland dolls, including the 40cm soft bodied dolls, as well as Barbies, Minikane, Luvabella and Dinkum dolls. Jodie makes pinafore, sleeveless and ruffle neck dresses, overalls, bloomers, rompers, two piece sets and pyjamas in mainly fun and bright fabrics. She also makes sleep sacks, dressing gowns and doll sheet sets. Items are made in Australia and generally ship within 2 days.

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