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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Easy PJ Masks Costume for Halloween

If your kids want to be superheros this year for Halloween then look no further than the PJ Masks! Everyone's favourite night time superheros are the perfect costume idea for kids for a night of dressing up and trick or treating. They're also an easy book week dress up idea too, just team the costume with your favourite PJ Masks book and you're done.

pj masks kids owlette costume

Halloween has never been my cup of tea, however apparently my daughter is the total opposite of me. Since she was about 3 she started getting into Halloween as it's been gaining more popularity here in Australia. By getting into it I mean she watches cartoons about it and wanted to decorate the house.

Each year she gets more and more into it and literally starts asking me from November when it's going to be Halloween again. She wants to go all out these days... decorations, costumes, trick or treating etc. So, I've relaxed my stance a little and we now do Halloween sensory play activities, a few Halloween crafts and we even dressed up and went to a Halloween party last year.

The main reason she loves Halloween is because she gets to dress up and eat lollies, she basically thinks it's just a big dress up party, so that's what we're doing this year. No gory costumes in sight. This year it's all about the PJ Masks!


If you have a child aged 3-6 you're probably well aware of the PJ Masks by now {if not I've put the theme song video below, it'll get stuck in your head, you're welcome}. By day, six-year old's Connor, Amaya and Greg go to school like everyone else. As night falls, they put on their pyjamas, activate their animal amulets and magically transform into superheroes - Catboy, Owlette and Gecko.

The PJ Masks are the perfect, non scary, kids dress up idea for Halloween. They've been favourites in our house for years now with my girls first discovering them via YouTube before they became a permanent fixture on ABC Kids. Owlette is obviously the favourite in our house because I have girls, so an Owlette costume was a must.

Thankfully, PJ Masks costumes come premade and are readily available so I didn't have to sew anything. I don't mind getting crafty for book week costumes, but for Halloween I want quick and easy, so I'm all for premade costumes!

Her Owlette costume is a full body onesie and her favourite part is that it comes with built in wings. You can get premade PJ Masks costumes in all characters from Big W, Target, Catch, Amazon or Amazon AU. If you want a handmade costume, without having to make it yourself, you can find lots of handmade PJ Masks costumes and masks here.


Each year I always worry about having lollies on hand for trick or treaters. Mainly because I remember I only have packets of loose lollies in the cupboard late Halloween night and it's usually too late to run to the shops to find individually wrapped ones. For someone who's usually over prepared for everything, the candy is always my downfall. Not this year though.

This year I'm prepared with a heap of PJ Masks PEZ dispensers. They make the perfect Halloween candy because they're already individually sealed and the kids can keep using them after Halloween is over. Now I just have to make sure the girls don't find them all before Halloween!

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  1. We don't do a lot for halloween. Our friends have an annual kids halloween party with just our group of friends, so about 7 kids. They love it but that's about as exciting as we get!

  2. That costume is just the cutest!!! I love the wings too :)